Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Miracles and funny stuff

Hermana Arce and Hermana Tanuvasa

Mom and my wonderful adorable and too different family!!!
What a miracle filled area with such wonderful people. First of all my companion, Hermana Arce is an angel!! And we must have some relatives because her family comes from Spain too!! Mom, go find out por favor ahhaha
She is obedient with exactness and her testimony is beautfiul. She truly understands the purpose of the mission field. 
Sullana is hot, but not too much more than Piura. There are hills so I will have even more extremely toned legs when I get home haha. Our area is a good size, but we only have  a few members in our area. The other elders area have the majority. We are the only hermana companionship in all of Sullana, but it is fun with Hermana Arce and I. 

So I just want to share two amazing miracles. 
This week we found 5 new investigators of gold. First was an hermana named
Yanet. She was a reference from a girl in our ward and when we  first visited her,
she had told us of many problems that were occuring between her and her new husband of one month. We had left the BOM and a tarjeta(card) that explains how to pray. Then we saw President and Sister Rasmussen  and the Gentrys on Friday. He told us that hermana Yanet had called the office and an Elder there had helped her and she asked that we pass by again. We had an appointment for later that day with her and her husband. There, She told us that she had fought with her husband and wanted to leave and die (bit extreme but yes) and so she grabbed the tarjeta and saw the number and called. She said that Elder Vasquez taught her how to pray and when she did she felt an immense peace. Wow. Her husband also accepted a baptismal date and they promised to read together the book of mormon and completed it. She and her husband are so ready for the gospel. 

Another miracle investigator is a kid named Antoni. We were looking for his mom 
who was a contact but he received us. We taught How to start to Baptize and at 
the end with a few inspired questions he told us that when his dad had passed 
away that was when he began looking for help and found Christ but that he was 
so interested by the possibility to ask God a question and that he would answer. 
When we asked that if he received an answer if he would be baptized, he immediately answered, Of course, I will follow exactly what God tells me, who wouldn't? ahha I laughed inside saying oh you would be surprised. 
Family, I testify that there are people waiting for this gospel. They hunger and 
thirst for righteousness. All God asks of us is to be obedient and humble enough to be guided towards them. 

I am so happy and so humbled. I testify that we can be humble and repent and 
recognize Gods hand in all things. 

Mom sounds like EFY was an amazing experience. And even more amazing with what happened with that woman. God truly places people in our path, we just have to pay attention to the Spirit to know when and how to act. The pictures are adorable and I am dying of laughter of Tai. Who else would do that? also, Keanu and Benj are sooooooo diferent holy cow it scares me. They are getting so big. Kai!" Keep your teeth ok and afterwards we can go give them to some people here in Peru who dont have any. Hahaah jk but seriously lol. 
Hey funny experience this week. We were knocking doors and we find this tiny 
old lady with cross eyes and she invites us in. We begin talking and we quickly realize that she won't understand our message. We invite her to come with us to church, but she says she doesn't leave. We invite her to read, but she says she can't see. So we only invite her to pray and she accepted so ... and then she prays.... and prays... and prays.. 15 minutes later I had fallen asleep and then woke up and realized we needed to finish because she was praying for every homless child in every counttry. So i opened my eyes and my companion looks at me and mouths what do we do? HAHa so I told her on the count of three we say Amen and 123 AMEN!!!! HAHAHA!!!! The little old lady says "oh amen" and opens her eyes lol. BEST LAUGH EVER. Gotta love the old people. 

Love you guys tons!! Take care and nest week I will update on Yanet and her 
husband Eric and Antoni. 
Hermana Tanuvasa 

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