Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Memorial Day! Remember Him who is the greatest of all!

I have recently completed one year in the mission field and I am just as lost as when I started. Haha but seriously, Gods mysteries are still mysteries to me. I don't how He works the miracles He does or why, I just often find myself full of gratitude and feelings of indebtness. I have told you guys that this transfer has probably been one of the hardest. My area has been difficult and I have often spent my days and nights with headaches and tears for the people we were and weren't teaching. My companion and I have been praying fervently and each week we have sought ways to change. But it appeared as if nothing was working. I felt lost and tired and discouraged. I prayed for understanding and I realized I had not been filling in my daily gratitude journal. I started to fill it in again last week and felt a little bit better. Little by little my attitude was changing and I felt more calm.
This past week, God has seen fit to bless us and these people in this area. We found 7 new investigadores, all of whom have baptismal dates. I think I wish to recount just one of them . Thursday night we were looking for new investigators and we were being accompanied by one of our Young Women. We were walking and this giant dog comes up and is about to jump on us. My companion and the girl got really frightened, but the owner called his dog and he left us alone. The owner sat at his door, without a shirt (as normal) with a tired look on his face. I felt the need to contact him. My companion at first was frightened and looked at me with a "What in the world are you doing?!" face. But we gave him a pass along card and he asked us if we could visit him. We set the appointment for Friday at 630. Friday we went to his home and only found his wife, this time we were being accompanied with the Bishop Nizama. She was kind and invited us in saying Jon wasn't there but that would return soon. Within 10 minutes he was there and he began to tell us his whole life. It's a long story but lets say he started strong drugs like marijuana when he was 13 and at 16 he was a dad. He got married but is no longer with his first wife. He has a girlfriend, but they are not married because he has no money and no job. The story is longer and Ill tell you it doesnt get any better. BUT, get this, he does. 
Jon continued ot tell us that he wanted to change that he needed God, because he saw that he couldn't do it alone. We testified ot him of the Atoning power and of the covenant of baptism. Moments after finihsing he asked, how quickly can I be baptized? 
I felt so happy haha I looked at my companion and just smiled. God had been preparing the way, and he saw fit that all of us, my companoin and I and Jon, were ready. We explained more, with the guided help of the Bishop and he then asked, where is your temple? we invited him to church and Sunday he came with us. (: 
We left the lesson jumping up and down and then praying to thank God for His tender mercies. Oh how much I lack in faith. I do understand Mom, it always comes down to faith. 
We called President to share with him our good news and he shared with us even more good news, that we would be staying together one more transfer. Haha we then screamed and danced some more. 
Life, nor the mission is easy, and it appears to be getting harder. But I testify ot you what we testified ot Jon. Through Christ, ALL things are possible. He has overcome the world and when we are closer to him we find that things will always work out. 
I still don't understand how or when or why. All I know is that its true. And I know it because I've lived it. Time and time again, I see the Lords miracles. 
Needless to say, I am happy and calm and filled with immense gratitude. I see my faults and I need a lot of help, but luckily I know my Savior and he helps me where I fail. 

Love you all, Hermana Tanuvasa

Starting from the left, Gustavo, our new investigator, PF, Aimee, my companion  and Gia ( the most adorbale 4 year old girl ever!), me, Javier, our less active and Michael, his half brother, less active we are also teaching. I love this family <3

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