Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Here comes the sun!


     So short email this week but I love my new area! Paita is super, super different from the city but it is beautiful and the best past, super breezy. I actually sometimes forget that Im serving a mission in the city of eternal heat. Hahaha but sadly our Christmas has no touch of white, or cold for that matter. Summer has hit full blast, and it's fully noticeable from my tragic missionary tan lines.
     In preparation for Christmas, I have to say it has been beautiful. Monday night we went knocking doors after P-day and we decided to start in Manzana A. We knocked on a few doors and then found this adorable family, Esmeralda, Joel and Joeli Yerena Cruz. They had a huge tv so we asked if we could show the video Ha Nacido Un Salvador, or A Savior is Born. We played it and then asked what they liked. All of them were in awe and ended up relating to us the pains that they have been through and what Christ has meant to them.
    This Sunday the branch asked us to teach the Valiant 9 class for primary and this is what came from the Spirit. In Helaman 14 we find Samuel the Lamanite preaching unto the people to watch and wait five years for the sign of the birth of Christ. To look for the light that would come, with the new star and the day and night and a day with no night. As of Sunday, we only five days until we celebrate the coming of the light that has entered into every one of our lives. So I challenge you, to with me, watch and see the light of Christ that has entered into your life, like that of the Yerena Cruz family. A Savior has been born, and because of that we have a new hope, a new life, a new start. It is something to rejoice over!! 
     I love all of you. Each one of you has brought in a light to my life. And I know that you have been able to do that because you yourself carry the light of Christ. I hope you all have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS!! Why?
because HE WAS BORN FOR US. 
Merry Christmas
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

A Christmas Devotional in Paita, Kayla shared her musical talents

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