Monday, November 14, 2016

Im coming Home

My dear sweet family,
Mom, Dad, Keirra, Kanoah, Keanu and Kai,
I am oficially sitting in the mission home packed and ready to go. Today we will have our last supper with President and Hermana Rasmussen and we will eat Ceviche!!!! Tommorrow we have classes and tomorrow night I will be boarding the plane to Lima, and Wednesday morning, Lima to home. 

I cannot describe the feelings I have right now. I feel as if it is a bubbling storm heading my way with many threatening tears that come from a wretched heartbreak. Many showers have already escaped as I said goodbye to my dear Sullana and other members of other areas. After one year and six months, I have come to deeply love the people of the Mission Peru Piura. 
There have been many hardships and afflictions in this wilderness but many a time I feel that I have come to the promised land in the sweet tender moments when the Spirit is near and the infinite love of God is felt. I am a different person because of this love. As Ive seen this love work in the lives of so many different types of people, I have desired to change as well. This love, conntained in the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God is free. Any one can participate and no one is rejected. Christ's sacrifice offers freedom and eternal life, of this I know with all my heart. 
I have been a soul saved from the pits of darkness. I have been able to lift my heart and rejoice as I have participated in the redeeming love of my Father in Heaven through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I know His power is real. I know that through this gospel as we have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to end by constante doing the things necessary to have the Spirit, we will find peace and joy in this life, no matter what happens, and we will be made clean by the blood of our Savior to be able to enter in the kingdom of our Father in Heaven. 
At the end of the day, I am at peace, because I trust that my Savior can sanctify the work that I have done, however terrible and half done and weak it may be. As I bring it to Him, He makes me and this work whole. I am soooo sooooo thrilled to see you my dear and beloved family. I thank every one of you for being there for me in this year and a half. I thank you for your examples of faith and perserverance. I thank you for your love for me. <3 
Hermana Tanuvasa

when i get home I will tell you the  miracles of this week!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Last week in Sullana, Peru

On my way to Piura for my last interview with President Rasmussen

I am excited to see you !!!!!

I am thouroughly freakingout that I come home in one week. The worst is that in order "to not get trunky" I have tried not to think about leaving and I have put off several important things that I need to do before I go but now Im in panic mode because I may not be able to do them before i leave but Im working to stay calm...

But other than that...
The work in Sullana is going well. This week we will have a baptism (: We have several investigators progressing rapidly and are also preparing for baptism. The biggest miracle I saw this week was Katy. So Katy starts with a story way back hahah. When Hna. Arce and I had heard at the meeting that we should love the members so we set goals and went crazy looking for any way that we could to help the members feel our love. On one occasion we were with a member named Chi Chi. After conversing with him and sharing a scripture he began to tell us of a less-active that was super  strong before but had stopped attending about one year earlier. We wrote down his address and went to find him. Knocking the door, we came to know William. Needless to say, William at the beginning was very hard and angry, but we began with teaching about epentance and the love of God and his heart softened. Then we asked for his help. We had met David, who lived around the corner from William but said that we couldn't teach in his home, so we asked William if we could use his home to teach David.  He let us, David, and the Spirit in. After three weeks, this week David will be baptized, William is strong in the church again and will baptize him, and after feeling the Spirit of missionary work, William had invited Katy, another friend to come to church with him. She has come twice and on Sunday we taught her.... more or less. Hahah as we began the lesson, she told us that she felt bad for only going to God in times of need and that this time she desired to truly repent and be baptized to show God her love and faithfulness. She knows the church is true and she hasnt even read the Book of Mormon! But she says that she feels a certain way at church and with the members and she has seen how her life has changed to try and follow their steps. WOW!!! I was in shock! But I saw how the Lord had placed his hand in every part of this story. One change, one reference, one help, and we´ve had one soul rescued and two ready to be baptized, and for sure more to come. Both William and David plan on serving missions (: What a blessing it is to serve here in Sullana. The miracles happen every day. I love Gods plan, His timing, and His perfection. I love His gospel and His Son. 
Am I sad to go home? ya of course, but I think you are right Mom. How wonderful it is to understand the gospel and know that this isn't the end. And that there never will be! These people we love we will have forever. What a tender mercy of the Lord (:
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa