Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Many of the things you can count, do not count. Many of the things you cannot count really do count."

In the talk by Elder Uchtdorf in this past conference "On Being Genuine" he quoted Albert Einstein and said this "Many of the things you can count, do not count. Many of the things you cannot count really do count."
This is the lesson i have learned this week. So this week was totally crazy because Tuesday and Wednesday we had exchanges with Hna. Garcia and Hna. Vasquez. I LOVE hna vasquez and it was so fun  to work with her and work in another area but then it kina of threw me off because i felt like i didnt know what was going on in my area.. Then we lost Petronila. We tried to visit her and immediatley she said, "oh I'm leaving". Uhhhhhh.... Literally we were so excited for her. We think that her Evangelist relatives that she has visited twice now, have talked bad about the mormons and influenced her to doubt what she has felt. Then we've been struggling with Cristian Cordova who is a recent convert, 18 years old, but we went to visit him and we really felt to talk about Elder Ballards talk to the Priesthood and really use the questions that he uses to get to what was really going on with Cristian. Right off the bat, with INSPIRED QUESTIONS he opened up and told us he wasn't reading, wasn't praying or attending church. He felt terrible and he wanted to change, but one key thing we learned is that he didnt know HOW to pray. His prayers were short and fast and we explained in detail how to pray, how to receive answers and how to recognize answers to them. FANTASTIC lesson and it blew me away. Then at the end we asked him to give the prayer and he didn't want to because he didn't think it would be good enough but we encouraged and encouraged and finally he said the prayer. It was still a little fast but you could really tell that he was trying really hard to change his prayers.
The other amazing thing that happened this week was during our Weekly Planning. We started talking about one of our rescued members and how we have to build her self confidence anyhow while we were talking Hna. Echegaray opened up about her family and some things she was struggling with. Then she told me about a dream she had the night before where her dad was freaking out and her aunt kept calling her name saying only she could help calm him down. Hna. Echegaray went home before for back problems earlier in her mission but she returned to the mission. But now her back problems are returning and she has heart problems now too. Basically her body is just failing her. We also had to get her glasses a couple weeks ago because we found out she cant see much in one eye lol. Anyhow Ive talked with hna. rasmussen many times and this last time Hna. Rasmussen told me that most likely she will have to go home again, but that she would try her best to find another way. I really didn't want to tell this to hna. echegaray becuase i knew it would devaste her. Well after she told me this dream i felt strongly that i should tell her then and i did. She cried and i cried with her. But then we read about the Brother of Jared and how he stayed on the beach for 4 years and didn't want to leave but the Lord had a promised land waiting for him after the gigantic scary waters of the ocean. We talked and talked and talked about how Dad has back problems and what he has been doing at one point i cried out, "Oh Dad i wish you were here!!" Suddenly the thought came so clear, your dad is always here. I told hna echeagaray that neither one of us had the answers to why his was happening or what she should do but our Heavenly Father did and she needed to talk with him in specific questions to know. So i left to be in the hall so she could talk out loud and when i returned wow we both felt soo much better and we really felt the love of God. 
                So how does that connect with the quote? 
Well these two experiences took up alot of time and now that we have lost Petrnolia as an investigator, we had a lot of zeroes this week but you know what my companion received the strength she needed and someone who made a commitment to God was given strength to try again. Sometimes the things that we don't form into numbers but they are always worth it to God. We just have to do them. So dont get caught up in the numbers!! Don't count the hours or focus on the money, just love God and serve your fellow men. This is why we are here, so do it!!!
I love and miss you all tons family!! You are all gorgeous and im so jealous of you guys getting to go to Hawaii but im glad you had fun!! Keep working hard and having fun together. Boys dont get too big so i cant sit on you when i get home. And keirra dont break to many hearts. Mom try not to break too many ribs ok? lololol and dad your the bomb. Thanks for caring so much for me like my Heavenly Father (:
Hermana Tanuvasa

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