Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!!

Kayla and her companion taking a walk on the beach in Paita for her birthday

This week was rough, almost every day our appointments fell, but Saturday I had the privilege to fast, for our area, for my companion and for revelation, and the very same Saturday, God gave it. I want to speak frankly to you guys, family and friends. God hears and answers our prayers. I testify of that with all my heart. I know that if we come searching he will open the doors for us to hear, see, and know of His mighty love for each one of us. Thanks family for the videos, it was answer to many long nights and many fervert prayers. I know God lives, I know He sent His only Begotten Son, and that He lives. This week I deeply studied the Atonement and the last week of Christ. I know He knows who I am and what I need. Please seek to pray more fervertly, fast more often and love deeper and I promise the answers will come. 

Sorry for everything so quick, I hate Peru internet, but thank you again, everyone, (:
Hermana Tanuvasa

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