Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"I know that God knows all of His children individually"

Dang Washington sounds like it was so fun lol. You have no idea right now how much i miss traveling. I think about the beach and Rome and all kinds of places that I would like to visit and then i say in my mind, "after the mission, after the mission". lol. Also i don't have Dengue Fever and don't sweat it i use my bugspray, plus I've only been bit like twice here. I ve seen others peoples legs and its like covered in red bites blek. This is where im grateful for blood that the bugs supposedly don't love. The language is coming, more and mroe each day. Most of the time i can understand the conversations. I am able to teach which supposedly is a miracle as i have been talking to other North Americans when they started and I guess I am doing great. Hey mom, so alot of the people in my ward are finding me on facebook lol. I'd prefer if they didnt know my first name lol so if you could, could you try to change that this week to Hermana? lol thanks a ton! 
So this week has been so much better than last. I feel like I'm adjusting better to the mission life. But as the title of my email states i think last week was a little blessing. I read this week the notes i took from a talk that Sister Nelson gave while I was in the CCM and what she said was that when we are desperate things change. She referenced various stories in the scriptures and then said that 'when we are desperate we become more humble and our prayers  change with more fervor and strife. Önly then when you are anguishingly desperate , you will serve your mission for Jesus. Then you will be lead to those that are desperate for the gospel." Last week, i was desperate, and this week we found someone desperate for the gospel. Hermana Raquel Calle in our ward gave us a reference as soon as we walked into her home for Petronila Casquero. We walked right over and introduced ourselves and then set up a time to visit later. She has two little girls 6 and 2. When we came back it was as if Satan was doing all that he could to stop us from teaching. the band for the high school was practicing RIGHT outside and her two daughters kept fighting and crying. Yet the spirit was there. Petronila or Peto told us of her sad story that she had been married for five years but that no more than five months ago her husband left her for someone else. She said that she had been praying desperately that her two daughters could grow up with a strong faith in God. She cried alot but as we listened with the spirit we brought peace to her soul as we spoke of the atoning power of Jesus Christ. Oh how sweet the gospel is!! She was visibly lifted when we left and was eager for us to return. Guys, I know that God knows all of his children individually and will guide us to those that are ready for his word. Likewise as he understands his children here in Piura and he loves his missionaries.

Saturday we had our district meeting and Elder Rollins, our District Leader asked that Hermana Echegaray and I prepare part of the lesson utilizing the subheading Listen in Preach My Gospel. We studied it that morning and I felt impressed to try, once again the cool testimony watching thing that we did in the CCM. Hermana Echegaray was sooo hesitant but finally we tried it. I was able to see and hear the beauty in Hermana Echegaray's testimony and then give her strength according to her needs. We decided to then do it in tjhe district meeting. I was a little nervous because so far i had only done it one on one and now, only once in spanish, whereas four itmes in english. We asked Elder Rollins to be our exemplar and give his testimony in front of everyone and then we would evaluate it. Wow. His testimony was so powerful and the whole room changed. What before had been a casual District Meeting turned into a room filled to the brim with the spirirt. After we evaluated his, we put everyone that was there in groups to do the same to their partners. Something awesome was that we had visitors come to watch. Hermano Marcos Espinosa, our ward missionary leader, and two young men preparing to serve missions of their own in our ward, one that was a recent convert. As i walked aroudn the room and listened to each group i could feel the spirit so strongly. Many tears were shed and afterwards our own district felt closer. Elder Rollins turned to me at one point and said, " Thank you. This has been an answer to many prayers." I started to tear up as i realized his answer to prayers had been an answers to mine. Each morning before my personal study I ask God to sanctify my sutdy that i might use it to strengthen someone during my day, whether it be me, my companion, or someone we teach. Oh had the Lord blessed me. 
So this week has been a true blessing and I am beginning to see the beautiful miracles that are taking place here in Miraflores, Piura, Peru. From Elder Neil L. Anderson's talk this past conference, i testify with him that, 
" As you keep the commandments and pray in faith to see the Lord's hand in your life, I promise you that He will open your spiritual eyes even wider and you will see more clearly that you are not alone." 
I encourage you to look at this talk becuase it really is beautiful. But I have been learning, "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

I love love love you guys and I'm glad you guys are growing just like me. I pray for you guys each and every day and there isn't a day that goes by that i dont think of you guys. Dont stop being lights to those around you and guys share the gospel with everyone! I promise the Lord will guide you to opportunities to bless others lives with you strong testimonies, as you have blessed mine. So that is your challenge this week. Find someone that you can listen to and listen with the spirit. Then bear your testimony. In any way that you can. It doesn't have to be grand, but share what you know. I promise that as you pray in faith, you will receive. I'll be praying for oppotunites for you guys over here too so good luck!
Love you eternally and every day
Hermana Tanuvasa

My District in Miraflores

Monday, July 20, 2015

Believe that He is, Believe that he has all wisdom and power!

Hello familia!!!
Miss miss miss you guys tons"!!! I hope Keanu enjoyed Scout camp :) I'm glad you guys are attending the temple so much, i cant help but think that when i see you guys again you will appear as angels for all the beautiful time youve spent in the house of the Lord. I told Hermana Jessica to friend request you on FB. She is my pensionista so each day, except Saturdays and Sundays she makes us lunch. She also washes our clothes. I really didnt think the mission would be like that but now that im here I realize we dont have time for anything else.
Regarding your questions, almost all of the cockroaches are gone. I havent seen one in a couple of days which is really exciting!! My health is still fantastic, I havent felt sick once! Only sometimes i feel sick because I ate too much at the members homes, but with Hermana Jessica its perfect. In the package nothing really that im dying for. But Hermana Echegaray wants Icebreakers so if you could send a few of those she'd love you. lol.
So this week... Wow it was probably my hardest yet. Tuesday started ok, but then it kept slowly going downhill. And Thursday was when i almost died. First we had to practice this sketch to do for the FHE night we were going to lead on Friday night. The video that you guys saw. And it took TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Lets just say Im still not fond of group projects. Then we went to go teach Belen who is 15 and had a date to be baptized, but her mom wont let her. Her parents are separated and her uncle lives with her, but he is crazy. Sometimes when we come to see her, we can't because he is drunk. So we went to see her on Thursday and the whole time I could tell that something was not right. Finally we asked if she was going to the Kinkana that we were having that night. She said no and when we asked why she broke down. But of course, I couldnt understand anything.
I felt like such a failure and I was so frustrated that i couldnt help but solely because I couldnt understand. Afterwards Hermana Echegaray explained to me what happened, and of course, what i had studied that very morning would have been perfect for her to hear. So Thursday was horrific, and then Friday started out just as terrible. We kept getting interrupted in our study and then we didnt get to finish our weekly planning because we had to go give keys to some people. So my attitude was horrific, but i didnt know what to do. I was praying so fervently that God would help me. Then, Mom I read your letter. Each week i print our your guys letters and oh how glad i was that day to have done so. You talked about patience and not running faster than is meet. I knew that I needed to have patience. So we left our apartment at 1130 for the chapel to have interviews with President and Sister Rasmussen. I could already feel my attitudfe had changed just a little bit. Thats when I saw someone sitting down reading when we passed by. I felt the urge to go talk to him and at first I kept walking, but then I felt it stronger and I kept looking back, until finally I stopped Hermana Echegaray and we went back. We talked with him and oh the spirit I felt!!! We got his information and although he is not in our area, I knew that I had listened to the spirit and the gospel was going to bless his life. We have given him to the other hermanas and soon we will see how he is. So I walked into the interviews exponentially better, but afterwards.... Guys. God has a plan for each of us and he knows us much better than we could ever know ourselves. I know that President and Sister Rasmussen were called as this time to be the Mission Presidents in Piura, Peru. God knew that on Friday, July 17,  I would be dying for help. President Rasmussen taught me greatly and helped me with some of my worries. And oh how heavenly was Hermana Rasmussen. Bless her. It was so close to having you here Mom. and yet I know you would have done the same thing as her. She made me feel so loved and I was able to feel like someone truly understood me, but little did I know before that someone knew me much much better, my Heavenly Father. From there on out my week has been so so much better and my drive for missionary work is back in full force. Yes one of the lessons I am learning at this time is immense patience, but im grateful that God sees and understands me and i know he sees and understands each and every one of us. I LOVE HERMANA ECHEGARAY and we have grown so much closer.
Family I cant thank you enough for your emails. I know I explained how moms helped but Keirra and Kanoah yours sincerely blessed my life this week. So far its been a little rough, but I will never forget my God and I am continually turning to him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY.
Thank you for your prayers, they truly have blessed me. I wish I could tell you all that has happened in this beautiful week as there is so much more but for now, this is what Ive been impressed to share. So my challenge for you all this week.... One of the things i learned in the CCM from a devotional where Sister Holland spoke was that when we are desperate our prayers change and our scripture study changes. We plead more and we are more sincere. This week I was desperate and I felt my prayers and my study change to be more fervent. I ask that you work in this time where you guys are new and things have changed that you make sure your prayers are strong and that you are study the scriptures EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY, like the talk "Stay by the Tree". Hanging in there is not a principle of the gospel. Let me know how you've changed your prayers in this upcoming week with specifics and how youve felt. God is with you.
Love you all, Mom and Dad, Keirra, Kanoah, Keanu and Kai
Hermana Tanuvasa

                               Karla Monica who is a rescued member and her cousin 
             i think who is not but is SOOO cute and I always help her with her English homework

                                                      This is Ana who is an investigator

Monday, July 13, 2015

Im so glad to hear about you guys. Its interesting that in a small way we are experiencing the same things right now with being in new places. But your email has given me strength. I have constantly told myelf this week that Piura is where I am supposed to be. Sometimes it feels like I will go home soon until i realize Ive only just started. This week has been better and harder in many different ways. After I emailed you guys on Monday, we went to the Navarro Families home to talk about temples. We first asked them how their experiences with temples have been before since they went twice before, but they are recent converts. Hermana Elara began to cry as she talked about being baptized for her mom in the Guayquil temple. They have a goal to go and be sealed as a family this year in Semptember, but as we talked with them about their goal, Hermano Alberto said that it might be hard as they needed to raise the money for the trip and other things. Its crazy how differnt things are here. I honetly am so grateful for all the beautiful temples we have in the US. Im glad you guys are taking advantage of having the temple so close to home. 
After Monday, Tuesday started out rough, BUT we got to meet Sister and President Rasmussen. UH! I love them! They are so kind and loving and Hermana Rasmussen made me feel so much better.  When Hermana Rasmussen got up to talk, lol she said " Oh mis munecas!!" lol so nice. But even better was that I got to seee Hermana Howell there. Over the past two weeks I have missed her so much because she really became my family in the CCM as we went through the same things. But here I cant really talk or say how I feel and there isnt really anyone who understands right now what im going through,(except God) but to see her lifted me soooo much. We shared some of our struggles that we´ve had here and felt bettter to know we werent the only ones going through problems. God knew that I needed that more than anything and since then i have been so much happier. Friday was also amazing!! So I've been praying that because i dont say much in lessons other than the usual basics for teaching, I wanted to give more to reach a persons actual needs. So I've been praying that in my personal study i can study that which will somehow help me during the day. Friday I studied in 2 NEPHI 31 AND IN VERSE 3 it says that the spirit speaks to every man "in his own language and his own understanding". Later i read in Preach My Gospel and then i finished with reading the talk by Elder Eyring, "The Comforter". My favorite part stuck out again where Elder Eyring shares the story of helping a sad couple and all he did was listen and then at the end said that "only Christ could PERFECTLY understand their pain and sorrow". During companion study right after, Hermana Echegaray shared a trouble she had - one of her cousins was hit by a motorcycle and from it they had to amputate his foot. She said she had a reaccuring dream that her aunts were crying and crying and her cousin walked in and she didnt know what to say. Over and over she didnt know what to say to them. 
In my broken and horrific spanish i shared with her what i had learned in the talk and she began to cry. She said that that was exactly what she needed to hear and that more than anything she wanted her family to understand this. I cannot believe that God could bless me so much this week but He has. I have been seriously fortified in a time where I dont speak much, but in my daily prayers to God. Everything is a process and takes time. I promise that prayer works. Not in our time, but in Gods and in reality he does hear your prayer. Eartlier this week we also taught Ana and Juan Jose whose mom is less active and dad is not a member. We taught them that prayers mean alot and that they should tell Heavenly Father about their day becuase he wants to hear. Ana then gave the closing prayer and it was beautiful. She literally shared her whole day: what she ate, what she drew and how she doesn't quite like her teacher. She really taught me a lesson on prayer. There have been so many other little miracles here in Miraflores, Peru, but I just wanted to share a few. 
Otherwise, funny story where i actually got to laugh, (because that is something that is also kinda rare), we were walking home one night and we were talking when i looked down and saw something strange. Then i realized it was a brown TOAD!!1 I jumped as i almost stepped on it and in the process scared my companion. we laughed about it for the next half hour lol. But seriously i hate the bugs, i hate toads, and I HATE COCKROACHES. This whole week I've been antsy about them because they are in our bathroom. BLEK. But thank heavens, this morning Hermana Echegaray and i spent an hour deep cleaning our room. It was VERY needed lol. Plus cleaning makes me feel good haha. But some of our troubles here is that the ward is not very united. There is a big economic diffference and for some reason our ward doesn't have alot of activities together. We are trying to work with eveyrone but we need more help from the members. This week we have Ward Conference so we have a few activiites duing the week to help the ward prepare. I hope that it will make them more united. BTW side note, Mom and Dad, do you guys have your certificate of marriage hung up somewhere in the house? I wonder if you could put it up because that would be cool lol. Any who, I love and miss you all sooooo soo much and I hope all is well. Thanks sooo soo much for doing the challenge. This weeks challenge: See what things you can add to make you prayers more meaningful. 

Hermana Tanuvasa

Our District with President and Sister Rasmussen

Hermana Howell and Me

                                    Hermana Howell,  Hermana Sepulveda and Elder Wilde

This is my room

My study area

This is on a bridge that we cross every day. Our area 'Miraflores' 
is one of the largest areas in the Piura, Peru Mission

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bienvenidos and TRUST IN GOD!

Bienvenidos and TRUST IN GOD
Hey family!!! I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!
I officially entered the field and I'm off. When we got here we wrote emails to you guys on a piece of paper but i dont know if you got it. From now on my pdays are monday and im hoping we will start emailing at 10 but it could be anywhere between 10 and 5. But back to life-
We arrived and had orientation and I received my trainer, Hermana Echegaray. She is so sweet and very kind but sometimes its hard to understand because she only speaks spanish. I said goodbye to Hermana Howell which was hard. We visited one lady that day and then had ward council but i literally understood nothing. So that was hard. IT IS LITERALLY SOOO HOT HERE!!! I sweat all the day long and we walk alot but surprisingly Im not dying. I thought that after sitting still for 6 weeks it would be worse that this but its really not. Ya im tired but not to the point of dying. I also havent gotten sick which is a HUGE blessing from God. Everyone says that your first week you get terruibly sick but I haven't. Also here in Piura it is very different from Lima. But basically there are two types of poeple here. The rich and the dirt poor. Guys these people live in such humble homes. Honestly it should be shocking, but Ive just loved every moment. Im not really shocked but im not sure why. The first two days were so hard and I hardly said anything other than saying my name and where Im from. It was kind of discouraging and i thought, oh someday ill learn. Haha then dads voice came in my head saying "You need to talk to them!!"lol  uh how right he is. I really miss my district here and being able to actually express myself without people dozing off but ive had some cool exzperiences. Thursday was so good!! We went to the house of the Familia Navarro where the grandma and grandpa are new members and so is the gradndaughter Ciello but her mom, Fabiola is not. We went over to teach Fabiola and the grandmas two sisters were there who werent members. We had planned to teach about the priesthood and we did (along with the first lesson)!! I GOT TO SHARE THE FIRST VISION from memory for the first time in the field!!1 Not only did i recite that but also James 1:5!! AHHH!! I almost cried from feeling the spirit so strong. One of the sisters was very intrigued and we said she wanted to learn more. Sadly she isn't in our area but we gave her over to the elders in that area.
So i think its so funny how the lesson that i always need to learn is to trust in God!! I think i expected to jump right in the field and know everything but i realized how far i was from that. Friday we taught Mercedes who was a street contact and we also got to teach her the first lesson. After I again said the first vision she just kept rubbing her heart saying oh i feel so... i feel so... GOOD! lol she couldnt explain but we knew what it was. Also interesting was that before while we were teaching she had her little 4-5 year old nieces playing on the ground and a daughter on her phone but as soon as i said the first vision they all stopped and listened for the rest of the lesson. SOOO COOOL GUYS!!!
Saturday was FOURTH OF JULY!! Hope you guys had fun. It was Hermana Echegarays birthday so we seriously got a ton of torta, or cake. Ok so weird but here the people eat more for lunch than for dinner and they eat soooo much!!! Like two full plates of potatoes and chicken and meat and cheese and anything else you can think of. But we have to eat it all! Uh one day I felt so sick i prayed that god would empty my stomach so i could fit the rest of my meal. But our pensionista who cooks our lunches normally is really good. She doesn't give us too much and usually gives us vegetables and all that good stuff. She is also the bishops wife. i love them!! This ward has some really strong members but also a lot of inactives. We are working hard to bring families back. i dont know everything but I know that God is in charge. This week i received a lot of strength from 2 Nephi 22. I really do love the words of Isaiah. My personal study is my favorite time. Also something funny. In the CCM we were able to watch past devotionals from the apostles in the provo mtc and one of tem was by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I think i told you guys about this one. He focused on Open Your Mouth!! In the CCM i thought that this meant dont have fear to share the gospel, but i realize that here, for me, its meant dont be afraid to try your spanish and to actually talk. Its a goal of mine to talk more this week with those people we teach just in light conversation. (because in all honesty that the hard part).Another goal i have this week is to more clearly see the hand of God in my life, and to pray for this ability. Will you guys pray with me this week and write down one experience you had with this experiment? EVERYONE (in the fambam) write me personally what you got from this week. (i hope you guys like how im giving you a compromise (a commitment) lololol)
I miss you guys sooooo much and i hope all is well.  Im seriously so jealous you guys get to go surfing so much! You guys have to teach me when i get back. Also President Rasmussen has a blog so idk if you want to follow but I'm sure you could see more about Piura and all that fun stuff. I don't have many pictures because this week has been hectic but i promise more for next week. love love love love you guys. thank you for being such amazing siblings and parents and thank you for blessing my life so immensely.
Nos vemos!~
Hermana Tanuvasa 

This is Kayla's trainer and 1st companion

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This is my short time to serve God and do so with all of me!!

We received this letter from The Piura Peru Mission today


Dear Brother & Sister Tanuvasa,
We are so happy to have Sister Tanuvasa serving in the Peru Piura Mission!  She arrived eager to go to work and we are impressed with her enthusiasm and desire to serve our Heavenly Father as a missionary.  After meeting her at the airport we had a luncheon at the Mission Home followed by a devotional and an interview.  The following day was a morning of training and the assigning of her trainer/companion.  Trainers are chosen for their obedience, patience, dedication and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.   We know that as these two missionaries study, pray and work together they will be blessed and guided in their service and find joy in teaching and sharing the gospel message. We are attaching a photo of your missionary with her new companion and us. 
We are grateful to you for sharing your daughter with us.  We know that thru hard work, obedience and prayer Sister Tanuvasa will find joy in serving the Lord and the beautiful people of Peru.  Please encourage her to share her experiences with you and your family.  Write to her weekly and express your love, support and confidence in her.  You will witness miraculous changes in her as she learns to serve and love those with whom she works.
We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings joy and peace to all who will follow Him.  We are grateful to be a part of this great work and to serve with the wonderful young Elders and Sisters of our mission.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: 2010224@ldschurch.org.
President & Sister Rowley
Peru Piura Mission

And then we received this from Kayla-

Hey Hey Familia!! 

officially made it to Piura! and Safely! This morning has been very busy morning but as soon as we landed, the words that came to my mind were "Welcome Home". I have met President and Hermana Rowley but tomorrow they leave and Presidente and Hermana Rasmussen arrive. I have felt so thrilled to get out AND WORK! Partially because Sunday we watched "Meet the Mormons" So good!) It is so beautiful here but it is definitely a desert. In the city there are stark contrasts of living and supposedly this is the nicest part of our area. The farthest area in Piura is 5 hours away! For some reason I haven't had any "shock" yet but maybe that is a good thing! Anywho I miss you all so much! I wish that you could be here with me. But for now, I don't want to be home. This is my short time to serve God and do so with all of me!! Hope all is well and God is with you <3 <3 <3 
Love and miss you, Hermana Tanuvasa