Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First email- She arrived safely in Peru YAY!

Hello familia! I miss you guys and so much has happened already. We made it to the MTC or the CCM by 2:30a.m. and then rolled into bed by three. We did get to sleep in, and now we are getting all of our registration things done. Ok funny experience really fast, so on the flight to Atlanta, I sat next to a guy who only spoke spanish but I was too scared to talk to him. So what does Heavenly Father do? The next flight to Peru I sat next to another only Spanish speaking woman. Then when we had to fill out our immigration cards, something was wrong with her arm so I was able to help her fill hers out. She was so cute and then she followed me all the way to the customs check. Also I love all of my girls (the other sisters I have met), they are so sweet and the boys are pretty chill too. Its very muggy here, but it looks just like Ecuador so last night I was all giddy because  it was like a throw back to all I remember. I´ve  become like the mom here, handing out food and making sure we have everyone in the company. Anyways I´m rattling but I love it here and I´ve got my name tag and everything!! I AM AN OFFICIAL MISSIONARY. I love and miss you guys so much already. Oh and send me all your guys email like keirra, kanoah and keanu.

Hermana Tanuvasa

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