Monday, November 14, 2016

Im coming Home

My dear sweet family,
Mom, Dad, Keirra, Kanoah, Keanu and Kai,
I am oficially sitting in the mission home packed and ready to go. Today we will have our last supper with President and Hermana Rasmussen and we will eat Ceviche!!!! Tommorrow we have classes and tomorrow night I will be boarding the plane to Lima, and Wednesday morning, Lima to home. 

I cannot describe the feelings I have right now. I feel as if it is a bubbling storm heading my way with many threatening tears that come from a wretched heartbreak. Many showers have already escaped as I said goodbye to my dear Sullana and other members of other areas. After one year and six months, I have come to deeply love the people of the Mission Peru Piura. 
There have been many hardships and afflictions in this wilderness but many a time I feel that I have come to the promised land in the sweet tender moments when the Spirit is near and the infinite love of God is felt. I am a different person because of this love. As Ive seen this love work in the lives of so many different types of people, I have desired to change as well. This love, conntained in the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God is free. Any one can participate and no one is rejected. Christ's sacrifice offers freedom and eternal life, of this I know with all my heart. 
I have been a soul saved from the pits of darkness. I have been able to lift my heart and rejoice as I have participated in the redeeming love of my Father in Heaven through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I know His power is real. I know that through this gospel as we have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to end by constante doing the things necessary to have the Spirit, we will find peace and joy in this life, no matter what happens, and we will be made clean by the blood of our Savior to be able to enter in the kingdom of our Father in Heaven. 
At the end of the day, I am at peace, because I trust that my Savior can sanctify the work that I have done, however terrible and half done and weak it may be. As I bring it to Him, He makes me and this work whole. I am soooo sooooo thrilled to see you my dear and beloved family. I thank every one of you for being there for me in this year and a half. I thank you for your examples of faith and perserverance. I thank you for your love for me. <3 
Hermana Tanuvasa

when i get home I will tell you the  miracles of this week!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Last week in Sullana, Peru

On my way to Piura for my last interview with President Rasmussen

I am excited to see you !!!!!

I am thouroughly freakingout that I come home in one week. The worst is that in order "to not get trunky" I have tried not to think about leaving and I have put off several important things that I need to do before I go but now Im in panic mode because I may not be able to do them before i leave but Im working to stay calm...

But other than that...
The work in Sullana is going well. This week we will have a baptism (: We have several investigators progressing rapidly and are also preparing for baptism. The biggest miracle I saw this week was Katy. So Katy starts with a story way back hahah. When Hna. Arce and I had heard at the meeting that we should love the members so we set goals and went crazy looking for any way that we could to help the members feel our love. On one occasion we were with a member named Chi Chi. After conversing with him and sharing a scripture he began to tell us of a less-active that was super  strong before but had stopped attending about one year earlier. We wrote down his address and went to find him. Knocking the door, we came to know William. Needless to say, William at the beginning was very hard and angry, but we began with teaching about epentance and the love of God and his heart softened. Then we asked for his help. We had met David, who lived around the corner from William but said that we couldn't teach in his home, so we asked William if we could use his home to teach David.  He let us, David, and the Spirit in. After three weeks, this week David will be baptized, William is strong in the church again and will baptize him, and after feeling the Spirit of missionary work, William had invited Katy, another friend to come to church with him. She has come twice and on Sunday we taught her.... more or less. Hahah as we began the lesson, she told us that she felt bad for only going to God in times of need and that this time she desired to truly repent and be baptized to show God her love and faithfulness. She knows the church is true and she hasnt even read the Book of Mormon! But she says that she feels a certain way at church and with the members and she has seen how her life has changed to try and follow their steps. WOW!!! I was in shock! But I saw how the Lord had placed his hand in every part of this story. One change, one reference, one help, and we´ve had one soul rescued and two ready to be baptized, and for sure more to come. Both William and David plan on serving missions (: What a blessing it is to serve here in Sullana. The miracles happen every day. I love Gods plan, His timing, and His perfection. I love His gospel and His Son. 
Am I sad to go home? ya of course, but I think you are right Mom. How wonderful it is to understand the gospel and know that this isn't the end. And that there never will be! These people we love we will have forever. What a tender mercy of the Lord (:
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and Sisters Conference

Ill be home for Christmas!!!!

One topic that I have studied most in the mission, is about "Forget yourself and Go to Work" or "He that loses his life for my sake shall find it." When we forget ourselves and worry about the other, things change, because otherwise it doesn't work. Ha ha its an interesting thing that Ive been trying to teach my companion. I think it has a lot to do with the talk they gave in the Women's Conference last time about the mirror and the window. Ex. This week my companion and I fought and it was our first time. She was angry because she felt that I always spoke too much in the lesson. And I was angry because I felt that she never took the initiative to be a missionary. We spent several minutes very angry at each other, but it wasn't until we could both lay aside our anger and try to think of the others side that we both calmed down and spoke frankly about what we felt and needed help with to change. Honestly it was a great spiritual experience for me to see how once I forgot to think of her, my anger built and the Spirit left, but the moment we decided to think of the other, Everything changed. 

Victoria is doing so good(: This week she accompanied us to visit Luis and she gave a great testimony. She said that she had been very frightful and that date after date, she fought with herself, but the moment that she truly asked God and did her part, she felt peace and when she was baptized, she felt peaceful the entire time.

David is progressing as well and Jean Pierre and Sofia. The whole ward counsel is so excited with the investigator's that we are bringing and they are feeling the missionary spirit. (: It is such a blessing to be serving in this ward and with the leaders here. 

So this week we had a Sister Training Conference. (: First it was such a blessing to be again with all the hermanas and right before I left! We have some amazing girls in our mission. Well President asked me to share some thoughts on "Important Things I Learned from the Mission." Ha when I heard the theme I laughed and said whoa um that's a bit large ah aha. But I wish to share my learning experience. As I began to ponder, I thought to share many Tanuvasisms (Things that I learned from my Tanuvasa home) that came to mind. Things like "Finish Strong" or "Always Start with a Smile", but there were so many that I couldn't organize my thoughts. I felt like there was so much to share and so little time. So I pondered and wrote and pondered and wrote, and then, I prayed. During the prayer as I asked the Lord for help, I felt the prompting to ask, "Lord, what and how would you have me teach?" As I finished this prayer and went back to look at my notes, my thoughts cleared and light entered in. I felt peace and I knew that the Lord was teaching me what HE wanted to teach, not what I wanted to teach.

I think sometimes many of us do the same thing. We ask the Lord to help us in worthy endeavors. We seek help in the scriptures to support our thoughts and try to put it together, but somehow there is just always something weird, a little part here, or a funky part there. And its because we try in essence, to create the symphony that we wish to hear, having a small perspective. But I imagine, that God sees the symphony doesn't only consist of the instruments we desire, but requires all that He knows. God knows the desires of our hearts, and of those we teach. He knows our circumstances and the circumstances of those those around us. He knows how everything can fit perfectly together. What we need to do, is let Him take the wheel. (Wow and what irony that I'm saying this) When we trust in Him, He lights the way and our souls can sing. (Alma 5:7-9)

I invite you guys to take a look and ask the Lord, "What and how would YOU have this?" I promise that He will enlighten you. 

But other than that Momma, I'm doing well. Its weird, dying (finishing my mission). I can't believe it still and my mind can't quite understand it. I'm not sure I will either until I am literally on the plane. But sometimes its sad to think that this will all end. I love these people. I love this work. I love learning from God more about how to bless His children. But I try to be hopeful. I believe it will choke me when I get home, but I have hope that there I can serve as well. I promised to the Lord that I would never stop serving Him, and so in whatever way I can find, I will do. 
I'm so thrilled to see you guys <3 I cant believe how fast time has flown by. And I have never forgotten my beloved family.

Have a great week everyone and take care!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Its time for a Zone meeting :)

So this week was AWESOME!!!! We worked hard and we worked to get the members helping to truly be friends with our investigators. We also took the time for people to feel our love. We had several oppotunites daily to sit and truly talk with the pople in Sullana or help them in a small service. It truly worked miracles, because Sunday at church we had EIGHT INVESTIGATORS attend. WOW!! That is the highest number of investigators attend church, that I've had in my whole mission!!! haha Then the ward welcomed them with open arms and at the end of the meetings, every investigators was with other members and not us!! YAY!! 

And speaking of our little flock, heres' what we've got. So Victoria will be baptized this Saturday at 11.00. She is finally at peace thanks to some serious divine help that came from Kara! Can you imagine that!! I think the Lord knows us so well. After that is Aaron Anival (a recent convert) his best friend. He is progressing and is coming to understand the gospel more and more but we are poraying for him big time. Then there is David. This last Sunday we met David and his friend Jorge. At the end of the first lesson when we challenged them to baptism, even though Jorge didn't accept, David accepted right away that He would ask God, and if God told him, he would do it. On our second visit, he told us that he had read his Book of Mormon, seen the Restoration movie (without our invitation) had prayed and knew that the church was true and that he was going to be baptized. WOW! haha David is very similar to Bryan ahha. After that we have an investigator named Jean Pierre and Sofia. Jean Pierre we found a few weeks back, he's 20 years old and what I would say, just like me, Super awkward ahaha but he is awesome and after coming to institute, his mom talked with us and wants us to visit her daughter as well. We did and Jean Pierre and Sofia both came to church(: They are such adorable siblings. After that is Miriam. She is the mom of Jefferson, a recent convert. She knows the church is true and wanted to be baptized earlier but her husband didn't let her, but now he is gone and she can be baptized!! She is very happy to be able to attend wiht her son(: Our little flock is moving forward, repenting, changing, and preparing for baptism. What miracles the Lord is working in them. 

Hna. Vasquez is the best as well. She is a joy and she helps me become. She reminds me of how I can improve and then helps me to accomplish my goal with patience. I am amazed by how amazing of a companion she is. We are always doing crazy stuff. Oh ya, btw funny story, so in our second visit with David he says, oh ya and Ive seen you (speaking to me) before with another girl. I explained that it was Hna. Arce my last companion. And he says, ya one day I saw you guys walking by this park and you, Hna. Tanuvasa tripped and almsot fell. Wow! agh :(  "yep that was me". Same old, same old. Hahha thought you guys would get a kick out it as much as my companion did ahahhaha 

This week for our Multizone Meeting, we were focused fully on repentance. I wish that each of us could ask the questions, Why do we repent? Is it necessary? What blessings come from repentance? and Am I repenting daily? These are the things we studied and learned. I realized that this, repentance has been the lesson I have most learned throughout my mission. We sin, and make mistakes, but through true repentance, we come to better know our Savior Jesus Christ and we truly can become "sons (and daughters) of God" Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can put off the natural man that is within us! It is possible!!! I know it with all my heart and I thank God for the opportunity to repent every single day. I know that repentance brings miracles. As we work to change who we are, the goals we have can truly be accomplished. The more I repent, the more the world around me changes. What blessings lie in store for those who repent. 

Well I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC WEEK!! Lets go hard and work work work!! With joy in our hearts, because we have the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ in our hearts (: 
Love you all!!
Hermana Tanuvasa 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Progress and Miracles

We love the sisters in our ward

I am doing great!!  The area is progressing and we are seeing miracles. We just need a little more help from the ward but we are seeking to build better relationships within them through activities and things so that we might be able to bring more investigators and they will feel comfortable to take the steps like baptism. Victoria is progressing, but she is so fearful. This week she was able to have her interview, which was a huge step, but she says she still doesn't feel prepared. We are praying a lot and asking the Lord what else we can do. 
Sometimes there is so much work to do and so little time. The other day when helping a member who was very overwhelmed, it occurred to us the question, If God knows of all the things we have to do and finish, why does he give us only the certain time that He does? Hahah I asked the question to Him, but I still don't have the answer. (: 
So question, Is there any way that I could be able to go into the temple before I am released? I just would love to finish my mission in the Lords house. If you could find out if I can, I would be happy, but if not that's ok too.
So briefly about this week, we did tons of service and know the boys of the YSA call me Hna. Yuca, ya, well basically like saying Sister Yoked... the most beautiful nickname I've received ahahha. Other than that we found a family that is in desperate need of the gospel and they accepted baptism immediately. I saw that God saw them in their situation and saw that they were ready to receive Him. It is wonderful how if we listen to His voice, we will find the treasures that He has waiting for us. 
Well I've got to go sorry shorter email this week but I love you guys!!! Take care!!! 
Hermana tanuvasa

Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference week

I am awesome!!1 We had another fantastic week filled with miracles and special experiences and of course I loved conference!! What beautiful songs and messages. I was able to see all the sessions in Spanish and understand even more this time than the last!

I LOVE Hermana VASQUEZ!! She is an angel and we keep learning and growing together. She helps correct me and see what I can do better which is exactly what I need at this time. The Lord knew me and knew what I needed.
Thank you for your prayers and love, truly I can feel it everyday. Mom and family, I am truly happy. I think Ive better come to understand how the gospel works and it brings my so much joy. I am at peace and I know that God will help me change and help my companion and I bring the work of change among these people here.
I loved the talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson. I think that I have always known the gospel and appreciated it. But as I have had the privilege to share the same message day by day and see it change lives, I have come to LOVE IT AND BE AWED BY IT.
How merciful is our Heavenly Father!!! He sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON to give his life for each and every one of us personally. But he loves us so much that he continues to bless us with our agency so that we may choose to follow His Son. He provides the way so that we may keep his commandments, and when we do, we are immediately blessed. THAT IS CRAZY!! I know of no company or enterprise that offers these types of benefits!!! God also leads and guides us through the difficult trials and temptations of the 21st century through living prophets and apostles!!! He has provided another testament of His living son through the Book of Mormon and sends His Spirit to testify of the truthfulness of it.
Friends and family, this gospel is AMAZING, ROCKIN', THE BOMB.COM AND EVERYTHING ELSE. <3<3 I invite you all to see it again through the eyes of one in darkness. To see the light of Christ through the restored gospel of this day. I love my God. He is all merciful and all loving. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He is my strength and my song. He is my joy in each moment. I love being His representative and I love working with His children for their salvation.
As Moms favorite song was sung and said " I know Heavenly Father loves me" (:
Take care everyone and have a great week!!
Oh and update! We found Victoria and she came to general conference and was visibly touched by the Sunday afternoon session. We found an awesome kid named Martins, I will add the story I sent to President Rasmussen below. And we were able to help and love our members. SUPER SUCCESSFUL WEEK AND THIS WEEK EVEN MORE!!!!!!
Hermana Tanuvasa
"So two experiences that went together and showed me that God is very in control and blesses when we do our part.  So we were walking to our room Tuesday night and a guy was walking the same way and we start to talk. He tells us that he had been in the army and seen some really scary things. He accepted an appointment for the next day. At the same time, one of our members had given a referral of a less active who had been strong and had actually preparing his mission papers less than a year ago, but who had gone inactive. We had found him two days before and when we went to visit the other guy, Martins, we asked our less active, William to accompany us. When we first entered into the home, Martins entered into his room and pulled out a Book of Mormon saying that one time a missionary had left it in his work and he had planned on giving it back to us when he found us but had forgotten completely for almost two years. We officially "gifted" it to him and began to explain the purpose of the book and the blessings that it would bring. He was moved to tears as he told the story of his deceased grandmother and the love they had shared. He told us that he felt very far from God and wanted to come back. William then bore a strong testimony, without being asked, of the love God has and the ability to feel it as he read the Book of Mormon. The spirit was strong and each person was guided in their words by the power of that same Spirit. We testified that he would be able to know of the truthfulness by the Spirit, to which he could feel in that moment;a sweet peace and joy.The next day we visited William and he told us that he had many times asked God if the Book of Mormon was true and the church and as he bore testimony and then learned that the Spirit doesn't speak in grand ways, he realized that many times he had felt the Spirit, but hadn't recognized it. "

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Search, Ponder and Pray

Kayla and her new companion, Hermana Vasquez

That is such a cool thing that you and da and studying Doctrinal Mastery with the boys. I told Hna. Howell about my study a bit this week about misunderstanding of an important doctrine such as the Godhead, will interfere with the sincerity of the prayers of our investigators and their faith to find their answers. True doctrine understood, blesses us so much!

So I am doing well!! I never stop laughing with Hna. Vasquez!! She is such a joyful companion (: Yesterday we were dancing to a remix that I made of the hymn "What Was Witnessed" or something like that but literally so funny and it has been in my head all dayahahha. 
Hna. Arce is in Talara, another beach area similar to Paita. I don't know why there was an Emergency Transfer but Presdent Rasmussen asked and we followed. Yes I will finish in Sullana because I have to teach Hna. Vasquez the area and everything. 

Sullana is doing well!! We didn't find Hortensia this entire week )= yes I'm very sad but we will keep trying. We are also working to help her Victoria. She knows that she wants to be baptized but she still is scared to do so now. She didn't come to church again this week, so we are praying and trying to figure out how to best help her. Last week though we found a kid named Jean Pierre. He told us that we could only visit on Sundays because the rest of the week he would be in Piura, and to be honest at first I was a little disappointed, but then we just were diligent in calling and sending messages to ask him how he was going reading his Book of Mormon, within one week he is in I Nephi 8, he accepted the commitment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy and has come to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Wow what amazing diligence! Truly, the promise is real, when we seek we will find. Jean Pierre is a living testimony of that. 

I LOVED the General Women's Broadcast!!!  What inspiration!!! Many things impacted my mind! I loved when they spoke of the need to know and UNDERSTAND the doctrine of Christ, the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration of the gospel. What a privilege it is to live in the dispensation of the fullness of times. Truly faith to obey the Lord will carry us through this vale of sorrow and bring us safely home to live with our Heavenly Father. I know it, I feel it in my heart, and when I live the gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel an immense peace in my life, knowing that God lives and loves me and all men. 
I invite all of you, whom I love so dearly and who have been with me throughout this year and almost a half to seek the Savior in your life. I testify that the love that He has for us is so real and tangible. We can feel it in every moment, if we take the time to ponder and ask questions from the scriptures. Search, ponder and pray is the formula for happiness. 
I love you all I hope you always remember and ponder on the love of our Savior, Brother and Redeemer Jesus Christ. 
Have a great week!!! 
Hermana Tanuvasa 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Love is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ

OK LOVE LOVE LOVE this story of Kanoah and Dad. I think i might share it in our district meeting tomorrow. And perhaps with Victoria. We did find her and she is well. She attended church this week and she says she received her answer on if she should be baptized but she is still very scared. She reminds me a lot of Kara. (: This week Hortensia as well came to church! I don't remember if I explained who she is ? She is the aunt of a less active youth. One day when we went to visit the youth we shared with her the power of the Book of Mormon and then we asked for referrals and within seconds she told us of her aunt. We wrote down the address and went. When we knocked her door she was at first hesitant but then let us in. She told us that she had gone to the church "La Luz del Mundo" for 30 YEARS! But that in the last year she hadn't gone at all. Well after hearing lesson 1 she accepted a baptism date and everything!!!! Well we then didn't find her for a full week and it worried me, and with good reason because when we did find her she told us that just that week her pastor from La Luz del Mundo had visited her. ): But it was amazing, we used the Book of Mormon to learn of the love of Christ and we bore testimony and what happened, SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!
Also, Thursday we had emergency transfers again. My new companion is Hna. Vasquez and we are still here in Sullana. Hna. Vasquez is from Guayaquil Ecuador and she is so hilarious!!! We are working and laughing and getting to know more wonderful people day by day(: 

So I wanted to share the majority of my study this week. It was all focused on love:
As I was studying this week the story of Joseph of Egypt, I loved seeing the type of Christ in Ruben (I think that's his name). I love how he offers himself as a sacrifice for his brother. Why? Because he knew how much his father loved him and knew that it would break his heart if Benjamin didn't go back home. Christ is the same with us. He understands how much our Father loves each and every one of us and he knows that he would be sad if we couldn't come home, so he offers himself as a sacrifice, so that we might live. Reading this story impacted me so much that it gave me, once again, desires to change. I realized that that was the key!!! To change, one must feel love. Love is what changes us, so if we want our investigators to change, they first need to feel our love, and then, come to understand the love of the Savior, through the restored gospel.
It was a wonderful realization that has taken me too long to truly understand, but I know it was in the time of the Lord. How merciful and wonderful He is to me. (:
We are working hard and the Lord is blessing us. I know that His love is real and it is something that we can truly feel. For every thing we go through in this life, such as death, breakups, heartbreaks, money loss, EVERYTHING!!! God promises His Son who understands it all, and still loves us. Wow.
Keep that in mind this week and keep pushing forward. CARRY ON CARRY ON CARRY ON!!!! You can do it Kanoah, and Keanu and Kai, Mom Dad and Keirra, Grandmas and Grandpas, Cousins, Dear Friends who are truly Family, I love you. God loves you. Christ loves you. Find the love of Christ, seek it. I promise it will change everything. Love you all, 
Hna Tanuvasa

Monday, September 12, 2016

La Palabra de Sabaduria :)

I am doing great!!! Working my butt off over here with the short time I have left. I am  feeling the pressure of time more than ever. Victoria wasnt baptized this week and she didn't come to church ): we still havent found her... I am a little worried but not much she is an amazing girl and she reminds me a lot of Kara so I imagine she is just a little fearful. 

So this week was super fun!!!! And so full of blessings (: Since Thursday I haven't been able to hold down any food and I walk around like a dead zombie. But I was determined  The last week Dad wrote me again encouraging me to give my all and I started the week with all the excitement to give 150%. When Thursday came with the sickness I decided to not let me down and with lots of prayers and the bathrooms of incredibly loving members I made it through and we didn't stay one day in!!! I know that God strengthens us when our strength lacks. I put my faith to the test and God opened the way. I think my favorite experience was Friday. We were teaching one of our investigators right outside her house and the Testigos (Jehovahs witnesses) began knocking doors around us, it made me laugh as they both knocked the doors around us as we taught. We finished the lesson we were teaching and we walked down the same street a little ways. We saw one testigo (Jehovahs witness) finish speaking with a woman and shortly after we passed by her. We said "buenos tardes" to her as we walked by, but she then calls to us and asks "do you guys read the bible?" We told her that we do and then asked if we could teach her and she said yes!!! And we set a date and everything!! Hahah los testigos had prepared her for us (: 
Another funny experience; Haha every other saturday we go to Cerromucho to help a Family Group (i think you call it that) and on our drive home we had fun with a borracho (drunk) ahhahaha fun times. He got into the taxi we were riding in so we gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and took a picture of him. :)
Well I love, love, love you all. CARRY ON CARRY ON CARRY ON!!! hHAHA I love to sing in the streets and it makes the street people happy too so onward ever onward!!! ahahha
hermana Tanuvasa


El Boracho

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Challenge to Become

So I am still doing great (: Yes we had transfers two weeks ago and yes Hna. Arce and I are still together working hard in Sullana, but it does have a lot of sun so it can be Solana ahahhaha. I love Hna. Arce and we are growing closer together. She teaches me so much. Im pretty sure that I will finish my mission here in Sulana. I'm happy it's a huge area with so much potential still and lots of good members to work with. 

This week we decided to challenge our Ward Council to "Hold to the Rod"

21 And it came to pass that they did speak unto me again, saying: What meaneth this thing which our father saw in a dream? What meaneth the tree which he saw?
22And I said unto them: It was a representation of the tree of life.
 23 And they said unto me: What meaneth the rod of iron which our father saw, that led to the tree?
 24 And I said unto them that it was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction.
We read in 1 Nephi 15  that we are all working to obtain eternal life, but to get there we need to hold fast to the word of God, constantly reading each day. We gifted each member of our ward council with a little grey tube with the words "The Word of God" written on it. They were challenged to carry their tube, wherever they went, keeping in mind that they must always read the word of God and remember it and carry it with them. We have found several members of the council waving us their little tubes in the street. (: (i must thank an amazing seminary teacher for this great idea) hahaha 
I have seen the blessings, and consequencs that come from reading and not reading scriptures daily. They truly can carry us" beyond this vale of sorrow" and to each of our promised lands. Mom, you are very right, in that reading daily is a step of faith. So is Sunday observance! We make a promise to every new investigator, that if they read their scriptures and pray to know they are true daily and attend church, within three weeks they will not only receive their answer but they will fell sure and ready to be baptized and Ive seen it and know it is true.  
Sometimes people don't act because of fear, fear of the unknown, or sometimes because they truly forget. We, as missionaries, and the members must do everything in our power to help them create these new habits and keep them. Signs in the room, sticky notes, phone calls, visits, anything and everything! 
I've seen in myself what an increase of faith can do. Faith to contact the person that looks busy or faith to wake up "one more time" at 630 or faith to take off running to our room to be home by 930 ahhaha. Faith that moves us to act leaves us with the security and peace that the Lord offers. That way when he comes, we will not fear, "for we shall see him as he is, for we shall be like him". He is full of peace and love and truth, because He always obeys and acts with faith. 
This week my study was focused on a talk that Elder Tanuvasa (Pepe) sent me, called "The Challenge to Become". This gospel and the principles therein are to help mold and make us like Jesus Christ, not just fill us with good information. One of the ways we can verify if we are changing is through making and keeping sacred covenants. This week I took the time to study each part of the baptismal covenants we make and I saw how I could BECOME more like my Savior and God as I keep his commandments, take his name upon me and always remember him. What a blessing it is to make and keep sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father. I invite each one of you to evaluate the covenants you have made and see what more you can to do. I love this gospel. God is so merciful and so full of justice. He is perfect an He sent His perfect Son to die for us. Through Christ, all of us can be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. Thanks be to God as He has restored these ordinances through His prophet Joseph Smith and that Thomas S. Monson continues to hold the keys and authority to bless and help us return to live with God. 
I love and miss you all(: Pray for Victoria! We are hoping to have her baptism this upcoming week!!!! Love and miss you all! 
Hermana Tanuvasa 

Monday, August 29, 2016

A week full of miracles

So this week has been FULL of miracles. Every single day we found at least one new person to teach. And many of them have such great potential. 
I wish to share one experience:
So Friday we felt that we should visit one of our recent converts and when we went we found him and his cousin. We asked if we could share something with the both of them and his cousin accepted. We only asked his cousin if he had any questions for us and he said, no i think i better not because we might contend, but we encouraged him that we don't contend. He explained to us his beliefs , he is a strong Christian and he knows the bible very well, but doesn't go to any church because he sees lots of wickedness in them, and his questions about what we believed and it was perfect. We explained the Restoration and explained the power of the Book of Mormon. We believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that if any person reads it and asks God if is a book of His words, the Spirit of God will confirm the truth of it to their minds and hearts. He accepted to read the Book and then at the end of the lesson said this, He pleaded so sincerly that up to know it has left me shocked but he pleaded, please there are some things in the Bible I don't understand  and I would like you guys to explain it, when can we meet again? 
I know first that the Book of Momon is true. I know it is the word of God, and as Joseph Smith said, that any man would move closer to God by reading and applying it precepts than by any other book. 
I also know that God called me here to Sullana, by his prophet and we are truly representatives of Jesus Christ. This is His church and I know it. 
 Love nad miss you all, 
Hermana Tanuvasa

Friday, August 26, 2016

Repentance is the greatest form of Obedience

So this week has been an adventure. We did LOTS of walking when many of our appointments fell through. We are searching for new invesitgators right now. 
But Victoria is progressing well. Victoria came to church again this week and in a lesson upon asking her how she felt about baptism, she said " Well my boyfirend says he knows Im going to be baptized. So I 

asked him what he would do if I get baptized and he said that he too would be baptized!" ahhha we hope that he is a new invesitgator for us next week. 

This week I was pondering a lot about giving our life to God. All of us have little things that are difficult to leave behind. It could be sleeping in too long, eating too much, yelling at crazy drivers, or bigger things like smoking or drug addictions.But God asks that we give him everything. That we give him the very gift that he gave us, of agency. I know I lack this a lot. But as we let out Spirit, take control of our carnal body and let God take control of the  both of them, he in turn will give us a free spirit and body. Its interesting to see how obedience and freedom are directly related but its true. Small example, obedience to the Word of Wisdom, gives us freedom to walk and not faint,to run and not be weary. 

I know that obedience brings blessings and like a phrase that Dad sent me months ago, "Repentance is the greatest form of obedience." Oh the truth that rings in those words. Praise be to God and His Son Jesus Christ, who showed us the way of obedience and offered the way to repentance. This gospel is true, I know it.

I love you all, take care and be safe!!!!
Hermana Tanuvasa 

We must preach to the hobbits and people of Narnia :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Gods infinite love

Denis was baptized this week (: He passed his interview with President and showed up early on Friday afternoon with a huge smile, so excited to be baptized. It was beautiful to see everyone dressed in white. There were 6 baptisms in total. 
Brandy... This week we left Brandy. My heart broke again as so many times it has. He is 17 and still wants to live his life. He told us he didn't want to change. These are the hardest times when Satan rages rampant. But I have hope that one day soon he will be baptized. 
Sullana is progressing. We had Victoria attend church yesterday. She is the older sister of one of our recent converts and she truly in searching fo the truth. Each lesson we´ve had with her so far is so spiritual. We continue to find many good people to teach and our ward is helping us a lot. Hna. Arce is my supporting angel. I truly believe that God placed her in my life at a very crucial time and I feel privileged to work along side her. 

This week I was feeling a little down being overwhelmed with how much I lack, but it was so interesting. As i studied the words of King Benjamin, and Romans 8, I was starting  to understand a little more of the infinite love of our Father in Heaven. King Benjamin spoke of our own nothingness. How literally we are worth nothing because we serve, but we mess up, but when we do good, God blesses us, so we really just are in SUPER debt with him. But in Romans it teaches a beautfiul doctrine of his love
"Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.
3What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
 32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us allthings?
 33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.
Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us."
 God in His infinte love didn't even hold back his only Begotten Son. He gave us Him and gives us more. And if God opts for us on His team and asks that we, in our infinte weakness be part of his love, who else matters? Because of Christ, we can know of our infinite worth, no matter how many times we fall down or screw up or just get down. God is on our side and he cheers us on and picks up the dropped ball and strengthens our feeble knees. That is why I will continue to follow His example, here and wherever I go. Because Gods love has no limits, neither should mine. 
Thank you family for showing me love without limits. I miss and love you and Im glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound. Glory to God in the highest. Peace on earth good will to men. 
Yes I am ready for Christmas ahhahah love you guys, 
Hermana Tanuvasa

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The end goal

This week we went on exchanges (intercambios) with the sister leaders (who are awesome !!!) Sister Mcrae cut her finger and her companion kind of freeked out, so I had to play mom and get her some medical attention  

With Andres, his brother Jesus was my first convert baptism in the field

This is my view on my morning runs

This is the staircase I run at the end of my run and then die :)

My Comp and I working with the youth on how to get referrals

This is Brayan who was baptized on August 5

This is Denis who we are teaching, he will be baptized next week

Hahaha wow I can't believe it is 100 days until I come home... that's crazy. But thank you so much for this email mom.  I can feel that its true and I will continue and work harder to give my all to finish strong. 

I have been praying for Uncle Pika and you guys. I hope that his family is ok. This week with be crazy for you guys but God will bless you. 

I am starting to feel the pain of leaving these people behind. Especially when I saw Andres Perez this week. I don't know if you remember him but he is the brother of Jesus Perez, my first convert in the mission. He is here in Sullana painting a mural and then he heads off to the jungle. But it broke my heart because he is so skinny and you can see that he is just sad. I asked him what had happened with the missionaries but he just sadly shook his head. That was one of the hardest things that has happened here, to see him and know that he hasn't followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and because of it he is sad. I reminded him to read his Book of Mormon and gave him another to read while here in Sullana. 

So this week I won't write a ton, because I want to send pictures. I have a  lot!
This week, I've learned this, the importance of having a final goal. Many people in this world don't know their final goal, or have any goals planned past getting a steady job and a good education. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we know our ultimate goal. We know that we are here to learn and progress to return to live with our Heavenly Father again and live as He lives, perfectly in our families.  This is what motivates and changes our daily decisions and it should influence who we are. I know that when we keep this in mind, God will guide us, help us overcome temptations and weaknesses, and show us what marvelous things lie in store for our future. 
I was grateful this week to witness Bryans baptism and  his first step to becoming like his Heavenly Father. This week we are hoping to see four baptisms in our ward and in the upcoming weeks the baptisms of Brandy, Julio, Victoria and Arturo.  I will explain more later but basically its been a great week of hard work.
I love you all!!! Take lots of care and keep the end goal in mind!!
Love Hermana Tanuvasa