Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's Carnivales time!!!

My District in Paita

Merly's baptism

Elder Elizalde

So this week has been a beautiful disaster. First off, I got weirdly sick and didn't  eat for four days, but we had such a busy week that I didn't have time to rest. Luckily though the power of God is real, and no joke, with a sweet priesthood blessing and a lot of faith that the Lord would help me, I pushed through and I live!! I'm eating normally and all but I might have dropped a little weight ah ha. 
But Tuesday we went to Pueblo Nuevo for a wedding!!!! I did the brides makeup and hair and well it was adorable for the country of Peru. But can I just say she was so happy.(: Wednesday we had the worldwide training which was sooooooo awesome!! And Saturday we had Merlys baptism!!!! Saturday I was so happy I was bouncing off the walls. She is such an amazing girl that was so prepared. Plus Angie, Irvin´s sister came to the baptism and we believe that she will be our next one. Tomorrow we will put a baptismal date with her.

Silvia, one of our investigators who was pregnant gave birth to her son and he is sooo cute!!!!! Plus she told us that she took her Book of Mormon to the hospital and was reading it while she waiting. Tomorrow as well we will hear more and put a baptismal date. We are working with a family , the Ancajima´s and they are good, but the mom is so stubborn. It sometimes actually frustrates me because she makes up a million excuses as to why she can´t read or go to church. But we have faith and we´ve decided to work harder and try bugging them every day with passing by or texting and calling them. Hahha. 

So I´d like to share a small spiritual thought on what I gave a talk on Sunday of. In the worldwide training we had Elder Anderson asked the question, Are we experiencing the Atonement every day in our lives? Our faith moves us to repent, not just Sundays, or when we commit huge sins, but every single day. Sometimes this sounds like information we´ve heard over a hundred times, but its because that's whats necessary. I was pondering the story of Naaman and Elisha. Elisha told Naaman to wash 7 times to be clean of his sickness, but Naaman became frustrated with the easiness of the way and didn't want to do it. First off, we all have a sickness. The sickness of the natural man, and to be clean, the prophets have taught us, that we must repent, every day, 7 days a week. Do you feel me? We must not get frustrated or bored because of the easiness of the way. We must stay steady and clean ourselves every day, through the atoning blood of the Lamb. 

I have begun to put in practice this simple commandment, and literally, just since Wednesday I feel different. I´m happier, I´m more willing to work, I know who I am and I feel that God is pleased with me. I know what I have to change, but I'm not discouraged. Rather I recognize the wondrous beauty in the plan of salvation to save me and all man by way of repentance through the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ. I hope that we can all be a little better at repenting and using the Atonement in our lives. i promise that it will bring innumerable blessings. 

BTW, Carnival's havebegun, but I will explain next week ah ha :D Yes I know, that's mean but oh well.

On our way to Pueblo Nuevo for the wedding

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