Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!!

Kayla and her companion taking a walk on the beach in Paita for her birthday

This week was rough, almost every day our appointments fell, but Saturday I had the privilege to fast, for our area, for my companion and for revelation, and the very same Saturday, God gave it. I want to speak frankly to you guys, family and friends. God hears and answers our prayers. I testify of that with all my heart. I know that if we come searching he will open the doors for us to hear, see, and know of His mighty love for each one of us. Thanks family for the videos, it was answer to many long nights and many fervert prayers. I know God lives, I know He sent His only Begotten Son, and that He lives. This week I deeply studied the Atonement and the last week of Christ. I know He knows who I am and what I need. Please seek to pray more fervertly, fast more often and love deeper and I promise the answers will come. 

Sorry for everything so quick, I hate Peru internet, but thank you again, everyone, (:
Hermana Tanuvasa

Miralces exist yes, yes they do!

My Crazy Week:
Ok so this week has been awesome, crazy, sad, frustrating and yet filled with many many spiritual insights. One of them being this-within my time in the mission I have been looking for miracles. I have wanted the spectacular the wow and that which say SHA-BAM! HAHAH and the Lord has taught me otherwise. The spirit spoke one morning during my personal study in 3 Nephi 11 when the people open their ears and fix their eyes on heaven and understand the voice which speaks. I came to realize that this alone was the beginning of the mighty miracle of the resurrected Christ visiting the Americas. And this is what I found. The beginning of a miracles is seeing someone's eyes and ears be made open to the understanding of the gospel. 
This week we were looking for new people to teach and we decided to look in 'Future Investigatiors', within the Area Book and we found Rosa Garcia and her husband Erickson. When we went to visit them they had visitors, but Rosa still wanted to hear us so we went in another room and began to teach her. Although the kids were running around, and the uncle was watching tv, Rosa was listening attentively to every word we said. And when we asked her if she would be baptized she immediately accepted!! Rosa was only one miracle this week. But the Lord is working a miracle in me to see the mighty miracles all around me. 
And most importantly to better see the miracle of our Saviors Atoning sacrifice. This week I have had several opportunties to bear strong testimony of the living Christ and I have felt the Spirit confirm these truths to me time and time again. 
I challenge all of you to open your eyes to the miracles in your life and recognize the source, of our Savior Jesus Christ. And then to testify and share those miracles. Share it! On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, yelling from your rooftop or kindly whispering it to a friend in need. Testify and share and I promise you that the miracles you are searching for will come into you life. God is a God of miracles. Yesterday, today and forever. Hallelujah that Jesus Christ lives. 
I lvoe and miss you all and hope that God protects you.
Hermana Tanuvasa 

Monday, March 14, 2016

He is Risen!!!

Please give tons and tons of hugs to Kara. I miss her tons!! 

So really fast but I love my companion she is the complete opposite of Hna. Orellana but I can see how much she will help me grow. She is super funny and soo kind. We are starting to see beautiful miracles in our area, but next week hopefully Ill have more time and I will expound a little more. 

Spiritual Thought : I hope you guys have taken a look at the new Hallelujah video that the chruch has released, it is gorgeous! 
I wanted to study the morning of the Resurrection of Christ. In Luke 24 it talks about when the women went searching for Christ's body in the tomb and two angels appear speaking the glorious words that I just love to hear, " Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, for He is risen. "
And I put myself to think more about this. We live in a world where many people are looking for hope and light and Christ among dead places, be it the internet,  immorality, scary and inappropriate media... But we have the beautiful privilege to find them and show them that Christ is not there. But that He lives and guides His living church on the earth today. We represent the living Christ and the Church where He reigns. 
     I hope all of us can recognize the beauty of the message and the magnificent blessing it is to be able to testify of Him. 

I love you all and don't forget it. But more importantly dont forget the love of our Father in Heaven. 

Hermana Tanuvasa

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Las Begonias


So this week has been miraculous and utterly crazy. It was the last week of this transfer and like every last week my body is just so dead beat and I'm ready to just sleep for a whole day, which is what we did today. ha ha But we had some cool stuff happen. 
1) We found 6 new investigators, one is a cute family.
2) 5 of our investigators came to church!! And including the family Chrioque which is Juan Carlos, a less active, his wife and two daughters that aren't members. They have been struggling to come because every Sunday Jesus goes to help her Mom who is really sick. But we talked about faith and they were determined and came as a family!!
3) And so cool was Angie´s baptism!!!
So to tell the truth, baptisms for missionaries are usually kind of stressful, making sure everything is in order, that the members come, that the person is getting baptized shows up and is ready....etc. Basically lots of stress. But this baptism, thanks to God and the branch was so beautiful and so calm. The youth sang The Lord is my Light and this time I sang with Hna.Orellana "Yo Tengo Un Testimonio." It left Angie crying. But my favorite part was Angie´s testimony at the end. She said something along these lines,
" In the church I have found love. I have found good friends. I have found advice and mother figures. I have found my grandmother alive again. But most of all I have found my faith in God. I know He lives. I know He loves me."

Her testimony burned so bright with the eternal truths ringing through the air as the Spirit of God testified of her words to our souls. 
Her mom was so proud and some the grandmothers best friends from Baja Paita came and cried remembering Angie´s grandma. 
It was so beautiful and a wonderful way to end the transfer with Hna. Orellana.

Yes we did have transfers but I am still in Paita. However Hna. Orellana left and I am now with Hna. Gutierrez from Argentina. She is super awesome and I'm thrilled to go to work with her. She only has two transfers left to finish her mission so I'm pretty sure that means I will leave Paita after this transfer. But that means I've just got to work even harder and take advantage of the wonderful branch and area. 

I love you guys so much and miss you like crazy. I hope you all are safe and sound and that you feel the Spirit in your lives. Keep being the amazing people you are. Thanks also for the letters. I did get them but I haven't opened them yet. I'm waiting till my birthday. ah ha But I'm really excited for them :D
Hermana Tanuvasa

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Swan dives and talking with parents

Funny story of the week:
Tuesday Idk why but my balance and mental connection with my body was soo off. Rebecca, Ariela, and Keirra will remember something similar that happened at girls camp a while ago. But Tuesday morning we went running and well there are a lot of rocks in Peru and I guess I was too lazy in lifting up my feet (sorry Dad) and I took a swan dive into the Peruvian dirt. I totally ate it hahah and the best part is it was in front of an intersection so everyone praised me for my gracious fall with beautiful laughter and many funny Spanish words that Hna. Orellana said not to repeat. Well I left with a cut up hand, two bruised knees and dirt everywhere, but hey we didn't stop running after, out of embarrassment or endurance, well we've leave it there for you to decide . AHAHAH /: ahha 

Not too much luck with news again. I think we need to change up tactics or something because right now, knocking doors isnt working too well. Or maybe we are knocking in the wrong areas. But we had a beautiful miracle this week. 

Angie is our investigator. First of all you should know she is a 17 girl who is very 

timid and shy and more the type to stay at home than go out. So her oringal

 baptismal date was for the 20 of February but kept getting pushed back because 

we needed to talk to her parents and they were always busy. Well. 

Tuesday night we finally did it and it was the first time for me and Hna. Orellana. 

We both walked in the house super nervous but we were respectful and kind and 

so the Mom started to tell us of how her mom had been mormon and her brother 

and that she at one point had been close to baptism but in the end didn't get 

baptized . She said she wanted Angie to wait to be baptized at least until the end 

March maybe April because Angie would be going to the University and

 seeing different things she might leave behind the church and she can't make a 

commitment like baptism and then leave it behind. Well we listened kindy and 

then we explained a little bit of what a baptism really means and how to know if 

you should be baptized, by asking God and that that was exactly what Angie had


Angie then tesitfied, beginning with her story of before with her Grandma and how 

she went to church with her, and then how when she died it left her very alone 

and how the gospel had filled that hole. Angie testified that she knew it because 

she had received her answer, true and clear and she knew it was the path she 

should take. She said that she was determined to follow Christ and obey all of His 

commandments, even when she entered into the University. So it wouldnt make a 

difference between being baptized now and one or two months from now. We 

were stunned as we listened as she testified with power to her parents.We knew 

that the witness she had received from the Holy Ghost and her acts of faith is 

what moved her to such firmness of testimony. Well we discussed, they thought, 

and Angie put the date as March 5. Well the parents would speak, ask a couple 

questions, look at each other and they speak some more. The whole time I was 

just praying that God would touch their hearts and in one moment Angie spoke of 

following the example of Christ and the example of her Granmother. Her 

grandmother is well spoken of in Paita as a woman of much faith and many 

people have been moved to tears speaking of her. Well when Angie said this, 

both her and her mother had tears filled in their eyes. The Spirit was so strong. (:  

Well the next day we received the answer that yes Angie could be baptized the 

5th!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!

So we are thrilled. Even though transfers are this week we are just enjoying our 

time together and working hard. Im excited and nervous to see what this transfer 

brings but I trust the Lord.

Spiritual Thought:

Sometimes we get discuraged in this life but to whomever is feeling a little down, 

a little too habitual or over worked, remember this. God loves you SO MUCH that 

He sent His son, His perfect son to die and suffer and go below all things, so He 

could lift us up. And there is no large price, no gigantic sacrifice required. You can 

just start with a prayer and immediately the Atonement of Chrsit can take action to 

bless you, strengthen you and give you life. Dont ever forget His love. It is the 

ONLY reason we have hope, a beautiful hope that makes a anchor to happiness 

and joy. So lift up your heart and rejoice, The Lord has come. (:

I love and miss you all

Hermana Tanuvasa