Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meeting the Rasmussens

When we found out that the New Mission President called to serve over the Piura, Peru Mission were from Irvine, California, Shawn used his contacts to schedule an opportunity for us to meet them before Kayla left for Peru. We scheduled to go to their home in Irvine on Sunday, May 19, 2015 at 3:30pm. When we got there their home was full of family members,  with Sister Rasmussen and Brother Rasmussen' moms and two of their children and their families. They were all welcoming and sweet and we had a great visit with them. It turns out that President Rasmussen was released that day as the Stake President of the Irvine Stake. They welcomed us and Sister Rasmussen was busy, trying to bake cookies for us. President and Sister Rasmussen won our hearts as the visit went on they pulled up to sit directly in front of Kayla and it was if no one else was there, they "had their first interview" with Kayla. Our family visited with their family and we instantly came to love this wonderful Rasmussen family. President Rasmussen shared that he had felt a little sad as he was released from his calling as stake president, but when Kayla came he felt cheered up and focused on his new assignment. Sister Rasmussen was excited that they were able to meet their first Missionary. What a blessing they will be to our Kayla!