Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kayla is on her way to Peru!!!!

Our "Family" got up and headed to the LAX at 5 am this morning, Tuesday May 19, 2015 to take Kayla to catch her Delta flight to Georgia. She will land in Georgia at 4:30pm and then leave for Lima, Peru at 6:00 pm. We got Kayla checked in and checked her 2 bags, each 50 pounds. Then we went to Denny's on Century Blvd in Los Angeles for breakfast. We laughed and ate for an hour and then left back to the airport. Shawn, Kayla and I walked holding hands to the security check. We found a small corner where we took some pictures together before the waterworks began. The security guard who was so kind to let us stay there for a few minutes encouraged us to say our good byes and head back downstairs, thats when tears began to flow. Kayla is a gift to us and to all who know her and she will be a gift in Piura, Peru. It was hard to let go of her knowing that it will be a long time until I can hold her again, but I know that she will be in the Lords hands and that He will watch over her and care for her as he always does. Kayla will be a great missionary and I will be like other moms who anxiously wait for that Monday email to hear from my precious daughter who will be away for a time.

This is the picture that broke my heart when I got home, the final goodbye, for awhile. Good bye friends and family for 18 months. I leave you all behind as I go to serve my God and his children in Peru. We love you Kayla!!! We will Miss you!!! We will look forward to hearing from you!!!

This is the blog that Kayla created where will will post emails that we will share with friends and family so stay tuned…. :)


  1. Is there a mailing address or email for Kayla?

  2. Her MTC Mailing address is:
    Sister Kayla Tanuvasa
    Peru Piura Mission
    Peru Training Center
    Centro de Capacitacion Misional
    Av, Melgarejo 159, La Molina
    Lima 12

  3. So so sweet! Yes, I'm only catching up now these and this one had me crying! 😭 Love you Sis. Tanuvasa! It's been 5 years since we've seen you and your family in California and you are all grown up!!! 😘😘 Be safe. How blessed the people of Peru will be to have you there.