Monday, September 28, 2015

Pay attention to the words of the Prophets

Hello family (:  
     I miss and love you all tons and especially this week with Hna. Spainhower as she updates me on some of the things in the states and I've talked a lot about you guys. It's been crazy this week but i love it. Hna Spainhower is a true angel that God knew i needed.  I literally can't believe that we will sustain 3 new apostles at Conference and im so sad Elder Scott died. I had been looking forward to hearing him because we didn't hear from him the last conference either. ): but I'm looking forward to see the new apostles and see the true keys of the priesthood still active and living in this day and age.  I've been thinking a lot about Aunt Shelly, Brianna and Mark lately and I am hoping that you guys are working hard to bring them closer to Christ. if anyone in our family right now needs Him, its them. 
     This week has been crazy. So Monday was just tiring and then Tuesday we were knocking doors in the morning and then in the night we went to the chapel to help the new missionaries knock doors. It felt like torture for me and Hermana Apena because we were getting to know the 5 new hermanas without knowing who would be our companion! Well I left with Hermana Thomas, a member in our ward and Hermana Spainhower!! I loved her enthusiasm and although she knew hardly any spanish she was so willing to try. The goal for the newbies was to enter into a home and to give away a Book of Mormon. I was praying that we would have the opportunity to enter into at least one home, and the last door we knocked, WE DID!! Plus the experience was sooooo cool because the lady and her son that we taught were so ready. Hna. Spainhower even bore her testimony without being asked or anything!! I really was praying that she would be my companion even thought it seemed almost too good of a dream. So the next morning we got to the chapel to have President Rassmussen talk to us. Something that he told us was that we were chosen to be trainers because we could do two things, 1) Be Exactly Obedient and 2) Because we could be kind.
The whole time i was just getting more and more antsy realizing the pressure that really had come from being a trainer. I was the only missionary in the 30 trainers that just finished their own training. AHHH! Finally the newbies got there and President Rasmussen put the trainers on one side and the newbies on the other. I got so antsy and excited but finally he called my name with Hermana Spainhower!! I was on cloud 9 and grinning from one ear to the other. Im not sure what i did to deserve such a wonderful companion but Hna. Spainhower is the best. Her testimony is so strong and she has so much love for these people already. She is thrilled to learn spanish and determined to do it. She reminds me a lot of Keirra actually but I love it. (: 
     We got to work on Thursday Friday and Saturday and this week has been  little rough because almost all of our appointments fell through but we found SO many new contacts. a few lot of crazies... lol but its been so good. I love the fact that Hna. Spanihower is so open and willing to do anything. She is giving me some of the MTC energy that I had lost. Saturday we saw the women's conference and yes in english and it was beautiful!! I did love Elder Uchtdorf's talk and i received a lot of insights and revelation. 
     Hermano Freddy did come to church and he really is desiring to learn. We didn't have the time to teach him this week but we plan on teaching him tomorrow. Hermano Jesus also came but as soon as he got there he got called away to work and so he wrote us a small note apologizing and saying that he really wanted to make it up to God. WOW!! There are so many people and members that don't have that perspective let alone a new investigator who has only had one lesson. I cannot wait to see them in white. This week has been fun with lots of laughs and lots of blessings. I hope that I can be what the Lords wants me to be and that this upcoming conference will guide me to receive the answers i am looking for as a trainer, missionary, daughter, and servant of the Lord. 
     I hope all is well and miss and love you guys so much. Take care of yourselves and please pay attention to the words of the prophets I have such a strong testimony of them. INVITE EVERYONE TO CONFERENCE you never know who will be touched one day by their words. 
Love love love love you, Hermana Tanuvasa

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