Monday, February 1, 2016

Week of February 1

Leadership council with Hermana Orellana

It is actually raining, They don't know what to do with the rain here :)
Thank you Sandy Russavage for the adorable window stickers!!!

Our new district

So this week has been one of sadness and one of great joy. It is true that they sometimes go them hand in hand. This week started out amazing with our new investigator, Ricardo. So a couple weeks back, Elder Abbott our district leader challenged us to a contacting competition, BTW of course we won ah ah but we had made a contact with a guy who had his ear buds in and was rushing to work, but I'm not kidding, as soon as we contacted him he just shined. Later we called and passed by, but we couldn't find him again. Tuesday, we were walking by and he was sitting right there! We went in and taught him 'How to Start Teaching' and we talked a little bit about repentance and baptism and he himself wanted to be baptized to be clean. He told us of his desire to change and repent and wow seriously I have never seen someone here yet so truly penitent. We gave him Lesson 1 on Friday and he has a baptismal date for the 27th!!!! 

Wednesday was hard. As Hermana Leaders, we went to Piura on a call from President with another companionship of Hermanas that we are in charge of. One of the Hermanas found out that her dad had passed away. It was so heartbreaking because she had planned to teach him the gospel after the mission. We cried a lot that day. But she is such an example to me as she decided to stay in the mission. We are praying a lot for her.  

Angie, Irwin's sister, is doing fantastic. She feels so comfortable with the ward and they are really loving her. They even gave her a personal progress book to start. She also told us that she prayed to know if this was the right path for her and when she woke up the next morning she said she just felt so happy and at peace. Then, miraculously her family was able to have a day totally together, which she says she doesn't remember the last time that happened. She is progressing so well for her date on the 20th.

Saturday was Hna. Orellana´s birthday!! She is such an angel and all she wanted to do was work. What a great missionary. So we did, we went to work and we found many blessings. We placed another baptismal date with Vernice, a reference from another investigator for the 27th. Then we found two new investigators, one of which is SO prepared from God. Ill explain a little more next week. But lets say we ended the day jumping for joy and singing down to our room. 

So the week was sad and yet so filled with joy. I know that this is part of the great plan of happiness of our Heavenly Father. I hope all can come to understand this great treasure. The Lord is truly blessing us. 

I love and miss you all tons!! Keep safe and Stay with God!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

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