Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of April 11

So this week has been hectic and yet miraculous.  We had two intercambios, 
consejo, zone meetings, and elections for two days where we weren't allowed to 
contact or go to church. Hahah sounds soo enjoyable right?
Well it was! Even with my back killing me I had some amazing experiences and
the hand of the Lord was recognized. There was so much that happened but I'll sum it up. Basically I was stubborn and i didnt want to rest for my back, but Hermana Gutierrez got mad at me and told me that I needed to be humble and that although we were going to do intercambios I had to rest for at least three hours. I was frustrated because I felt like i would be giving a bad example but it turned out that both Hermana Velasquez and Hermana Pay needed some time to just talk and destress. Then when we did leave, the members accompanied us, the appointments were there and in two days we found 8 new investigators!! It blew my mind but I knew thatthe Lord was blessing our area and the intercambios. Thursday we had our Leadership Coucil. So I dont know if I told you guys but a while back when Elder Godouy came to visit us he told us that out of the 30 missions in South America, we were number 30 in our baptisms. Well this week, according to the first three months of this year, WE ARE NUMBER 9!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! God has seen fit to bless us. We have truly come to see the tender mercies of the Lord in our lives. I love this work and I love Peru. I love my companion. I love the Hermanas. And I love my God. Im glad to hear you are putting conference into practice. I dont have a ton of time right now but I promise to write you guys next week on how it went. I love you guys. Keep listening to the Spirit and I promise that tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among us.

Love you!!!

Hermana Tanuvasa

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