Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I saw my first Llama in the park this week

So I'm glad to hear things are good. I miss hearing from Kanoah and Keirra in emails though. Keirra I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. As i think about you i know that the Lord can put you in many places and you will thrive and become as the Lord sees you can become. Kanoah you are making me so proud and every time I show people your picture, tell them you are only 15 and how big you are everyone freaks out. But I love being able to say that you are blessing other peoples lives at home and worthily using your priesthood. You have no idea how much that will bless you when you come on a mission. bless you babe. Keanu keep doing your rockstar stuff and remember that the Lord is preparing you for great things. Keep going strong and never stop smiling. love you monkey. KAI!! Read this letter and give hugs to everyone in the family for me ok? LOVE YOU. Dad I hope all is well with work. You have taught me how to work hard but don't forget that the Lord is always with you. I know that because each day i pray for that and I know that the Lord answers my prayers. Mom I have forgotten to tell you but I thought of you when I heard the talk that said that when you cant do as much as you used to, you do only the things that are necessary. As you have more time free in your life, don't forget that your light and love can bless so many others. This life is about trying to become like Jesus Christ so that we can live with Him and our Heavenly Father one day, but in reality we don't want to be alone in heaven with them. And we cant. the only way to reach to be like Christ is to help others become like Him as well. I know you can do this because that is what you have done for each of us as kids. Now you have more time to bless the rest of Heavenly Fathers children :) 
Also good luck Keirra I will be praying for you this week!!! So one favor before I begin this week, would you mind sending me more information about our family history. Ill send a pic of the list of photos and info I need thanks!! Also how is Papa in Hawaii?
Also tell Sister Lupe Alhman that i love and miss her and her cute smile so much and that I'm very grateful for the letter she sent me :)

So this week has been wonderful. Especially I loved P-day today as we went it Canchaque as a zone! That's where all these fun photos are from that i will send :)
This week we had our Multi Zone meeting and in reality I received a lot of revelation for how to better myself personally and as a missionary and companion. Basically I am very grateful for the Spirit!! One of things that I loved that President talked about is that there are literal angels that support and lift us and prepare our investigators to receive the gospel. Once again I saw that this week with Hno. Jesus. This week we brought along Estefani, a girl in our ward to accompany us and just chatting before hand he told us of a project he was working on to help junior high kids paint a mural to give them a purpose or drive to finish high school and not fall into drugs or get pregnant. As he told us this I explained that Estefani was also working with youth to help give them a purpose and protection as she taught early morning seminary. As she explained the program and what it  "did" and he said he would love to offer his "small" talents for free if at any time she needed it!! WHAT???? Then as we taught the lesson on the Atonement I was amazed to watch my companion bear strong testimony of the Atonement in her simple Spanish that it actually moved Jesus to tears. The power of Spirit was strong in that lesson and lives within Jesus. He has his baptismal date set for the 31 of October, yes Halloween lol, and I really know that this is what he has been prepared for. The Lord has guided his life and he has listened to the spirit to come to where he is now. I know that God cares for each one of his children and that each one of us will receive that which will most help us become like our brother Jesus Christ. I hope all of you can come to see that, although I know personally that this is veeeerrry difficult to do. But I testify of the truthfulness of it and I invite every one who can read this to find out for themselves how much God really loves you. Bless you all, family, friends, and people who truly have blessed my life. 
Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, October 12, 2015

Trust in the Lord and His timing

Hello family!!!!
      That is so cool that you got in touch with Hermana Spainhower's mom. She is literally and angel and I love her. God has truly blessed me with a great companion. (: 
     Btw I got your package. Thank you soooo sooo sooo much Mom!!! and Keanu and Dad i loved your letters (: Plus the beach towel has made our room ten times cuter!! 
     So this week has been hectic and exahusting. We are looking for a new room still and this week we put alot of effort towards that will literally no luck. We are praying like crazy to find a new one. 
     Our investigator Jesus is soooo good. Guys before the mission I prayed a lot that God would help me find those who are prepared for the gospel and Jesus is most definitely one of them. I told you guys that he's a painter and the other day as we taught him about the Book of Mormon he told us that he had painted as a kid the pictures of Nephi crossing the sea and all that but had no idea what it was!! How crazy is that!!! He wants to know so badly the truth and he really is working so hard to do so. 
     This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon again and I have seen over these past months so many beautiful things. This week as I finished in the book of Moroni, we see how drastically sad the circumstances are. I then realized that it all starts in one place... In our thoughts. This week I Ponderized Mosiah 4:30 and he states that we should watch ourselves in our thoughts, words and deeds to observe the commandments of God and continue in the faith of Christ, or else we will perish. This is exactly what happened with the Lamanites and Nephites. As their thoughts became focused on their afflictions and the things of the world they lost sight of the one person who gave them all, Jesus Christ. This week was difficult to see that we werent able to find a new place to live and ncontinue to hope  that everything would be ok. Many times I just wanted to scream out WHY? but i realized that the Lord desires that I put my trust in Him and have the faith sufficient to produce a miracle. I know we will find a room, but it will be in His time and in His way. I know that many of our investigators will be baptized but likewise it will be in his timing and his way. I love that I have come to learn so much from my study of the Book of Mormon and I can't wait to start reading it again. Truly the Lord cares for little old me in little old Piura.
      So my challenge is if you guys will start with me again this week the Book of Mormon. I would love to hear your insights from daily or weekly study. I hope to soon receive an Ensign Magazine with the conference messages, so that I can also study the conference talks along with my study of the Book of Mormon. I hope you guys can join me. I love you so much and I hope all is well. i pray for you guys everyday and hope that you are staying close to the Lord. Christ is coming soon and we need to prepare ourselves. I know Jesus Christ lives and will help us through anything. I LOVE YOU GUYS TONS!!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Know that my Savior lives!!!!

Kayla's district in Miraflores on P-day about to have a water balloon fight :)
Missionaries can have fun too!

Hermana Spainhower and I being Happy !!!

One of the bridges in my area that blows with the wind LOL

Hello family!!!!
     I love and miss you all!!! i thought of each of you during a specific talk and i was going to write you which but i left my conference notebook in my room so that will have to be next week lol. I loved Elder Renlunds talk though and I really liked how he said  “To effectively serve in the church we must see them through a parents eyes” So mom i thought of you a lot. With first the video in the women's conference and i thought of how you always saw me and loved me despite my weaknesses and even when others didn't notice me. I also cried during Elder Hollands talk because i thought of you the whole time. You love mom with your whole heart and i understand better my Heavenly Fathers love because i have been loved and feel love from you each day. 

     Not much happened this week except for conference so i wish to bear my testimony as i had the opportunity to do so several times as we invited our investigators to come see the conference. 

     I know that the priesthood power that comes from God above works and is here on the earth today. I know that the Lord calls the prophets and apostles that lead and guide this church and that President Thomas S. Monson holds the same keys that Christ once held when he was on this earth. I know that they speak the word of God for us today and if we heed their counsel we will find peace and happiness in this world and our eternal life and salvation in the world to come. I know that the Spirit of God is real and that it testifies of truth. I know that if we read the Book of Mormon each day we will receive the spiritual protection that is vital for these last days.  I know that my Savior lives and that he is at the helm of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know he is my older brother, friend, Savior and Redeemer and he is all of ours. 
     I plead that each one of us can not just be satisfied with what we have heard this conference but read and study each of these talks throughout our daily lives and work to set goals. In this the Lord will bless us and we will progress to become more like our Heavenly Father each day. 
     We are here in this life to be happy so do so! I am so happy here because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love and miss each and every one of you. But as i see the miracles here in Piura I know that God is watching over and protecting each of you.

Love and miss you all!!
Hermana Tanuvasa