Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Las Begonias


So this week has been miraculous and utterly crazy. It was the last week of this transfer and like every last week my body is just so dead beat and I'm ready to just sleep for a whole day, which is what we did today. ha ha But we had some cool stuff happen. 
1) We found 6 new investigators, one is a cute family.
2) 5 of our investigators came to church!! And including the family Chrioque which is Juan Carlos, a less active, his wife and two daughters that aren't members. They have been struggling to come because every Sunday Jesus goes to help her Mom who is really sick. But we talked about faith and they were determined and came as a family!!
3) And so cool was Angie´s baptism!!!
So to tell the truth, baptisms for missionaries are usually kind of stressful, making sure everything is in order, that the members come, that the person is getting baptized shows up and is ready....etc. Basically lots of stress. But this baptism, thanks to God and the branch was so beautiful and so calm. The youth sang The Lord is my Light and this time I sang with Hna.Orellana "Yo Tengo Un Testimonio." It left Angie crying. But my favorite part was Angie´s testimony at the end. She said something along these lines,
" In the church I have found love. I have found good friends. I have found advice and mother figures. I have found my grandmother alive again. But most of all I have found my faith in God. I know He lives. I know He loves me."

Her testimony burned so bright with the eternal truths ringing through the air as the Spirit of God testified of her words to our souls. 
Her mom was so proud and some the grandmothers best friends from Baja Paita came and cried remembering Angie´s grandma. 
It was so beautiful and a wonderful way to end the transfer with Hna. Orellana.

Yes we did have transfers but I am still in Paita. However Hna. Orellana left and I am now with Hna. Gutierrez from Argentina. She is super awesome and I'm thrilled to go to work with her. She only has two transfers left to finish her mission so I'm pretty sure that means I will leave Paita after this transfer. But that means I've just got to work even harder and take advantage of the wonderful branch and area. 

I love you guys so much and miss you like crazy. I hope you all are safe and sound and that you feel the Spirit in your lives. Keep being the amazing people you are. Thanks also for the letters. I did get them but I haven't opened them yet. I'm waiting till my birthday. ah ha But I'm really excited for them :D
Hermana Tanuvasa

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