Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First week in the CCM (MTC)

FAMILY!!! How are you I've missed you dearly. We don´t have much time to email so my grammar and spelling may be awful but we only have one hour and then the computer shuts down. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK! On the first day we learned a ton!! and you could feel the spirit so strong in this place. All of the other Hermana's and Elders are so kind and were constantly asking us how we were and if we were adjusting well, there definietly is a lot to adjust to, but the food is actually fantastic and we have desert in 2 meals a day. We are always learning spanish and its crazy how much the spirit works. I honestly have the biggest testimony right now of the spirit bringing back things that we have heard and then giving us the gift of tongues. I remember things from way back to freshman year and I can talk pretty smoothly. The few times we have gone out of the CCM and I've talked to people in spanish they first ask if i know spanish but soon find out that i still am not quite up to speed with how fast they speak. So on the first day here at night we taught these fake investigators and other missionaries came to set up the conversation then we had to talk between ouyrselves and come up with what we wanted to share next. With the woman things were rough and i dont think we really got anywhere but then her husband came in and talked about how it was hard to believe in GOD because of the things he had seen in the Vietnam War. I sat there for a little bit just listening to what other poeple said but the teacher said "what do you think Christ would say if he were here?" I pondered on this and then I finally got up and told him that we couldn't understand what he had been through or what he was going through, only Jesus Christ could and he had given us latter day prophets to give us revelation and help us feel our Saviors love for us. I said that each missionary in that room had chosen to go on a mission because we had felt that love and peace and we wanted everyone to have that in their lives. I ended up crying but the spirit was so storng and I could fell it burning in me. He got kinda choked up to and then later in the week, he came to tell me that I had listened to the spirit even though it was a role play and yet I was able to reach his needs. Several people came up to me after saying it was awesome but I knew that it was the spirit, not me.
So I have to tell you this one experience-on Friday we went to immigration to get our paperwork done for our visas and on the way home Im not sure where our CCM driver went, so we were put in a taxi. As we sat there quietly because we were all tired I was sitting in the passenger seat and I had the prompting to talk to the driver about the church. I was super nervous because I hardly know spanish and I didnt know what to tell him but the spirit was persistent. So instead I asked him if he had seen the missionaries before like us and ever taken them around. He laughed and said yes and then things just went quiet again. I still felt that burning but didnt open my mouth. SO instead he asked me what our "mission" was and i was able to tell him our objective in spanish, "to invite others to come unto Christ". From then on we spent the rest of the car ride which was probably a good 40 minutes talking about the church and what he believed, as he was catholic. It was definietly a struggle and I constantly was asking him to repeat things or reword it so I could understand but man was the spirit powerful. Even though it was a struggle sometimes he would say a sentence and I wouldn't understand it so i would ask him to repeat and I would just pray really hard and some how the spirit spoke to my mind the words that he was saying. We had an amazing conversation and I asked him if he wanted to learn more that  he could just go to We gave him a pass along card and before we got out he said "because of this conversation I see that your church is very welcoming to others." I was so thrilled and there were several times that I got choked up and almost cried. Any who it was a reminder to me of how much I have to learn but also how when you desire to serve God and OPEN YOUR MOUTH he will bless you with knowledge understanding and words to say.

My companions are Herman Howell who is the one with short brown straight hair (see picture) and she is the sweetest thing in the whole world. Also I am companions with Hermana Batty who is the cutest version of a life sized polly pocket, the blonde one. Its sometimes hard being a trio but it also a blessing and i think it helps especially if I have a trio in the field. For example our first lesson was not so good and I didnt really feel the spirit but we´ve worked harder and grown closer and our second lesson went much better. We still talk in really slow spanglish yes spanglish but our teachers are awesome and so patient with us. They are the ones we teach. Our morning teacher ins Herman Louyasa who is so spunky and fun and Hermana Chocon who is a little quieter but still an amazing teacher.
There are so many stories to tell you guys and honestly such amazing things have happened here. I can feel the spirit so so strong. Also my district is AMAZING. I am astounded at how spiritually in tune the Elders and Hermanas are. Hermana Louyasa even said that she has never had a district that is so obedient. She also said that our spanish is better than the intermedio group which is only because we study so much. There are three groups of North Americans. Begginners, Intermediates and Advanced. We come in every two weeks and are in for six weeks but the Latinos, we get a new whole group of them every two weeks and there are more of them than us. There is probably only 100 missionaries here. Kinda crazy. But like yesterday we had a goal to speak spanish ALL DAY and we did pretty well. We didnt talk as much as we usually do, but hey we kept our promise. The CCM is small and especially since we get live devotionals on Tuesday from Provo, we see that  they are Gigantic but we are strong and we have tons of opportunities to share the gospel outside. The people in Peru are so kind and so open to hearing the gospel.
Finally Sunday was amazing. I cried ALOT but hey what is new.
I hope all is well at hope and Im glad Kai had a fun birthday. Tell him I plan on bringing him home a llama toy lol . I got the boys two handmade ties from this cute mormon shop. (see picture)
Good luck moving this upcoming week and dont be too stressed.
OH also on Sunday we heard an AMAZING devotional from Elder Holland, when is he not amazing, LOL and I wrote a whole two pages on it. I forgot it this week but I will send a picture of my notes next week. When he spoke about opening your mouth I thought of you guys. Look there are so many people out there that need and want the gospel in there life so don't be afraid to just share your testimony  Talk to everyone and use your words. Elder Holland used the experience of Joseph Smith and the first vision. he said the Satan cannot take away a life but if he wanted to take away anyones life, it would first be Christ and then Joseph Smith, but since he couldn't do that in the grove that day, he tried to take the next best thing, which was his words. We should never willingly choose to close our mouths and give our words voluntarily to Satan. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND PREACH HIS GOSPEL BY THE SPIRIT.
Love and Miss you all.

Hermana Tanuvasa

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First email- She arrived safely in Peru YAY!

Hello familia! I miss you guys and so much has happened already. We made it to the MTC or the CCM by 2:30a.m. and then rolled into bed by three. We did get to sleep in, and now we are getting all of our registration things done. Ok funny experience really fast, so on the flight to Atlanta, I sat next to a guy who only spoke spanish but I was too scared to talk to him. So what does Heavenly Father do? The next flight to Peru I sat next to another only Spanish speaking woman. Then when we had to fill out our immigration cards, something was wrong with her arm so I was able to help her fill hers out. She was so cute and then she followed me all the way to the customs check. Also I love all of my girls (the other sisters I have met), they are so sweet and the boys are pretty chill too. Its very muggy here, but it looks just like Ecuador so last night I was all giddy because  it was like a throw back to all I remember. I´ve  become like the mom here, handing out food and making sure we have everyone in the company. Anyways I´m rattling but I love it here and I´ve got my name tag and everything!! I AM AN OFFICIAL MISSIONARY. I love and miss you guys so much already. Oh and send me all your guys email like keirra, kanoah and keanu.

Hermana Tanuvasa

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kayla is on her way to Peru!!!!

Our "Family" got up and headed to the LAX at 5 am this morning, Tuesday May 19, 2015 to take Kayla to catch her Delta flight to Georgia. She will land in Georgia at 4:30pm and then leave for Lima, Peru at 6:00 pm. We got Kayla checked in and checked her 2 bags, each 50 pounds. Then we went to Denny's on Century Blvd in Los Angeles for breakfast. We laughed and ate for an hour and then left back to the airport. Shawn, Kayla and I walked holding hands to the security check. We found a small corner where we took some pictures together before the waterworks began. The security guard who was so kind to let us stay there for a few minutes encouraged us to say our good byes and head back downstairs, thats when tears began to flow. Kayla is a gift to us and to all who know her and she will be a gift in Piura, Peru. It was hard to let go of her knowing that it will be a long time until I can hold her again, but I know that she will be in the Lords hands and that He will watch over her and care for her as he always does. Kayla will be a great missionary and I will be like other moms who anxiously wait for that Monday email to hear from my precious daughter who will be away for a time.

This is the picture that broke my heart when I got home, the final goodbye, for awhile. Good bye friends and family for 18 months. I leave you all behind as I go to serve my God and his children in Peru. We love you Kayla!!! We will Miss you!!! We will look forward to hearing from you!!!

This is the blog that Kayla created where will will post emails that we will share with friends and family so stay tuned…. :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

She is Official!

Friday May 15, 2015 family from Hawaii arrived to help host an open house for Kayla at our home in Chino Hills. Saturday May 16 from 1- 8pm over 150 people came to eat and share their love and support with Kayla. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Sunday at 9am Kayla gave her talk before reporting to the MTC in Peru. She gave a heartfelt wonderful talk on Charity. We all felt inspired to love more and be like the Savior Jesus Christ. Kayla was set apart Sunday at 2pm by President Daniel Stevenson of the Chino California Stake. She is now an official full time Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.

With Mom as her companion for the next 24 hours, Kayla wanted only to eat a Capri Deli sandwich :) and we needed to go to the bank to notify them of her being in Peru for the next 18 months. We enjoyed our last hours as a family talking and being together. Truly we understand what heaven can feel like when we get to spend time all together.

The countdown is down to one day and then off to Perú to serve the people.