Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Miracles in Huancavelica

Hello family!!!! 
     Mom, WOW I cant believe how the words of God can bless so many. The words from a prophet of God penetrated my heart and ended up penetrating tons of others all the way in California. How beautiful is that? I love Elder Bednar's talk and mom I have really seen you be a great exemplar of this love and comfort. You always took the time to give comfort to those who were in need in a way that many others couldn't, including to me. i feel so blessed to look back on some of the experiences that I had with you and with the family. I hope all is well with everyone starting this week of school. I thought of you guys a lot this week. We had a really cool activity (which was the video you saw) with all the returned missionaries in our ward and we as missionaries presented a little of our life before and now in the mission. It was a great success and the spirit blessed us. 
But according to my title wow guys this week has been so amazing. Since I've gotten here in Miraflores 2 we have been praying and praying for the hearts of the people to be softened so that we can have one baptism or rescue, but literally almost none of the people we teach are progressing. Its so frustrating as we feel the spirit and see them recognize it during the lessons and yet they still don't change. Well with the new change in the mission to only knock doors from 6-8 we decided to go to the farther end of our area. *(Our area is gigantic!! to walk to one end to the other at a good pace takes about a half hour which is sometimes super tiring and hard to plan around) but basically we decided to explore more of the area within Piura. Well within this week and a part of last we have found 4 new investigators that literally are sooo ready for the gospel. Each house that we entered i just left jumping up and down with excitment. We found Hermano Carlos Enrique who recently had his conviviente leave him with his two sons. We found Hermano Freddy Alvarado who the moment we walked in the door had such a strong connection with the spirit. We found Hermano Dagoverto Jimenez whose wife died only a month ago today, and we found Hermano Miguel Catedras who warmly welcomed us to return. I am seeing that God's timing is perfect and that he really has prepared these four men to hear the gospel. I cannot wait to keep watching them progress and move forward. Something interesting though that Hermano Carlos and Hermano Freddy both told us is to Not Forget Them. And both times that they said this i felt firmly in my heart the Lord saying that he never does forget his children. I love the scripture that is in this months liahona that says God counts the ravens in the sky and how much more we are than ravens. (Luke 12:6-7)
     I testify that each person in this world is counted by God and God sents his servants to bless and give love to each one. I am receiving more testimony of this each day as we teach according to the needs of each one of Gods children. God is aware of us and wants us to be happy. We can be happy as we receive and apply the gospel principles in our life. 
I miss you all so much and im praying for you each day. Keep being the best family in the whole world!! Share the gospel with everyone and remember that each one of you has a special place in my heart and more importantly in Gods.
Hermana Tanuvasa

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