Monday, January 18, 2016

I Repent Daily!!!

So this week has been probably my favorite in the entire mission. This week I have taken the time to better understand the repentance process and how to use the Atonement in my life. 

I had been reading the talk by Sister Carol F. McConkie from this past conference and she tells a story about Sister Hoskins who received her Young Women's Medallion at 100 years old. Sister McConkie asked her how she did it and she said , " I repent every day."

This week I also studied within the chapters of Alma with Ammon and Aaron and King Lamoni and his father. These are miraculous examples of ´people who have taken hold of the Atonement in their life. I also pondered heavily on the words of Elder Holland, when he spoke of being the Lords investigator. He said something along these lines, that if we want our investigators to study better, we should study better,and if we want our investigators to pray with better intention, we should pray with better intention. 

This week, I pondered these things and I sought to implement them in my life. 

Guys, miracles happened.

Ill tell you my favorite, although there were many.
"After lunch on Friday we asked Johny, a future missionary to see if he could accompany us to find a contact Irvin. A couple weeks ago we had been knocking doors and we found Irvin, who told us that his girlfriend was Mormon and that he would like to find out more but that he studied in Piura and only came home late at night. So we set an appointment for Saturday on the weekend. However when we went, we found his dad, drunk and having a party. However this past Friday we felt to visit his house and when we got there, at first he was hesitant saying he was going to leave, but we were persistent (something abnormal) and he let us in. We talked and found out his grandma had also been Mormon but had recently passed away. He had also been Agnostic at one point but that now believes in God. He also said that he had mentioned to his girlfriend, who lives in Lima that he was listening to us and she got excited and invited him to go to church with her when she would come up. The lesson was beautiful as he felt comfortable and we laughed, but we still could explain our purpose and what we wanted. We invited him to church and he came, with his sister! Then another member told us that his grandma had been a member for years and he had come to church before but never wanted to listen. We were guided by the spirit, to find him, to be able to find him again and teach him, and then for him to come to church. I imagine that his grandma and girlfriend had been praying very hard that he could be able to find a way to the church. And we had been praying very hard to find those who need the gospel. Mom I also know that you were praying for us and for Irvin, even if you didn't know it. The Lord answers the prayers of the faithful."

Our biggest struggle is church attendance. This week we had FIVE investigators come to church. I don't think Ive ever been this happy. But I am almost sure that this only happened because I realized that if I want someone else to change, I have to do it myself!!! God requires out obedience and faith to be able to produce miracles. 

World of Blog, members of the Mormon church, investigators and loved ones, the Atonement is real. It can change a person from the dirt that we are to the holy beings that we can become. God is working with me and He has a lot of patience. But He has blessed me beyond measure. And I know that its because He loves me. He loves us. And He calls for us to rely upon His Son, through the only way we can ever find happiness in this life. 

I love the mission. I love Paita. I love the gospel. I love teaching. I love my family. I love my friends. I love the examples Ive had in my life. And I love my Master, Trainer, and Friend, my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I love you all, and so does our Heavenly Father. Take time to get to know Him through the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

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