Thursday, December 31, 2015

Moving Forward

So it is true. This week I have been pondering a lot on change. Tuesday I had my first leadership council and well lets just say that the mission Piura, Peru has a lot of work to do. But I'm not discouraged. Rather my desire to change amplified and Hna. Orellana and I are that much more motivated to work harder. I also had my first Branch Council here in the branch Las Begonias. I loved it. This branch is so close to moving to ward level. As we talked about the new goals for this year, one of the things that I loved that they did is they talked to a solution. Sometimes we find ourselves discussing and discussing endlessly to find that we have not come to any  conclusion. I have also started thinking and setting some of my personal goals for the new year. 

One of the things that I found that helped in each one of the councils we had to set goals, in the council of missionary leaders, the branch council and my personal council is that we all started using the words of the prophets as a guide. As we sought for guidance using Preach my Gospel, the red manual, the scriptures and the General Conference talks we were better able to find what things we wanted to improve on. I loved the talk by Sister Stephens as she talked about keeping the commandments by following the words of the living prophets. I have reflected this week often on when she said:

¨Recently, living prophets have counseled us to “remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy,” and to live the law of the fast. Obedience to this prophetic counsel provides a way for us to be obedient to God’s commandment to love Him and our neighbor as we increase our faith in Jesus Christ and extend our hand to love and care for others.¨´

This year is a chance to change to move forward using the beautiful gift of the Atonement that came from the babe whose birth we recently celebrated. This is the time to make a change. 

So as I am working with myself and my companion on changing we are also trying to think of ways to help our investigators have the desire and motivation to change. I would love to hear ideas from you guys on how you do with your goals and what things help you to accomplish them. Thank you for your love and support. I truly can  feel it all the way down here in Paita. I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a happy new year!!!
Hna Tanuvasa

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Here comes the sun!


     So short email this week but I love my new area! Paita is super, super different from the city but it is beautiful and the best past, super breezy. I actually sometimes forget that Im serving a mission in the city of eternal heat. Hahaha but sadly our Christmas has no touch of white, or cold for that matter. Summer has hit full blast, and it's fully noticeable from my tragic missionary tan lines.
     In preparation for Christmas, I have to say it has been beautiful. Monday night we went knocking doors after P-day and we decided to start in Manzana A. We knocked on a few doors and then found this adorable family, Esmeralda, Joel and Joeli Yerena Cruz. They had a huge tv so we asked if we could show the video Ha Nacido Un Salvador, or A Savior is Born. We played it and then asked what they liked. All of them were in awe and ended up relating to us the pains that they have been through and what Christ has meant to them.
    This Sunday the branch asked us to teach the Valiant 9 class for primary and this is what came from the Spirit. In Helaman 14 we find Samuel the Lamanite preaching unto the people to watch and wait five years for the sign of the birth of Christ. To look for the light that would come, with the new star and the day and night and a day with no night. As of Sunday, we only five days until we celebrate the coming of the light that has entered into every one of our lives. So I challenge you, to with me, watch and see the light of Christ that has entered into your life, like that of the Yerena Cruz family. A Savior has been born, and because of that we have a new hope, a new life, a new start. It is something to rejoice over!! 
     I love all of you. Each one of you has brought in a light to my life. And I know that you have been able to do that because you yourself carry the light of Christ. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS!! Why?
because HE WAS BORN FOR US. 
Merry Christmas
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

A Christmas Devotional in Paita, Kayla shared her musical talents

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ha Nacido un Salvador- A Savior is born


So I guess Ill start off with... CONGRATULATING KANOAH!!!! WHOOO!! You guys are going to rock it in Sacramento (: That's fun too that Tai and them are all coming down.  Congratulations Scott and Ginger Knecht !! They will be awesome Missionaries. I still haven't gotten my packages. Yes, the postal service is still on strike. But I have faith that they will get here. haha

So yes I did get transferred. I am now in...... PAITA!!!! WHOOO!!! I'm literally on the beach front 😍 My companion is Hna. Orellana and here in Paita I will be an Sister Leader.   
I cried though thinking of leaving Hna. Spainhower and everyone I love in MiraFlores right before Christmas. But this week was amazing. So Friday we had our Christmas Day in the mission home. We saw all the videos that President is putting up on Facebook if you guys haven't seen them go check them out!! They are super cool and hey I am in one of them! We also watched this amazing movie called Its A Wonderful Life and its a little bit old but wow such an impactful movie. Saturday we had La Noche Blanca and in total in our stake we had 18 baptisms! It was beautiful and Jesus and Jorge were there and they said both felt a wonderful spirit. 
This week I thought a lot of my Savior Jesus Christ. Let me tell you that I have a firm testimony that He lives. I know it because I have felt t. He was born over 2 millennium ago and because a perfect, precious child was born, we are who we are. We have a hope that we will rise again. We can feel joy and happiness in the saddest moments and we can receive strength in our weak moments. Because He was born, the world lies at our feet and we have the promise of having a member of the very Godhead with us. 
This week yes I have missed home, but as I pondered on my Savior, I know that all the bad that could possibly exist in this world, means absolutely nothing. He was born and because He was born, I live joyfully.

I cant wait to talk to you guys. I cant believe how fast it has come. I miss you guys so much and I cant wait to tell you everything about here and hear all about that has happened over there. I hope you guys are still remembering our Savior this Christmas season and that all is going well. Take care lots. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Cuidense bastante,
Hermana Tanuvasa

Na Spainhower

Hna Orellana

Kayla saying goodbye to some people that she loves in Miraflores

Monday, December 7, 2015

God fulfills His promises- Dec 6, 2015


Ok first off we have less than three weeks before we talk for Christmas!! Whoohoo!!!!  So foootball sounds crazy but GO KANOAH!!! hahah ya doesnt quite sound like a normal christmas for you guys but hey the winds are a  changing and i feel like everything in life is getting more rushed now.... 

So i still havent gotten my packages because supposedly the Serpost here is on strike sooooo... beasicallly me and Hna. Spainhower are praying that the Lord will calm their hearts so they will receive our packages ahhahah

Kai is literally the best and I miss him all the time. Our ward mission leaders   grandson is the exact same age and he was born May  14, which is crazy!! I/ve seen a lot here that when I or my investigators learn a lesson, you guys tend to learn the same lessons. Just goes to show that the Lord will teach and help you to grow in whatever circumstances you are in. 

So yesterdday I fasted, and my fast was to develop more self control. More self control in my thoughts, words and deeds. For my thoughts I am trying to talk more about the scriptures with my companion and ponder on the things of eternity. I also take time during the sacrament to track and fill how I am doing. I think in this way we can fill our minds more with Christ. You can do this likewise with problems or stresses. Ill talk about my week to show an example.

So this week has been bad and good. We started off on a good foot, but then Hna. Spainhower got sick and once again we were forced to stop what we were doing. Since about three weeks ago when I first got sick. and then when Rosanna died and then this week. I knew that no one carried "the blame' yet I still felt sad wishing I could be doing more.  I kept listening to the Spirit however and telling myself that if I was working in the way the Lord wanted me to, I would be blessed, but to be honest half of my heart was still down, having a hard time believing it. But I continued studying and praying and working to the full capacity that we could in these moments. And Sunday, everything changed. I was studying in Mosiah 4, where King Limhi is actually admonishing his people for their iniquity and that because of their inquity they had been brought into bondage. The fruits of their unrighteousness, was suffering.... as God has promised. I felt a prompting to look towards the fruits of our work.  On Sunday, Jesus came to church and was laughing and talking with so many members of the JAS. Jorge, our investigator was talking with our ward mission leader and the young men's president about some questions he had from testimony meeting and the lesson. Joel, a twenty year old boy we contacted on the street yesterday actually came to church, without any lesson and then asked if he could come to the Christmas Devotional that night. My companion later talked to our investigator on the phone about his daughter who was sick and why he couldn't come without any help from me. As I saw the fruits of our works,  with such wonderful people starting to change their lives, and us having the privilege to teach such prepared people, I knew that the Lords promise had been fulfilled.  "Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall propser in the land." The promise is clear and true. We can know that in any situation if we are staying true to the Lord and true to the covenants that we have made, He will bless us. Period! So when in the midst of trial, when we often think who could possibly help or what should I do, God should be our first thought. Often we think to trust in the arm of man but as Sister Marriot said from this past conferene, 

¨I have struggled to banish the mortal desire to have things my way, eventually realizing that my way is oh so lacking, limited, and inferior to the way of Jesus Christ. “His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.”
I testify with her that when we trust in Him and reflect on Him in every moment, he gives us the peace and solace that we lack. He knows our hearts and will bless us according to that which is expedient unto Him

Elder Godoy was awesome!!! He is such a cool guy and it was so fun to talk to him and his wife. The conference we had with him was awesome as well and I gained so may insights for myself and for my investigators. His conversion story is really, really cool and if you can find it somewhere I think you would love it. 

Our area is so awesome. Right now we have about 8 investigators progressing and others that we are working with. We only have two recent converts and one of them is less active. I understand pretty much everything now in Spanish. I speak and can understand with almost little problems. Every once in a while Ill trip over some new words but otherwise the gift of tongues is so real. I dont rememeber learning words and yet I understand and use them with no problem. I know that if you truly do want to develop a gift of God, if you pray with faith the Lord will bless you. Me and Spainhower do talk english although in the streets we try to just do spanish. I can't wait for Christmas either to tell you so much more(: 

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season. God truly lives and loves us and will bless us if we do what he asks. Christ is my Savior and I put my trust in Him. 
I love you all and miss you soo much!!!
Cuidense y muchos abrazos y besitos!!
Hermana Tanuvasa

P-day lunch with the 4 girls

Christmas Caroling with Kaylas mission district

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Because of HIM

Andres drew this picture of Kayla

So this has been yet another crazy week. First of all, I love my companion. Were it not for Hna. Spainhower, I couldn't have been able to make it through this week. She means the world to me and I will cry when we are split up. Luckily we live close so after the mission we will be together often. Also, there are some amazing members here in Peru, and some I don't even know, but they help us with the work and our investigators can feel their love. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, please never underestimate your importance and the good that you can do. Wednesday, we were in the middle of a lesson and something kept telling me to leave, I didn't know what it was, as the lesson was going great, but we cut it short and walked outside and Jesus, our recent convert called to tell us that his sister, Rosanna had just passed away. She was 45 and had ovarian cancer, and three children, two of which are our investigators, Michael, 22, Roxanna, 19, and Andrea, who only is 8 years old. 
Wow, when that news hit, we just cried, and cried and cried. I sat there in tears because I knew that I had absolutely no idea what to do for these people. We went that night to Jesus and he cried as he told us how much he missed here. Its been a while since Ive had my heart ripped out so hard. The next day we visited the kids and Friday morning we attended the funeral service. These nights I cried on my knees begging the Lord for some kind of answer or help. How precious this family is to us, and how much they are suffering. I can honestly saw that they are the first family that I really love and feel like I am part of their family, and to watch them suffer was something all together hard to bear. But prayer has kept me stable and the family moving forward. We are doing all that we can, staying by their sides, helping clean and prepare food and really just trying to bring in some of the light that we carry. And guess what? The Lord has immensely blessed us. 
So in our zone we are working to have a Noche Blanca  on the 12 of December which is basically that every companionship is working to have at least two baptisms and each ward is working for one family baptism. We had thought about moving Jesus´s baptism to the 12, but we felt strongly to make it as quickly as we possibly could. Now in this time of suffering, Jesus feels the comfort and is sharing his knowledge about the plan of salvation with his family. I know this is because of his faith and the gift of the Spirit that he has. 
The Lord has also blessed me with a companion that loves to laugh and that can easily make any person laugh, no matter what age or level of understanding of her Spanish. Just Saturday night, we sat with Michael, Roxanna, Jesus, and Andres (Jesus´s brother) and just laughed about the silliest things. Mom, Dad, Keirra and boys, I miss you guys so immensely because that's what we used to do. But thankfully because we had that joy in our family, we were able to share a little bit of it with the Perez family. 
This week was one of such intense sadness and yet one of such bright joy. I love the opportunity that God has given me to be here and be apart of this. But I testify that the only reason I was able to feel joy in a time of such sadness was because of the sure knowledge that I have that my Savior, Jesus Christ lives. That he resurrected on the third day and that because of Him, we too will live again. What a beauty it was to testify of that to this family. I know it is true with all my heart. What a blessing to see that miracles he creates in this time of Christmas. 
I love you all and I know that I will see you all again, not only after the mission, but after this life and I give thanks to my God for sending His only begotten to be born so many years ago for us. I encourage you to take a look at the video "A Savior is Born". He was born for you and me so go find out why. He is the true source of all happiness. I know He lives!!!!
Love and miss you all and I hope all is well at home (=
Hermana Tanuvasa

Andres and Jesus, Jesus was baptized recently

Hna Garcia from the CCM

Thanksgiving in Peru


Monday, November 23, 2015

Enfoque en JesuCristo- Focus on Jesus Christ

Aw I miss you guys tons but yes I am sooooo thrilled for Christmas!! ONE MONTH!!!! Ive tried not to keep count my whole mission but we are in the last month before I get to talk to you and i think its ok now ahahha thanks mom I'm super excited for the packages and I cant wait!!! Im pretty much in dying need of a lot of it ahha. NO WAY that Kanoah is gonna play Chino Hills!!!  Hahah Ill be cheering for Kanoah over here being sad that Im missing the season. btw also realized I'm going to miss most of next season too if not all. SO JEALOUS you guys are going to the beach. Its starting to get hotter and more humid over here. Basically I will never complain about heat again after the mission. 

So this week was a little crazy. I had intercambios with Hna.Vasquez and went to Tacala for a day and a half and wow basically every other area is dirt except ours because we are in the city. After I leave Miraflores I will be in a different world. Then Thursday Hna. Spainhower had to go to Lima to get her visa and the temp. companion i had got sick so we were inside most of the time. However Friday was a great day and we met this amazing new investigator named Jorge! Supposedly we contacted him one time and invited him to the web page and he entered in and talked with a missionary online. Then the Elders of our district contacted him again and he said he wanted them to visit him so they passed along the reference to us. As we met with him for the first time he was just dying to know the truth and he said he prays that God will let him find it, despite his age (he is only 52) ahha. Before I came on the mission I prayed a lot to find the people that were prepared to receive the gospel and God is truly leading me to them. I am amazed to see how much God is blessing me here in Piura. 
So basically mom you hit it right on the head. Many times in the mission, I feel like Im not good enough, like Im not working hard enough or being exactly obedient as I could be and sometimes that really sucks. I want to be the best I can and find all the people and talk with all the member and contact everyone on the street, but it's literally impossible!! or at least it is.. alone. This week I realized a little more about the Atonement. The Atonement doesn't just wipe away our sins. it fills in every hole that we missed, every doctrine we forgot to teach, every almost in made complete. Funny how this a lesson I think all of us learn each day, each study, each year, how to better apply the Atonement. Yet as I read in Moroni 7 there is a promise. 
in verses 29n and 30 it says

 29 And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men.

 30 For behold, they are subject unto him, to minister according to the word of his command, showing themselves unto them of strong faith and a firm mind in every form of godliness.

I think we all understand strong faith but having a firm mind in every form of godliness was something new to ponder. Hna. Spainhower helped me to see that it means focusing on Christ. Not worrying about if we are worthy enough or the best missionary or if we have the best numbers, Its about focusing on the children of God that we are teaching, the souls we are helping along in the path, whether it be investigators, recent converts, members, our companions or ourselves. its about focusing on Christ and loving as he did. Its about remembering a little child who came into this world because he loved us. Its so simple, and yet its so beautiful. This is my new goal until Christmas, to focus a little more on Christ and keep my mind firm in every form of godliness. I hope you can all take time to think of Christ a little bit more this week and remember what he did for you just because he loves you. I love you all and I pray for you everyday. 
Cuidense mucho y les amo tanto
Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, November 16, 2015

So this monkey stole my tag....

Jesus was baptized this week!!!

So this week has been soooo fun!! Tuesday, Hna. Spainhower screamed on a bus because well lets just say Peruvian driving is really fun lol. We first died of laughter. Thursday morning I got sick. First time though, here so I think I hold the record for the longest holding gringa in the mish! Saturday, Hna. Spainhower got sick. So then we both died of sickness. And this week, Jesus had his baptismal interview and then his baptism and confirmation. So there we died of happiness. This week I died several times, but I witnessed the rebirth of a new life in someone else. And that caused a rebirth of my conversion within me.  This week I saw a rebirth of my faith. Boy do I always seem to learn so much about faith on the mission. One of my favorite scriptures that I pondered this week is in 
2 Nephi 21:5  
"And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, andfaithfulness the girdle of his reins."
I was pondering what it means to have faithfulness as the girdle of our reins and how we can even do that. Because a girdle of our loins protects our vital organs, so righteousness protects our vital soul necessary for eternal life.But as I pondered faithfulness as the girdle of our reins I realized it was the faith that guides our actions and every thing we do, in our thoughts words and actions. This scripture in 2 Nephi is actually describing Jesus Christ and he was always filled with faith. We see that in his words in 
Mark 10:27
27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, 
With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things arepossible

Often times I know I lack so much faith, but time and time again the Lord has taken the tiny amount of faith I've had and put it to work with his so that miracles occur, but it requires my amount of faith and constant repentance. Why constant repentance? Because my girdle of righteousness often has holes and tears because it is not perfect, but through the Atonement of Christ, when I repent and put my faith in Christ, he repairs my girdle of my loins and makes firm the reins in my hands. Christ is my Savior and my all and because of Him, I was able to witness a miracle and a new life begin this week. Alleuia!! Oh praise Him!!! ALLELUIA!!!
I love and miss you all and I give gratitude to my Savior as we approach this day of thanks for us Northern Americans. God be with you all and Cuidense!!!
Hermana Tanuvasa

We Love Sister Rasmussen!!!!!

Jesus, Hermano Marcos (ward mission leader) Hermana Spainhower and Kayla

Kayla named this monkey Abu because he tried to steal her mission tag!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

We live after the manner of Happiness

So I am doing fabulous. Let me say that I love my companion, I love my area, I love my district, and I love the mission. I finally feel like Piura is more like my home. I am coming to truly love the mission field. The work is going great. This Saturday (officially) Jesus will be getting baptized. He is finally ready and has accepted to give all to the Lord. I am thrilled that he will be the first baptism I will have the privilege of seeing in the mission. (Yes, Kara you still are the first in life lol) We have other inverstigators that are progressing and our lessons are filled with the spirit. We are working hard with Cristian, who is a recent convert who has basically gone inactive as he hasnt been to church in about 2 months, but this Sunday he finally came!! Liz and Christofer, the less actives that we rent from are so kind and teaching them is so fun. You can truly see the testimonies they both have that only need a little bit of help re-kindling. Our ward is kind of struggling in friendshipping, and our priesthood is lacking big time. We are working hard to try and help the members, but old habits die hard. Our district has great goals for the upcoming months and as a zone we have the goal of Un Noche Blanca where we are striving for two baptisms each companionship and one family baptism each ward. Goals truly do help us to put our mind in focus on our purpose. Yeasterday night as we went to go teach Jesus, I turned to Hno. Marcos who is our Ward Mission Leader, who is about 70 years old and the cutest happy man you've just about seen, that we should sing an opening hymn for Jesus. Well, Hno. Marcos is not very great at hearing and thought I said we should start singing right then! Lol so for the fifteen minute walk we took through the park and up the busy streets we sang hymns like The Lord is My Light, Count Your Many Blessings, A Childs Prayer, and many others. Yes, EVERYONE looked at us weirdly, and yes I dont have those songs memorized in spanish so they were in Spanglish, and yes I almost tripped on a rock and died because I wasnt looking where I was walking. But that was one of the most happiest nights I've had here. In this life, we will have MANY difficult moments and many times we may feel the ache to cry, "But why me,Lord?" but I can tell you right now that we can be happy. We can find the happy moments to laugh and sing and just smile, and people will feel the difference and want to follow it. Many times, Hna. Spainhower and Hna. Echegaray and I have knocked a door, just finishing laughing about something and people feel the happiness and smile as they see us. They then are always more inclined to listen to what we have to say. Working to find the ways to be happy is what will truly give us the happiness that God has in store. So find a way to be happy this week, even if everything seems a little rough or your patience is running thin. God will bless you with it because "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have JOY." 
Love you all and cuidense mucho, 
Hermana Tanuvasa

In the Mission home enjpying Sis Rasmussens famous cookies :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I love Peru!

So this week we finally moved!!!! WHO-HOO!! Thank heavens that that whole sha-bang is officially over. Our room is super big and really cute. We decorated and we are determined to keep it as close to new as possible. This week Jesus was not baptized. His work has conveniently increased and we are finding it hard to find time to teach him. And of course he cant let us know if he is free until super late and we've planned other lessons. We are hoping though that we find sufficient time to teach him and he can be baptized either this week or the next. He reallly really wants to and we know that it will just bless his life like crazy. But we will keep praying and once again (as always) I am learning of the timing of the Lord. In the Liahona I found one of the things I read is that after Adam and Eve had left the garden they were commanded to offer sacrifices unto the Lord. But it says that (after many days, an angel visited them). It was after that they were doing the things that the Lord had commanded, and after some time that the Lord sent an angel to speak to them. We as humans, with our own agency have to do many good things of our own free will , and when God see's that it is good, in his time and in his way, he will give that which is expedient or necessary for our good. 
I am starting to really love it here in Peru. The other day I was walking and I heard the usual basic Peruvian music which is blasted everywhere with the same beat and same instruments in every song, and guess what? .... I actually liked it! Hahah its funny how everyone told me it would take about this long and I refused to believe it, but its true. The mission is hard, but it is so beautiful. I love these people and I love this work. I am eternally grateful to serve my Father in Heaven who has blessed me in sooo many ways and I know that he is caring for each and every one of his children, some of whom I pray and think about everyday. I hope all is well with everyone and that the Lord blesses you according to your needs. 
Cuidense mucho y te amo a cada uno de ustedes 
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

God is a god of Miracles!

Hello family!!!!

This week was amazing!!!  So Tuesday we found two new investigators and they are really cool, so as we hopefully see more progress in them I will let you know more. Wednesday morning was kinda crazy but in the afternoon all of our appointments fell through. Hna Spainhower told me we should visit Hna. Milagros, a lady in our ward who has helped us soooo much in trying to find a new apartment. So i havent told you guys a ton about that but basically for the last two months we have been diligently searching for an apartment and it has been SOOO HARD! Because we live in the city its hard to find apartments that don't have boys living on the same floor, or a shared bathroom, or an unattached roof, or isnt 4 billion soles $$$$ lolol and every single time we have come close to finding one, something has ALWAYS gone wrong. It's moved me several times to tears as I get frustrated wondering why we cant find one. I tried so hard praying a ton for the Lord to give me faith and to bless us with a room. This has been such a struggle as it has interrupted much of our proselyting time. Well we had to move out by the end of this month and so we were starting to get worried. So Hna. Spainhower and I go to Hna. Milagros house to talk and see if she knows anywhere else. At first she says no, but after some time helping them with her house, she remembers that she wrote down a number. So we called the number and we found out that it was its not too far and so we visit it. Firstof all, its all girls, second its on the second floor, its also big and its cheap!! Then the lady who owns, who was showing it to us, starts crying! I ask her whats wrong and she tells us that she is a member but that her and her husband are not active. She also says that they had been praying for good people to move in to bless their two children, one of which is special. She then says she never imagined that it would be the missionaries that would move in. I cried as I realized how much the Lord had blessed us. He required my patience to try my faith. And from then, he produced a miracle. I know the Lord lives and that he knows the situations of every single one of his children. We have also been praying for less actives to teach as we dont have any. Im sure that the Lord often laughs at my silly impatience and doubt, because he knows everything and has it all figured out. This week, I saw His hand and I know he is watching over us. Little old Piura is truly being watched over. 
I love and miss you all and Im really grateful to have heard from you guys =)
Dont forget God!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I saw my first Llama in the park this week

So I'm glad to hear things are good. I miss hearing from Kanoah and Keirra in emails though. Keirra I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. As i think about you i know that the Lord can put you in many places and you will thrive and become as the Lord sees you can become. Kanoah you are making me so proud and every time I show people your picture, tell them you are only 15 and how big you are everyone freaks out. But I love being able to say that you are blessing other peoples lives at home and worthily using your priesthood. You have no idea how much that will bless you when you come on a mission. bless you babe. Keanu keep doing your rockstar stuff and remember that the Lord is preparing you for great things. Keep going strong and never stop smiling. love you monkey. KAI!! Read this letter and give hugs to everyone in the family for me ok? LOVE YOU. Dad I hope all is well with work. You have taught me how to work hard but don't forget that the Lord is always with you. I know that because each day i pray for that and I know that the Lord answers my prayers. Mom I have forgotten to tell you but I thought of you when I heard the talk that said that when you cant do as much as you used to, you do only the things that are necessary. As you have more time free in your life, don't forget that your light and love can bless so many others. This life is about trying to become like Jesus Christ so that we can live with Him and our Heavenly Father one day, but in reality we don't want to be alone in heaven with them. And we cant. the only way to reach to be like Christ is to help others become like Him as well. I know you can do this because that is what you have done for each of us as kids. Now you have more time to bless the rest of Heavenly Fathers children :) 
Also good luck Keirra I will be praying for you this week!!! So one favor before I begin this week, would you mind sending me more information about our family history. Ill send a pic of the list of photos and info I need thanks!! Also how is Papa in Hawaii?
Also tell Sister Lupe Alhman that i love and miss her and her cute smile so much and that I'm very grateful for the letter she sent me :)

So this week has been wonderful. Especially I loved P-day today as we went it Canchaque as a zone! That's where all these fun photos are from that i will send :)
This week we had our Multi Zone meeting and in reality I received a lot of revelation for how to better myself personally and as a missionary and companion. Basically I am very grateful for the Spirit!! One of things that I loved that President talked about is that there are literal angels that support and lift us and prepare our investigators to receive the gospel. Once again I saw that this week with Hno. Jesus. This week we brought along Estefani, a girl in our ward to accompany us and just chatting before hand he told us of a project he was working on to help junior high kids paint a mural to give them a purpose or drive to finish high school and not fall into drugs or get pregnant. As he told us this I explained that Estefani was also working with youth to help give them a purpose and protection as she taught early morning seminary. As she explained the program and what it  "did" and he said he would love to offer his "small" talents for free if at any time she needed it!! WHAT???? Then as we taught the lesson on the Atonement I was amazed to watch my companion bear strong testimony of the Atonement in her simple Spanish that it actually moved Jesus to tears. The power of Spirit was strong in that lesson and lives within Jesus. He has his baptismal date set for the 31 of October, yes Halloween lol, and I really know that this is what he has been prepared for. The Lord has guided his life and he has listened to the spirit to come to where he is now. I know that God cares for each one of his children and that each one of us will receive that which will most help us become like our brother Jesus Christ. I hope all of you can come to see that, although I know personally that this is veeeerrry difficult to do. But I testify of the truthfulness of it and I invite every one who can read this to find out for themselves how much God really loves you. Bless you all, family, friends, and people who truly have blessed my life. 
Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, October 12, 2015

Trust in the Lord and His timing

Hello family!!!!
      That is so cool that you got in touch with Hermana Spainhower's mom. She is literally and angel and I love her. God has truly blessed me with a great companion. (: 
     Btw I got your package. Thank you soooo sooo sooo much Mom!!! and Keanu and Dad i loved your letters (: Plus the beach towel has made our room ten times cuter!! 
     So this week has been hectic and exahusting. We are looking for a new room still and this week we put alot of effort towards that will literally no luck. We are praying like crazy to find a new one. 
     Our investigator Jesus is soooo good. Guys before the mission I prayed a lot that God would help me find those who are prepared for the gospel and Jesus is most definitely one of them. I told you guys that he's a painter and the other day as we taught him about the Book of Mormon he told us that he had painted as a kid the pictures of Nephi crossing the sea and all that but had no idea what it was!! How crazy is that!!! He wants to know so badly the truth and he really is working so hard to do so. 
     This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon again and I have seen over these past months so many beautiful things. This week as I finished in the book of Moroni, we see how drastically sad the circumstances are. I then realized that it all starts in one place... In our thoughts. This week I Ponderized Mosiah 4:30 and he states that we should watch ourselves in our thoughts, words and deeds to observe the commandments of God and continue in the faith of Christ, or else we will perish. This is exactly what happened with the Lamanites and Nephites. As their thoughts became focused on their afflictions and the things of the world they lost sight of the one person who gave them all, Jesus Christ. This week was difficult to see that we werent able to find a new place to live and ncontinue to hope  that everything would be ok. Many times I just wanted to scream out WHY? but i realized that the Lord desires that I put my trust in Him and have the faith sufficient to produce a miracle. I know we will find a room, but it will be in His time and in His way. I know that many of our investigators will be baptized but likewise it will be in his timing and his way. I love that I have come to learn so much from my study of the Book of Mormon and I can't wait to start reading it again. Truly the Lord cares for little old me in little old Piura.
      So my challenge is if you guys will start with me again this week the Book of Mormon. I would love to hear your insights from daily or weekly study. I hope to soon receive an Ensign Magazine with the conference messages, so that I can also study the conference talks along with my study of the Book of Mormon. I hope you guys can join me. I love you so much and I hope all is well. i pray for you guys everyday and hope that you are staying close to the Lord. Christ is coming soon and we need to prepare ourselves. I know Jesus Christ lives and will help us through anything. I LOVE YOU GUYS TONS!!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Know that my Savior lives!!!!

Kayla's district in Miraflores on P-day about to have a water balloon fight :)
Missionaries can have fun too!

Hermana Spainhower and I being Happy !!!

One of the bridges in my area that blows with the wind LOL

Hello family!!!!
     I love and miss you all!!! i thought of each of you during a specific talk and i was going to write you which but i left my conference notebook in my room so that will have to be next week lol. I loved Elder Renlunds talk though and I really liked how he said  “To effectively serve in the church we must see them through a parents eyes” So mom i thought of you a lot. With first the video in the women's conference and i thought of how you always saw me and loved me despite my weaknesses and even when others didn't notice me. I also cried during Elder Hollands talk because i thought of you the whole time. You love mom with your whole heart and i understand better my Heavenly Fathers love because i have been loved and feel love from you each day. 

     Not much happened this week except for conference so i wish to bear my testimony as i had the opportunity to do so several times as we invited our investigators to come see the conference. 

     I know that the priesthood power that comes from God above works and is here on the earth today. I know that the Lord calls the prophets and apostles that lead and guide this church and that President Thomas S. Monson holds the same keys that Christ once held when he was on this earth. I know that they speak the word of God for us today and if we heed their counsel we will find peace and happiness in this world and our eternal life and salvation in the world to come. I know that the Spirit of God is real and that it testifies of truth. I know that if we read the Book of Mormon each day we will receive the spiritual protection that is vital for these last days.  I know that my Savior lives and that he is at the helm of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know he is my older brother, friend, Savior and Redeemer and he is all of ours. 
     I plead that each one of us can not just be satisfied with what we have heard this conference but read and study each of these talks throughout our daily lives and work to set goals. In this the Lord will bless us and we will progress to become more like our Heavenly Father each day. 
     We are here in this life to be happy so do so! I am so happy here because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love and miss each and every one of you. But as i see the miracles here in Piura I know that God is watching over and protecting each of you.

Love and miss you all!!
Hermana Tanuvasa

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pay attention to the words of the Prophets

Hello family (:  
     I miss and love you all tons and especially this week with Hna. Spainhower as she updates me on some of the things in the states and I've talked a lot about you guys. It's been crazy this week but i love it. Hna Spainhower is a true angel that God knew i needed.  I literally can't believe that we will sustain 3 new apostles at Conference and im so sad Elder Scott died. I had been looking forward to hearing him because we didn't hear from him the last conference either. ): but I'm looking forward to see the new apostles and see the true keys of the priesthood still active and living in this day and age.  I've been thinking a lot about Aunt Shelly, Brianna and Mark lately and I am hoping that you guys are working hard to bring them closer to Christ. if anyone in our family right now needs Him, its them. 
     This week has been crazy. So Monday was just tiring and then Tuesday we were knocking doors in the morning and then in the night we went to the chapel to help the new missionaries knock doors. It felt like torture for me and Hermana Apena because we were getting to know the 5 new hermanas without knowing who would be our companion! Well I left with Hermana Thomas, a member in our ward and Hermana Spainhower!! I loved her enthusiasm and although she knew hardly any spanish she was so willing to try. The goal for the newbies was to enter into a home and to give away a Book of Mormon. I was praying that we would have the opportunity to enter into at least one home, and the last door we knocked, WE DID!! Plus the experience was sooooo cool because the lady and her son that we taught were so ready. Hna. Spainhower even bore her testimony without being asked or anything!! I really was praying that she would be my companion even thought it seemed almost too good of a dream. So the next morning we got to the chapel to have President Rassmussen talk to us. Something that he told us was that we were chosen to be trainers because we could do two things, 1) Be Exactly Obedient and 2) Because we could be kind.
The whole time i was just getting more and more antsy realizing the pressure that really had come from being a trainer. I was the only missionary in the 30 trainers that just finished their own training. AHHH! Finally the newbies got there and President Rasmussen put the trainers on one side and the newbies on the other. I got so antsy and excited but finally he called my name with Hermana Spainhower!! I was on cloud 9 and grinning from one ear to the other. Im not sure what i did to deserve such a wonderful companion but Hna. Spainhower is the best. Her testimony is so strong and she has so much love for these people already. She is thrilled to learn spanish and determined to do it. She reminds me a lot of Keirra actually but I love it. (: 
     We got to work on Thursday Friday and Saturday and this week has been  little rough because almost all of our appointments fell through but we found SO many new contacts. a few lot of crazies... lol but its been so good. I love the fact that Hna. Spanihower is so open and willing to do anything. She is giving me some of the MTC energy that I had lost. Saturday we saw the women's conference and yes in english and it was beautiful!! I did love Elder Uchtdorf's talk and i received a lot of insights and revelation. 
     Hermano Freddy did come to church and he really is desiring to learn. We didn't have the time to teach him this week but we plan on teaching him tomorrow. Hermano Jesus also came but as soon as he got there he got called away to work and so he wrote us a small note apologizing and saying that he really wanted to make it up to God. WOW!! There are so many people and members that don't have that perspective let alone a new investigator who has only had one lesson. I cannot wait to see them in white. This week has been fun with lots of laughs and lots of blessings. I hope that I can be what the Lords wants me to be and that this upcoming conference will guide me to receive the answers i am looking for as a trainer, missionary, daughter, and servant of the Lord. 
     I hope all is well and miss and love you guys so much. Take care of yourselves and please pay attention to the words of the prophets I have such a strong testimony of them. INVITE EVERYONE TO CONFERENCE you never know who will be touched one day by their words. 
Love love love love you, Hermana Tanuvasa

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kayla will be a Trainer

  After 2 1/2 months in the mission field Kayla will be training a 
new sister missionary :)

Hello family!!!
      I didn't know what to put as the title for this week lolo because its basically been like that.... AHHHHHH
       So it started on Wednesday, we were teaching Fabiola who will soon complete her one year as member and is a single mom with two young kids. The father of her children recently told her that he will not be sending her money anymore and she doesn't know how she is going to pay for everything. She told us that she wasn't going to pay her tithing this month so we totally changed our lesson to talk about tithing. Well we did... we talked and talked, but it wasn't until i heard dad's words from a past email that talked about the power of the scriptures that i opened up to 2 Nephi 22:2, a scripture i have come to love on the mission. As she read, she broke down crying and said she would pay her tithing, and trust in God. I am sure of the power of the scriptures and that the contain the words of God. We can talk, but when we use scriptures, they can change lives. Later that night we met Flor knocking doors who basically did everything for us as she asked us to teach her and then gave us a referral even before we asked!!! We are truly finding those prepared for the gospel.
      Thursday we had interviews with President Rasmussen and something that he told me was that my next transfer would teach me how to trust in the Lord more. Well when i heard this i thought for sure I was going to get a hard companion or be moved to a difficult area.... Well thats what i heard until we got the news on Saturday. BUT we are still on Thursday! So we finished interviews and then went to teach Hermano Freddy and Hno Marcos Espinoza, our ward missionary leader, accompanied us. It was a great lesson and afterwards, Freddy's brother, Jesus who is 35 years old sat down and thanked us for teaching his brother and giving him hope again We then told him we would return Saturday to teach Freddy and Jesus. 
       So we arrive to Saturday. Saturday's are always difficult because I'm Super tired.. and yet somehow after Sunday and Monday i magically have energy for the week again lol. Well we had a District Meeting in the morning and then after lunch we taught Hermano Freddy. Hermano Marcos accompanied us again and the lesson was really good!! Afterwards Freddy wanted to sing to us and he pulled out his guitar and sang this super pretty Spanish song that i had a hard time understanding. But it was great! lol. As we listened to Freddy, we saw that Jesus was there. So we talked and then had the lesson with him. WOW!! We taught the first lesson and he was soooo receptive and understood so much! He told us very firmly that he would pray THAT night because he really wanted to know if this church was the Lords. He told us of some of the experiences he had had with other churches and that he didn't feel fright. We set a baptism date for October 17 and he was so firm in his yes!!! I left smiling from one end of the world to the other. Hermano Freddy and Jesus have been well prepared by God to receive the joy and happiness that He has in store for them. Afterwards we decided to meet as a district to receive the changes. We sat waiting and i was sooooo anxious to find out. Well Hermana Echegaray is going to Talara, basically full desert lolol. Hermana Vasquez is leaving for Tacala, Hna. Garcia will be with Hna. Ruiz....... and I WILL BE A TRAINER!!!!!! AHHHHHH!! I am still in shock :o lol. Hna. Echegaray left this morning for Talara and right now i am with Hna. Apeña until we meet our new companions on Wednesday! Uh its kinda killing me that i have to wait three days after everyone else but i laughed because i had to wait three weeks to find out where i was going for the mission! lol Three is my lucky number. So i guess i will be learning to trust more in God because i still don't know ALOT of Spanish but my companion wont know anything lolol. 
      Finally we had Sunday and guess what!! Hermano Freddy and Jesus attended church and stayed for the whole three hours!!! They were a little late so they missed the sacrament but next week for sure they will be on time!! You guys have no idea how hard it is to get people to attend church here so basically I'm on Cloud 9 right now. This week has been soooo crazy and it will only get crazier ahahaha but our investigators are progressing and i cant wait until the day they are dressed in white. God truly does care for his children ad loves each and every one of us. 
       I miss each and every one of you ad I'm glad to hear all is well.

(these are in answer to Kayla's families questions and news)

Thanks for sending the package mom :)
My favorite missionary scripture is ALMA 36:24
     Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance; that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.
       I feel like this is why i came on a mission :)
(Kanoah got his drivers permit) WHAT KANOAH CANT BE THAT OLD!!! 
Uh how crazy is that lolol
I'm glad you guys are feeling love from the ward, honestly its what we need more of here in Piura. 
( Did you feel any after shocks from the 8.3 Chilean earthquake) 
No we haven't felt anything but we did hear of it. But here everyones like oh ay that happens all the time lol guess we will have to see. 
I AM SO PUMPED FOR CONFERENCE!!  I heard that we get to watch it in english!!! woooooo
I love and miss you tons family and I love you mom. Take care of yourselves and don't forget how much I miss you guys
Love hermana Tanuvasa