Thursday, June 9, 2016

I know it is true

So this week has been interesting.... We stopped teaching five of our investigators because they weren't progressing so that kind of made me sad. But we saw many blessings too.There is a family in which 4 of the 5 kids got baptized. Not all at the same time but one by one. They are all older than 22. Well one of the kids is George, he's 26 but he's a little more rough than his siblings. Well everytime we went to teach his siblings, I always insisted, "When are we going to teach you?!" And I did say it in English because he is studying English and actually speaks really well! 

Well GUESS WHAT! He finally accepted us to be able to teach him!!! AHHH! Haha and we have now given two lessons. In the second lesson we taught the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and at the end I gave my testimony. I said, I know this gospel has blessed my life nad I know it will bless yours. I paused and he smiled and whispered, I think so. 

My companion and I were rejoicing because we know that its true. Everyone knows it but sometimes its just hard to say. Sometimes its hard to leave behind the tradiciones, sins, and secrets we've all held on to. But that's just it. That God promises joy and peace for those who live His gospel. 

I know its true. This week has been rough and yet rewarding for many reasons. But I know that my Reedemer lives and loves me. Thanks to Him, simply, I am blessed. 

Family and readers, sometimes Satan works really hard on us. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes the skies look bleak, and our hearts are heavy. But when we seek the divine guidance of God, the sun shines. Hope is found and the power of Satan is removed.  I hope htat each one of you, WHEREVER YOU ARE, you are moving closer to Christ. His power is real. I know it. 
Hermana Tanuvasa