Sunday, June 28, 2015

The spirit of God


So first of all its great to actually hear about you guys. Thats crazy you already started painting you guys are moving fast! Send me some picutres of the new house when you can. Also seriously so lucky that you guys get the beach ahhh, I wont have that for a little bit, nor salad so thats really depressing lol i guess i will learn to love other vegetables and fruits more. So this week was actually interestingly had a lot to do with what you and dad talked about: THE SPIRIT. So last wednesday night we taught our fake investigator and it went well but afterwards we felt like we really hadn't tapped into the needs of the investigator it just had been a basic lesson, so we started to discuss what we could do and an hour and a half later we were able to figure it out and have some serious spiritual moments along the way. Hermana Howell brought up having our investigatort bear her testimony. The spirit then prompted me that by doing that we would be able to see what she lacked in her testimony so that we could better address her needs. So i proceeded to show my companions how to find these things. I had Hermana Howell bear her testimony and then we would talk about what things she had a strong conviction of and what things she didn't quite have. Hermana Batty followed afterwards and did the same. Later I shared mine and had them work to see what they could find. It worked spectacularly and the spirit burned SOOO strongly. I don´t think we´ve ever had a better lesson planning session or more spiritual moment between the three of us. The whole time our Elders had been listening in and i think they were very intrigued. Later Hermana Baker shared hers and she started to cry when we shared what we had found. Then we decided what principles of the gospel each one of us would need in a lesson and how we would teach it. So the next lesson with our investigator we went in praying for help and to be able to discern her needs and IT WORKED!! It was so awesome and in all honesty, one of the coolest missionary moments we´ve had with someone who technically isnt a real investigator! Another cool opportunity we have had and serious spiritual moment was watching live the first session of the dedication of the Trujillo Temple. Elder Bednard lead it and Elder Uchtdorf presided and spoke. Also there were three other latino speakers and guess what I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING! It was so cool to hear their stories and testimonies in spanish and completely understand what they were saying. We did the Hosanna shout and sang "The Spirit of God" in Spanish and at the last verse i could really feel it burning in me. SUCH a cool experience! Finally yesterday, Tuesday was really cool! I have been learning alot about what things I should take to the Lord in prayer and one of the ones is to share with Him your goals and then return and report to him. So Monday night and Tuesday morning I reported and then asked for help and Tuesday I was able to work so much better in trying to accomplish them. In personal study i balanced my time with getting words, reading for my lessons and reading from the white handbook. Later in additional study and TALL(this learning program on the computer we have) I was able to memorize all my words, Moses 1:39 and work on my grammar (which btw is super hard, still hate preterite and imperfect tense). Also we spoke all Spanish that day and i was able to better see what i needed to learn and also how well i can actually speak. Later in Language study I started working on my talk for this week (because you have to´prepare a talk for every week and then they choose on the pulpit who will speak) about the BOM and i had some really cool revelations. I had heard in a Mormon Message we watched the other day to pray to "receive spiritual ears" and i wrote it down although i didnt quite understand. Later as I studied in 3 nephi 11:3-5, the people couldn't understand the voice, even though it says it "pierced them to the core". I couldnt understand how a voice you couldn't understand could have that affect on you. But in v.5 it says that when they did "open their ears" they were able to understand. During Language Study I read the talk "Is it still wonderful to you?" by Bishop Gearald Causee and he said " Ther are so many wonders in this world. However, sometimes when we have them constantly before our eyes, we take them for granted. We look, but we dont really see, we hear, but don't really listen." I realized that this was how the Nephites had been and how sometimes I am with investigators. I have to not only hear what my investigatores say but then understand their needs and how God would have me address them. Seriously SO cool!! The Spirit is vital in our lives and we need to do everything we can to keep it with us because you never know the moment that God will call upon you to use it. SO PRAY WITH ALL THE ENERGY OF HEART to be filled with the Spirit of God and he will bless  you.
Also Earlier this week my girls and i sang "Im dreaming of a white christmas" and "chandelier" at the top of our lungs which means we´ve made it to the offical friends level. HAHA and in class we were trying to plan our lesson and we were being our normal weird selves and our teacher was listening and she said we were probably the weirdest companionship she had seen... so SCORE! We are, Offically weird guys.

I have also got my visa officially!! WHOOO!


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