Monday, July 6, 2015

Bienvenidos and TRUST IN GOD!

Bienvenidos and TRUST IN GOD
Hey family!!! I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!
I officially entered the field and I'm off. When we got here we wrote emails to you guys on a piece of paper but i dont know if you got it. From now on my pdays are monday and im hoping we will start emailing at 10 but it could be anywhere between 10 and 5. But back to life-
We arrived and had orientation and I received my trainer, Hermana Echegaray. She is so sweet and very kind but sometimes its hard to understand because she only speaks spanish. I said goodbye to Hermana Howell which was hard. We visited one lady that day and then had ward council but i literally understood nothing. So that was hard. IT IS LITERALLY SOOO HOT HERE!!! I sweat all the day long and we walk alot but surprisingly Im not dying. I thought that after sitting still for 6 weeks it would be worse that this but its really not. Ya im tired but not to the point of dying. I also havent gotten sick which is a HUGE blessing from God. Everyone says that your first week you get terruibly sick but I haven't. Also here in Piura it is very different from Lima. But basically there are two types of poeple here. The rich and the dirt poor. Guys these people live in such humble homes. Honestly it should be shocking, but Ive just loved every moment. Im not really shocked but im not sure why. The first two days were so hard and I hardly said anything other than saying my name and where Im from. It was kind of discouraging and i thought, oh someday ill learn. Haha then dads voice came in my head saying "You need to talk to them!!"lol  uh how right he is. I really miss my district here and being able to actually express myself without people dozing off but ive had some cool exzperiences. Thursday was so good!! We went to the house of the Familia Navarro where the grandma and grandpa are new members and so is the gradndaughter Ciello but her mom, Fabiola is not. We went over to teach Fabiola and the grandmas two sisters were there who werent members. We had planned to teach about the priesthood and we did (along with the first lesson)!! I GOT TO SHARE THE FIRST VISION from memory for the first time in the field!!1 Not only did i recite that but also James 1:5!! AHHH!! I almost cried from feeling the spirit so strong. One of the sisters was very intrigued and we said she wanted to learn more. Sadly she isn't in our area but we gave her over to the elders in that area.
So i think its so funny how the lesson that i always need to learn is to trust in God!! I think i expected to jump right in the field and know everything but i realized how far i was from that. Friday we taught Mercedes who was a street contact and we also got to teach her the first lesson. After I again said the first vision she just kept rubbing her heart saying oh i feel so... i feel so... GOOD! lol she couldnt explain but we knew what it was. Also interesting was that before while we were teaching she had her little 4-5 year old nieces playing on the ground and a daughter on her phone but as soon as i said the first vision they all stopped and listened for the rest of the lesson. SOOO COOOL GUYS!!!
Saturday was FOURTH OF JULY!! Hope you guys had fun. It was Hermana Echegarays birthday so we seriously got a ton of torta, or cake. Ok so weird but here the people eat more for lunch than for dinner and they eat soooo much!!! Like two full plates of potatoes and chicken and meat and cheese and anything else you can think of. But we have to eat it all! Uh one day I felt so sick i prayed that god would empty my stomach so i could fit the rest of my meal. But our pensionista who cooks our lunches normally is really good. She doesn't give us too much and usually gives us vegetables and all that good stuff. She is also the bishops wife. i love them!! This ward has some really strong members but also a lot of inactives. We are working hard to bring families back. i dont know everything but I know that God is in charge. This week i received a lot of strength from 2 Nephi 22. I really do love the words of Isaiah. My personal study is my favorite time. Also something funny. In the CCM we were able to watch past devotionals from the apostles in the provo mtc and one of tem was by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I think i told you guys about this one. He focused on Open Your Mouth!! In the CCM i thought that this meant dont have fear to share the gospel, but i realize that here, for me, its meant dont be afraid to try your spanish and to actually talk. Its a goal of mine to talk more this week with those people we teach just in light conversation. (because in all honesty that the hard part).Another goal i have this week is to more clearly see the hand of God in my life, and to pray for this ability. Will you guys pray with me this week and write down one experience you had with this experiment? EVERYONE (in the fambam) write me personally what you got from this week. (i hope you guys like how im giving you a compromise (a commitment) lololol)
I miss you guys sooooo much and i hope all is well.  Im seriously so jealous you guys get to go surfing so much! You guys have to teach me when i get back. Also President Rasmussen has a blog so idk if you want to follow but I'm sure you could see more about Piura and all that fun stuff. I don't have many pictures because this week has been hectic but i promise more for next week. love love love love you guys. thank you for being such amazing siblings and parents and thank you for blessing my life so immensely.
Nos vemos!~
Hermana Tanuvasa 

This is Kayla's trainer and 1st companion

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