Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Its so great to hear from everyone!!!!!!! AHHH I LOVE THE PICTURES AND THE BEACH LOOKS GORGEOUS I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Im also super glad that the ward is treating you well :) 
Not too much has happened this week , so it will be a little short.
But this week and especially this past weekend has been amazing!! So I fasted to prepare for our proselyting activity at 12. Then our district asked our elders to give us blessings before we went out and let me tell you of my testimony. There is one boy who at first didn't impress me as being super spiritual but the rotation worked out that he would give me my blessing and from the very beginning I felt the spirit so strong. I know for a fact that he spoke the words of God for me and that those Elders do indeed hold the Melquisideic Priesthood; the authority and power from God. Later we left for proselyting and my companions and the other two girls were on the bus with all the latinos to the Lima Sur Mission. Hermana Howell and I went with two latinos and a missionary from that mission walking around and talking to people and also going to appointments from 2 to 6. In the first home, I was able to understand some things but I still got to bear my testimony and give the closing prayer. The woman we taught called me Castellano but im not sure if that was a compliment or not. We "taught" another lady who literally talked for 45 minutes and I understood maybe 3% of it. But it was still one of the coolest experiences and honestly I cannot wait to do this everyday!!! Everytime we get out of the CCM, part of me doesnt want to come back in. Especially after the proselyting activity I just want to get out in the field. But the newbies just showed up today, latinos and north americans and this group of latinos are the ones we will be leaving with to our missions. 2 MORE WEEKS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  I CANT WAIT TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!!

A day in the life of a busy sister Missionary :)

This is evidence that Kayla should not play soccer, but should stick to Volleyball!

Kayla and Sister Anna from Frozen!

Silly Sisters!!!

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