Monday, July 20, 2015

Believe that He is, Believe that he has all wisdom and power!

Hello familia!!!
Miss miss miss you guys tons"!!! I hope Keanu enjoyed Scout camp :) I'm glad you guys are attending the temple so much, i cant help but think that when i see you guys again you will appear as angels for all the beautiful time youve spent in the house of the Lord. I told Hermana Jessica to friend request you on FB. She is my pensionista so each day, except Saturdays and Sundays she makes us lunch. She also washes our clothes. I really didnt think the mission would be like that but now that im here I realize we dont have time for anything else.
Regarding your questions, almost all of the cockroaches are gone. I havent seen one in a couple of days which is really exciting!! My health is still fantastic, I havent felt sick once! Only sometimes i feel sick because I ate too much at the members homes, but with Hermana Jessica its perfect. In the package nothing really that im dying for. But Hermana Echegaray wants Icebreakers so if you could send a few of those she'd love you. lol.
So this week... Wow it was probably my hardest yet. Tuesday started ok, but then it kept slowly going downhill. And Thursday was when i almost died. First we had to practice this sketch to do for the FHE night we were going to lead on Friday night. The video that you guys saw. And it took TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Lets just say Im still not fond of group projects. Then we went to go teach Belen who is 15 and had a date to be baptized, but her mom wont let her. Her parents are separated and her uncle lives with her, but he is crazy. Sometimes when we come to see her, we can't because he is drunk. So we went to see her on Thursday and the whole time I could tell that something was not right. Finally we asked if she was going to the Kinkana that we were having that night. She said no and when we asked why she broke down. But of course, I couldnt understand anything.
I felt like such a failure and I was so frustrated that i couldnt help but solely because I couldnt understand. Afterwards Hermana Echegaray explained to me what happened, and of course, what i had studied that very morning would have been perfect for her to hear. So Thursday was horrific, and then Friday started out just as terrible. We kept getting interrupted in our study and then we didnt get to finish our weekly planning because we had to go give keys to some people. So my attitude was horrific, but i didnt know what to do. I was praying so fervently that God would help me. Then, Mom I read your letter. Each week i print our your guys letters and oh how glad i was that day to have done so. You talked about patience and not running faster than is meet. I knew that I needed to have patience. So we left our apartment at 1130 for the chapel to have interviews with President and Sister Rasmussen. I could already feel my attitudfe had changed just a little bit. Thats when I saw someone sitting down reading when we passed by. I felt the urge to go talk to him and at first I kept walking, but then I felt it stronger and I kept looking back, until finally I stopped Hermana Echegaray and we went back. We talked with him and oh the spirit I felt!!! We got his information and although he is not in our area, I knew that I had listened to the spirit and the gospel was going to bless his life. We have given him to the other hermanas and soon we will see how he is. So I walked into the interviews exponentially better, but afterwards.... Guys. God has a plan for each of us and he knows us much better than we could ever know ourselves. I know that President and Sister Rasmussen were called as this time to be the Mission Presidents in Piura, Peru. God knew that on Friday, July 17,  I would be dying for help. President Rasmussen taught me greatly and helped me with some of my worries. And oh how heavenly was Hermana Rasmussen. Bless her. It was so close to having you here Mom. and yet I know you would have done the same thing as her. She made me feel so loved and I was able to feel like someone truly understood me, but little did I know before that someone knew me much much better, my Heavenly Father. From there on out my week has been so so much better and my drive for missionary work is back in full force. Yes one of the lessons I am learning at this time is immense patience, but im grateful that God sees and understands me and i know he sees and understands each and every one of us. I LOVE HERMANA ECHEGARAY and we have grown so much closer.
Family I cant thank you enough for your emails. I know I explained how moms helped but Keirra and Kanoah yours sincerely blessed my life this week. So far its been a little rough, but I will never forget my God and I am continually turning to him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY.
Thank you for your prayers, they truly have blessed me. I wish I could tell you all that has happened in this beautiful week as there is so much more but for now, this is what Ive been impressed to share. So my challenge for you all this week.... One of the things i learned in the CCM from a devotional where Sister Holland spoke was that when we are desperate our prayers change and our scripture study changes. We plead more and we are more sincere. This week I was desperate and I felt my prayers and my study change to be more fervent. I ask that you work in this time where you guys are new and things have changed that you make sure your prayers are strong and that you are study the scriptures EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY, like the talk "Stay by the Tree". Hanging in there is not a principle of the gospel. Let me know how you've changed your prayers in this upcoming week with specifics and how youve felt. God is with you.
Love you all, Mom and Dad, Keirra, Kanoah, Keanu and Kai
Hermana Tanuvasa

                               Karla Monica who is a rescued member and her cousin 
             i think who is not but is SOOO cute and I always help her with her English homework

                                                      This is Ana who is an investigator

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