Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's been a Magical week

So this week has been magical. seriously. The Lord has been with me every step of the way. So we have been struggling a bit in our area to find investigators that are actually progressing. Every one we were teaching has either disappeared, or doesn't want it, or whatever other reason. So we walk and walk and walk and knock doors and contact and beg for references and search and search. And results.... not many.
I was struggling, truly, and on top of that I realized that I still had not  overcome my weakness of not opening my mouth, when sometimes I should say something to help someone improve. Sometimes I'd prefer to suffer than hurt another persons feelings. But, Wednesday we had interviews with President.  They weren't anything crazy special but what I think happened was as I was able to open up and be honest with President, I was also able to be open with myself and recognize that I could do better. I could say how I truly felt.  Afterwards Hermana Gutierrez and I talked. Although it was a little painful for me and her, the Spirit guided my words and I was brave. In the end we set goals and we put our shoulders TOGETHER to the wheel a little bit harder. I then had 3 other opportunities to do other brave things that I would have never done at home. I can see the miracle that the Lord has worked in me. 

Family and friends, I am a personal and living testimony that the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gospel are real and that they work when we put them to action in our lives. 
I want to testify of the message of Elder Bednar. 
Truly I received many answers to many questions, spoken and unspoken and I received lots of personal revelation.
However with Elder Bednar's talk, I was so excited from the beginning. I have been studying and trying to better understand what really means the word, "Sanctify" He spoke of the sanctifying power that the Holy Ghost has. I know that this is true. When we received the Holy Ghost at baptism, we received a companion that would drive us to choose the right, a companion that would correct us to refine us, a companion that would give us comfort when we need it, and a companion that would help us to change our weaknesses into strength. That is why it is sooo  vitally important that we always strive to have the spirit to be with us. I have felt so immensely the power of the Holy Ghost carrying me throughout this entire week. 
I know this gospel works in every way. 
I want to share two more experiences. 

One, we were teaching a girl named Claudia the other night. She is a strong Catholic and frequently attends church. However she accepted to listen to us. Well we explained baptism and she asked if her baptism was valid with the authority of her priest. We then in five minutes explained the Restoration and she appeared to understand. (Like the majority of people) So we asked her to pray and she accepted. Then we invited her to be baptized, and (like many others) she was taken aback and said she was Catholic, and that all the churches are good. Honestly when people start talking and explain priesthood authority it doesn't make much sense. Well I  felt the whisper, Perhaps shes afraid to change because of what she will lose. Imagining this, I saw that she would lose friends in her church. Perhaps her family, who are of the Catholic faith would be angry. Perhaps she would feel alone. 

So I began to speak. I testified that there is only one God. And only one Christ. Who established one church, that contains one authority, that teaches one doctrine and one way to obtain eternal life. I testified that she would have to change and perhaps it would be difficult. But that the blessings that can come from the one True God that lives and loves her, only fully exist in one place. And there was only one way to know. By asking Him. I then asked again that if she felt, when she asked, that this is the church of God, would she be baptized?

After a pause of thinking, she slowly nodded yes. And promised that she would ask. The power of the Spirit was so strong. I felt it work in me and I knew it was true. And so did Claudia. We will visit her again this week and I am so excited. (:

Two, a little shorter but stills means a lot to me. 
This morning we were heading out the door to go to the beach as a zone. We were halfway down the stairs from our room and the Spirit whispered, 'Bring your first aid kid'. Ive never done that and nothing has every happened. I paused and thought "No i have to go all the way upstairs" Stairs my worst enemy haha. But then again I thought, yesterday the apostles taught, just listen to the Spirit and act. So I ran up the stairs, huffing and puffing as I went and got my first aid kit. Later on the beach one of the Elders totally tripped and died on a rock and scraped up his arm, took off some of his toe nail and opened up his toe. It was a bloody mess and luckily I had my first aid kit. 

I know that the gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts of God that we should treasure and seek to ALWAYS have with us. I testify that partaking of the sacrament is one way we can renew our covenant and more fully feel the Spirit in our lives. 

I love love love loved conference. I know that President Monson is our living prophet. I know He leads and guides us. Follow their words and BE HAPPY!!! For the Lord our Savior, Jesus Christ lives and directs his living church on earth today. 

I hope everyone knows how much I love them. Don't forget it, but more importantly how much our Father in Heaven loves us. 
Hermana Tanuvasa

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