Thursday, June 4, 2015

I am the Lord's investigator

So sooooo much has happened this week!!
First after I emailed you guys on Wednesday i had an amazing talk with my companion Hermana Howell, she told me how when we all met that first night on the plane she really wanted to be my companion and she got her wish! She is really quiet and not very confident but we´ve been working together to get her to be louder and talk more in our lessons and also for her to help me to be quieter., In Peru everyone like whispers spanish here. and of course you guys know i am totally deaf so i can´t hear much of what they say so im constantly saying "repita?" lol. This week a lot of the North American missionaries got sick but luckly i was not one of them! I think it was just a funny bug.
Friday we were reading in 2 nephi 32 and Hermana Luna, my teacher asked us before reading to write down one thing that we had a question about in our hearts. I wrote down # how can i be the best servant i can be while on my mission?" then right in the beginning of the chapter, it says why do you worry about what you should do once you have entered in by the way? Dont you remmeber that after you have received the holy ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? Hermana Luna compared the way with the mission and i realized that i shouldnt worry about hte specifics of what i should do but trust in the spirit and testify. Later after we had done an activitiy iin class, Elder Wilde (who reminds me SO MUCH of Kanoah lol you can imagine that, but he is actually alot like kanoah in that he is very sensitive and spiritual) he asked everyone one thing they learned from today and everyone shared amazing things. I told them that i had felt the spirit when they testified and that was the most important thing they needed when teaching an investigator. Elder Wilde actually got choked up and i saw it touched a few other people. Im really grateful for the strong testimonies that we have in our district.
Also my personal study has been getting better. Since ive realized that i should not just study for my investigator but for me! I am the Lords investigator and there is always something that i can learn and improve upon to receive greater light and blessings. I also played soccer on Saturday! Keirra, you should be proud of me, I make great passes and i shot a couple goals! WHOO! although i think sometimes i am too eager to get the ball because we arent allowed to have contact with anyone for safety issues but i always end up smashing into someone... Lol.
Sunday was awesome also and i came up with alot of great "OPEN YOUR MOUTH" scriptures. You guys should try that sometime, for any topic really, just start looking for scriptures that have to do with a certain topic and write them down in a little notebook. You'll thank yourself later!
Monday was rough lol because for some reason my alarm clock died in the middle of the night so we woke up late! but luckily we woke up at 7, giving us 15 minutes to get ready. Then in soccer i got a soccer ball nailed to my ear BUT DONT WORRY MOM IM FINE NO CONCUSSION BRUISE OR ANYTHING!
But yesterday was the Best!! We taught our fake investigator/teacher Karin in the morning and we nailed it! We made the allotted time and finished our whole lesson and spoke pretty good spanish! I felt sooo pumped after that! Then we taught Yadira at night and nailed it again! We got her to commit to baptism and although it wasnt "real" I felt the spirit so strong and its helped a lot. Also the new latino missionaries came in last night and i was able to hold tons of conversations with them going full speed spanish and i hardly had to ask any questions!!! It has been soo soo amazing! And today the new batch of North American missionaries came in. I know one of the girls but i forgot her name lol anywho, after yesterday and today I am so so so excited to be a missionary and though my spanish needs some work the Lord has seriously blessed me with the gift of tongues. But i promise you that the gift of tongues doesnt not come unless you put the work in, like every gift. That is the lesson I have learned this week. Is that the Lord will help us "after all that we can do". Some of the other missionaries slack off during study times and dont practice their spanish with the latinos ANYWHO I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK AND I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES!! The temple is the house of God but the CCM is the house of the spirit and boy can you feel it here.

Yo se que El libro de Mormon es verdadera y que Jose Smith tradujo El Libro de Mormon. Este libro es la palabra de dios. Yo se que La iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimo Dias es la iglesia con el sacerdocio de dios y que el evangelio de Jesucristo puede bencide su vida. Yo se que Dios es mi Padre Celstial y que Jesucristo es su hijo.

En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen

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