Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We are called to the ONE

I got to bake Monster Cookies with Sister Rasmussen yesterday 
in the Mission Home and I saw Sister Howell, I love her so much!!!

     Ok that is so cool about you and grandma going to the temple together (: I'm so glad that you finally got that opportunity and that grandma is working to come back again. I actually wanted to ask you how are Auntie Shelly are Mark and Bri? That is also super cool for Kai, that he has 6 other members of the church in his 1st grade class. I think Kai is going to have many new special opportunities that we didn't have. But thats because the time is growing closer each time to the second coming. That is something that is almost always on my mind. THE SECOND COMING. i don't know why but almost every time i study the scriptures there is at least one thing that talks about it. Im not sure when but each day, when i read my scriptures i feel more and more how close it is. I can't believe all that has changed from mom and dad, your guys generation and ours. In reality, God is preparing us and Im grateful every day to have the opportunity to be apart of the hastening of the work. 

       We are still sad about losing Petronila as an investigator but we will continue to pass by and hope that she will open up again. 

      So this week our numbers were pretty low again. Mostly because on Wednesday we went to Morropon again, but this time to help with the missionary work over there. Morropon is SOOO different from MiraFlores but it was so beautiful. Its quiet and peaceful and almost every door we knocked on the people were like "Pasen pasen" or come in! Such a difference between the busy city and the people we have in our area. It was a great experience and we ended up with a lot of referrals for the Elders over there. 
     Also as you guys all know we had Elder Bednar come. WOW!!! What an amazing experience. I sat in the front row of the chapel so i was probably only 5 or 6 feet away from him. so I don't know if i told you but we had to study three talks before he came, "Converted Unto the Lord", "Ask in Faith" and "Seek Learning By Faith". I didn't know before but he actually sent those talks for us to prepare. I learned so much just by studying them and i still have a lot to apply to our teachings solely from what i learned in studying the talks. But when he came, he asked us what we learned and basically it was like a giant class. But the most beautiful part was that Elder Bednar was not the teacher, .... The Spirit was. Guys this was probably the most key part that we learned. That the Spirit is the teacher. We then had the opportunity to ask any question that we wanted from Elder Bednar. There were some very spiritually inspired questions from some of the Elders and Hermanas. I learned so much that I really can't write it all anywhere. But as Elder Bednar said "We will never forget what has happened here." I received so many answers to many prayers and received a lot of revelation for myself and for those that we are teaching. But the reason i have titled this email as it is because of the response that Elder Bednar gave to a really good and inspired question. Elder Soto asked Elder Bednar in very funny and simple terms "WHAT DO YOU DO?" lolol. Elder Bednar explained " We dedicate temples in front of millions of people... but thats not what we do. We visit missions and thousands of missionaries around the world... but thats not what we do. We give talks in general conference that are translated into over a 100 different languages... but thats not what we do. Every place we are called to, every town we visit, we are there for the one." He then continued on to explain some experiences he had had with "the one". I realized this week that that should be my mentality. Looking at Abinadi, one of the greatest missionaries, he only had one convert for all his hard work. But thats because he worked for the one. And in the end, he sealed his testimony with his life, and ended up  allowing so many hundreds of thousands to regain their lives, through Alma, Abinadi's only one. 
Finally to finish the meeting they bore testimony (Elder and Sister Bednar and Elder and Sister Godoy) and how simple and beautiful they were. 
I join my testimony with theirs, to the small group of you who read my emails, that I know without a doubt that God lives. I know Jesus Christ is His Son, who died and suffered for us, because he loves us, individually and uniquely, because to Him,we are the one. I know that Jesus Christ will come again. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and that he and the twelve apostles hold the same keys that Christ himself had. I know families are forever and that the gospel brings happiness. And I know all this is possible through my Savior, even the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. In His sacred name, Amen.

Love love love love love you all Mom and Dad, Keirra, Kanoah, Keanu and Kai.
Hermana Kayka Tanuvasa

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