Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's Carnivales time!!!

My District in Paita

Merly's baptism

Elder Elizalde

So this week has been a beautiful disaster. First off, I got weirdly sick and didn't  eat for four days, but we had such a busy week that I didn't have time to rest. Luckily though the power of God is real, and no joke, with a sweet priesthood blessing and a lot of faith that the Lord would help me, I pushed through and I live!! I'm eating normally and all but I might have dropped a little weight ah ha. 
But Tuesday we went to Pueblo Nuevo for a wedding!!!! I did the brides makeup and hair and well it was adorable for the country of Peru. But can I just say she was so happy.(: Wednesday we had the worldwide training which was sooooooo awesome!! And Saturday we had Merlys baptism!!!! Saturday I was so happy I was bouncing off the walls. She is such an amazing girl that was so prepared. Plus Angie, Irvin´s sister came to the baptism and we believe that she will be our next one. Tomorrow we will put a baptismal date with her.

Silvia, one of our investigators who was pregnant gave birth to her son and he is sooo cute!!!!! Plus she told us that she took her Book of Mormon to the hospital and was reading it while she waiting. Tomorrow as well we will hear more and put a baptismal date. We are working with a family , the Ancajima´s and they are good, but the mom is so stubborn. It sometimes actually frustrates me because she makes up a million excuses as to why she can´t read or go to church. But we have faith and we´ve decided to work harder and try bugging them every day with passing by or texting and calling them. Hahha. 

So I´d like to share a small spiritual thought on what I gave a talk on Sunday of. In the worldwide training we had Elder Anderson asked the question, Are we experiencing the Atonement every day in our lives? Our faith moves us to repent, not just Sundays, or when we commit huge sins, but every single day. Sometimes this sounds like information we´ve heard over a hundred times, but its because that's whats necessary. I was pondering the story of Naaman and Elisha. Elisha told Naaman to wash 7 times to be clean of his sickness, but Naaman became frustrated with the easiness of the way and didn't want to do it. First off, we all have a sickness. The sickness of the natural man, and to be clean, the prophets have taught us, that we must repent, every day, 7 days a week. Do you feel me? We must not get frustrated or bored because of the easiness of the way. We must stay steady and clean ourselves every day, through the atoning blood of the Lamb. 

I have begun to put in practice this simple commandment, and literally, just since Wednesday I feel different. I´m happier, I´m more willing to work, I know who I am and I feel that God is pleased with me. I know what I have to change, but I'm not discouraged. Rather I recognize the wondrous beauty in the plan of salvation to save me and all man by way of repentance through the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ. I hope that we can all be a little better at repenting and using the Atonement in our lives. i promise that it will bring innumerable blessings. 

BTW, Carnival's havebegun, but I will explain next week ah ha :D Yes I know, that's mean but oh well.

On our way to Pueblo Nuevo for the wedding

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I know in whom I have trusted

baptism of Daniela "she is an angel"

"The beautiful area where I run in the mornings and work in the day"

So I've been having a hard time getting up and doing my exercises in the morning. I kept telling Hna. Orellana I wanted to change and she pointed out, well then "what is your plan"? So I made one and let me tell you, this week I got up every day at 600 AM to stretch for 20 minutes and then workout for 40 minutes. I went running twice and did legs, arms and yoga. I felt so good the whole week. I ate more fruits and veggies, drank more water and had more energy throughout. 

From there this week I received so many answers to many prayers. As of two weeks ago I kinda got really sad as I felt to exclaim like Nephi,
 "O wretched man that I am! Yea, my heart sorroweth because of my flesh; My soul grieveth because of my iniquities."
The phrase, " I am encompassed about because of the temptations and sins which do so easily beset me." swarmed in my head. I prayed for guidance and help. I wished to let go a little bit more of the natural man that lives in me. 

Well Tuesday we had  splits with Hna. Pay and Hna. Orellana.  I went with Hna Pay from California. First off she is so awesome! Such a strong testimony and faith like a solid rock! One of the things she said really struck me. She quoted Meet the Mormons when she said, " I'm not perfect, but I can be perfect at trying." This really was an answer to my prayers. Basically my studies this whole week have been helping too.  I was reading the talk by Elder Haynie this morning about Remembering In Whom We Have Trusted.  He talked about using the beautiful Atonement of Jesus Christ to overcome all things.. Including the sins and temptations which do so easily beset us. 

I love when He said, 
"The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes the Savior’s invitation to “be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” perfectly possible rather than frustratingly out of reach." I have come to see that this is true as I put my trust in Him and extend faith to know that He can do so much more than I can. That He will help me overcome and rise above and be the worthy daughter, sister, and servant in His masterful hands. 

Then He perfectly quoted the very scripture that had been dwelling in my mind for weeks , 
"Brothers and sisters, if you feel discouraged or wonder if you can ever get out of the spiritual hole that you have dug, please remember who stands “betwixt [us] and justice,” who is “filled with compassion towards the children of men,” and who has taken upon Himself our iniquities and transgressions and “satisfied the demands of justice.” In other words, as Nephi did in his moment of self-doubt, simply remember “in whom [you] have trusted,” even Jesus Christ, and then repent and experience yet again “a perfect brightness of hope.”

I took time on Sunday while partaking of the sacrament to ponder where Ive come from and where I am now. I am surprised and filled with immense gratitude to know that the Lord has been at my side showing me an outpouring of love that moves me to want to change and be better. Then He has pulled me up closer and closer to where He is. I am so happy right now in the mission. I love my companion, my area, my branch, my district and my Savior, Jesus  Christ. Because of the love that I receive from every single one of these things and from you, my family and loved ones at home, I want to do better and I work harder because I want to make you guys happy. 

Thank you, each and every one of you, although I can't name you all here, you are all named in my heart, and each day your love helps me along. But especially the love of my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ is whats makes me better than I am, what pulls me from my pits and falls, what sustains me in each moment, and what makes me smile. (= 
I love you all and hope you can remember and think on how much God loves you. 
Lots of Love with tight hugs and big kisses,
Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, January 18, 2016

I Repent Daily!!!

So this week has been probably my favorite in the entire mission. This week I have taken the time to better understand the repentance process and how to use the Atonement in my life. 

I had been reading the talk by Sister Carol F. McConkie from this past conference and she tells a story about Sister Hoskins who received her Young Women's Medallion at 100 years old. Sister McConkie asked her how she did it and she said , " I repent every day."

This week I also studied within the chapters of Alma with Ammon and Aaron and King Lamoni and his father. These are miraculous examples of ´people who have taken hold of the Atonement in their life. I also pondered heavily on the words of Elder Holland, when he spoke of being the Lords investigator. He said something along these lines, that if we want our investigators to study better, we should study better,and if we want our investigators to pray with better intention, we should pray with better intention. 

This week, I pondered these things and I sought to implement them in my life. 

Guys, miracles happened.

Ill tell you my favorite, although there were many.
"After lunch on Friday we asked Johny, a future missionary to see if he could accompany us to find a contact Irvin. A couple weeks ago we had been knocking doors and we found Irvin, who told us that his girlfriend was Mormon and that he would like to find out more but that he studied in Piura and only came home late at night. So we set an appointment for Saturday on the weekend. However when we went, we found his dad, drunk and having a party. However this past Friday we felt to visit his house and when we got there, at first he was hesitant saying he was going to leave, but we were persistent (something abnormal) and he let us in. We talked and found out his grandma had also been Mormon but had recently passed away. He had also been Agnostic at one point but that now believes in God. He also said that he had mentioned to his girlfriend, who lives in Lima that he was listening to us and she got excited and invited him to go to church with her when she would come up. The lesson was beautiful as he felt comfortable and we laughed, but we still could explain our purpose and what we wanted. We invited him to church and he came, with his sister! Then another member told us that his grandma had been a member for years and he had come to church before but never wanted to listen. We were guided by the spirit, to find him, to be able to find him again and teach him, and then for him to come to church. I imagine that his grandma and girlfriend had been praying very hard that he could be able to find a way to the church. And we had been praying very hard to find those who need the gospel. Mom I also know that you were praying for us and for Irvin, even if you didn't know it. The Lord answers the prayers of the faithful."

Our biggest struggle is church attendance. This week we had FIVE investigators come to church. I don't think Ive ever been this happy. But I am almost sure that this only happened because I realized that if I want someone else to change, I have to do it myself!!! God requires out obedience and faith to be able to produce miracles. 

World of Blog, members of the Mormon church, investigators and loved ones, the Atonement is real. It can change a person from the dirt that we are to the holy beings that we can become. God is working with me and He has a lot of patience. But He has blessed me beyond measure. And I know that its because He loves me. He loves us. And He calls for us to rely upon His Son, through the only way we can ever find happiness in this life. 

I love the mission. I love Paita. I love the gospel. I love teaching. I love my family. I love my friends. I love the examples Ive had in my life. And I love my Master, Trainer, and Friend, my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I love you all, and so does our Heavenly Father. Take time to get to know Him through the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to the Basics

Paita is AMAZING. Seriously endless miracles and beautiful people. Plus I dont sweat as much because we have the nice ocean breeze. Recently, we have been finding a lot of new investigators but one family that we found on my first day here are my favorite. Joe, Joeli, and Esmeralda, and now Cesar. This family has shown us so much love and they are so ready to be baptized. They illuminate the light of Christ, I can only imagine how it will be when they have the gift of the Holy Ghost. They are praying and having good experiences, although we are still working with them on reading the Book of Mormon and attending church. I think we need to visit them more often. They have a baptismal date for the 30th of January. We are also teaching Merli who is 15 and has been through so many trials. Her dad and her mom both have passed away and yet she told us that when she is sad she prays and knows that God has everything in control, so she  overcomes her sadness by her faith. Tuesday we will teach The Plan of Salvation and I am excited to see what will happen. She is a referral and her baptismal date is set for the 23 of January. 
What I've learned recently:
We had our interviews with President Rasmussen this week. I love President and Sister Rasmussen I am serious they are the best. We talked about a lot of things and I left thoroughly edified. This week we have worked so hard to reach our goals. We have been thinking a lot about something that Elder Godoy taught about -Part A and Part B. He taught that missionaries do a fantastic job on doing Part B, the teaching, but that sometimes we don't do a sufficient enough job on Part A, actually finding out the problem or concern of the investigators. Everyone in this life does things according to the experiences that they have had. Sometimes though as humans we only see the end result and take that as the beginning. Everyone has a story and it's our job to find it and address it with the gospel. When we take the time to get to know people the way the Savior would take the time for us, that is when we can truly teach more like the Savior. I think this is how all the prophets in the Book of Mormon and today are able and were able to have so much success when baptizing people because they payed attention to what was going on and what was necessary for them to hear. But one of the things I love is that the principles of the gospel are necessary for everyone. 
I asked President what he thinks that I could change, seeing as he receives my weekly emails and has authority over me. He told me I could work with having more faith. Throughout this week I have seen the truth in that. With more faith in my Savior, I work harder, and find more and become more of what He wants me to be. I love the conference talk that mentioned if we are making our discipleship too complicated. This gospel is not founded on gold plates or angelic appearances but simple faith and daily repentance that bring us closer little by little to our Father in Heaven. 
I love the simplicity. I love the gospel. I love the second chances. I love my Savior and His example and His Atoning sacrifice. I love new years and new chances. New times to get back to the basics and build more firmly our foundations on Christ. I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SOOO MUCH. God be with you in every moment.
Hermana Tanuvasa