Sunday, August 23, 2015

God is working to bring me to Christ

Hello Family!!!! I miss you guys again!! The pictures are so cute! The house looks great and wow you dont have your old car anymore!! But the new one looks great! How are you liking it mom? Keirra you are just too fashionable in those pioneer clothes (Keirra went on trek this week) lol and kanoah and keanu you guys are so big!!!! Uh plus kai my little monkey you are still the cutest of them all. GOOD LUCK KANOAH IN MAUI! You will do awesome as always! Mom if you could resend that pic of him i couldnt open it because it was too small. Usually one or two photos in an email are good to actually be able to see them. Also the temple stain glass is GORGEOUS!!! 
So i got the package this week!!! woohooo i am so enjoying it! plus all the elders in my zone were soooo jealous lol. also i got the two letters you sent to the CCM. Keanu i missed you and your hugs alot this week. I also miss your laugh. Family, i miss normal sized people uhhhh everyone is really small here ahahhaha.
So this week has been calmer but something that i learned is alot oabout PATIENCE! I read the article in the August Liahona about a missionary learning patience and wow!! Basically lets just say sometimes im still treated like the dumbest gringo here who doesnt know a lick of spanish. Ya pues whatever right? well add that to frustrating investigators or recent converts that are struggling to keep their covenants and a companion who you are with 24/7 ahha things can get kinda hectic soemtimes. But anywho Im coming to love it and learn that patience is an attritibute that we develop with time. Funny how with things like art i have tons of patience but sometimes here i feel too quick to frustration. Mom your email last week about not thinking bad thoughts about our companions really helped. Its soo true that our thoughts is were it all starts. As mosiah directs us to "Watch ourselves in our thoughts and our words and our deeds." Im still working and gaining the attributes of Christ. As im working to bring others to christ, God is working to bring me to Christ. thats somethig that the aritcle said, "that god is just as interested in the instrument as he is in the work that needs to be done." So not much has happend other than Hermana Petronila now has a baptism date set for the 23 of September!!! She really does want to find the truth and she has such a beautiful trust in God that he will show her the way. We fasted for her this week that she can find her answers. But its like i can already see her in her baptismal clothes ready to enter into the water (: uh things like this are so much better than any christmas present. 
So other cool stuff is that we had a couple changes in the mission. So first we have to report in our letters to President Rasmussen how many times in the week we got up at 630, how many times we had personal study, how many times we had companionship study, and how many contacts we had. President Rasmussen says hes looking for the missionaries 7777. 7 for every thing and then a bare minimumm of 70 contacts in a weeks hahah easy peasy for us over here in the city. Another change we had is that from now on every day from 6-8 we only contact. If we are knocking doors and someone lets us in we can teach but we cannot set appointments for these hours.!! this is so good and yet so different. We usually have a lot of appointments in these hours but we can do divisions to teach them. So this means we will be needing a lot of help from the ward. Honestly i believe it is real revelation that will be so good for us. We´ve already started to implement it and we have two new investigators, one of which is a cute little family. 
So not too much this week but i love you all so much and thanks so much for the letters and package. Send us something fun (hermana echegaray and i ) when you go to hawaii!!! 
Love and miss you guys, 
Hermana Tanuvasa

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