Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This is my short time to serve God and do so with all of me!!

We received this letter from The Piura Peru Mission today


Dear Brother & Sister Tanuvasa,
We are so happy to have Sister Tanuvasa serving in the Peru Piura Mission!  She arrived eager to go to work and we are impressed with her enthusiasm and desire to serve our Heavenly Father as a missionary.  After meeting her at the airport we had a luncheon at the Mission Home followed by a devotional and an interview.  The following day was a morning of training and the assigning of her trainer/companion.  Trainers are chosen for their obedience, patience, dedication and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.   We know that as these two missionaries study, pray and work together they will be blessed and guided in their service and find joy in teaching and sharing the gospel message. We are attaching a photo of your missionary with her new companion and us. 
We are grateful to you for sharing your daughter with us.  We know that thru hard work, obedience and prayer Sister Tanuvasa will find joy in serving the Lord and the beautiful people of Peru.  Please encourage her to share her experiences with you and your family.  Write to her weekly and express your love, support and confidence in her.  You will witness miraculous changes in her as she learns to serve and love those with whom she works.
We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings joy and peace to all who will follow Him.  We are grateful to be a part of this great work and to serve with the wonderful young Elders and Sisters of our mission.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at:
President & Sister Rowley
Peru Piura Mission

And then we received this from Kayla-

Hey Hey Familia!! 

officially made it to Piura! and Safely! This morning has been very busy morning but as soon as we landed, the words that came to my mind were "Welcome Home". I have met President and Hermana Rowley but tomorrow they leave and Presidente and Hermana Rasmussen arrive. I have felt so thrilled to get out AND WORK! Partially because Sunday we watched "Meet the Mormons" So good!) It is so beautiful here but it is definitely a desert. In the city there are stark contrasts of living and supposedly this is the nicest part of our area. The farthest area in Piura is 5 hours away! For some reason I haven't had any "shock" yet but maybe that is a good thing! Anywho I miss you all so much! I wish that you could be here with me. But for now, I don't want to be home. This is my short time to serve God and do so with all of me!! Hope all is well and God is with you <3 <3 <3 
Love and miss you, Hermana Tanuvasa

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