Monday, December 14, 2015

Ha Nacido un Salvador- A Savior is born


So I guess Ill start off with... CONGRATULATING KANOAH!!!! WHOOO!! You guys are going to rock it in Sacramento (: That's fun too that Tai and them are all coming down.  Congratulations Scott and Ginger Knecht !! They will be awesome Missionaries. I still haven't gotten my packages. Yes, the postal service is still on strike. But I have faith that they will get here. haha

So yes I did get transferred. I am now in...... PAITA!!!! WHOOO!!! I'm literally on the beach front 😍 My companion is Hna. Orellana and here in Paita I will be an Sister Leader.   
I cried though thinking of leaving Hna. Spainhower and everyone I love in MiraFlores right before Christmas. But this week was amazing. So Friday we had our Christmas Day in the mission home. We saw all the videos that President is putting up on Facebook if you guys haven't seen them go check them out!! They are super cool and hey I am in one of them! We also watched this amazing movie called Its A Wonderful Life and its a little bit old but wow such an impactful movie. Saturday we had La Noche Blanca and in total in our stake we had 18 baptisms! It was beautiful and Jesus and Jorge were there and they said both felt a wonderful spirit. 
This week I thought a lot of my Savior Jesus Christ. Let me tell you that I have a firm testimony that He lives. I know it because I have felt t. He was born over 2 millennium ago and because a perfect, precious child was born, we are who we are. We have a hope that we will rise again. We can feel joy and happiness in the saddest moments and we can receive strength in our weak moments. Because He was born, the world lies at our feet and we have the promise of having a member of the very Godhead with us. 
This week yes I have missed home, but as I pondered on my Savior, I know that all the bad that could possibly exist in this world, means absolutely nothing. He was born and because He was born, I live joyfully.

I cant wait to talk to you guys. I cant believe how fast it has come. I miss you guys so much and I cant wait to tell you everything about here and hear all about that has happened over there. I hope you guys are still remembering our Savior this Christmas season and that all is going well. Take care lots. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Cuidense bastante,
Hermana Tanuvasa

Na Spainhower

Hna Orellana

Kayla saying goodbye to some people that she loves in Miraflores

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