Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Eternal Strength

So this week has been a fight. When I got here about 6 weeks ago I was thrilled and ready to take on the challenge of this area.... 6 weeks have gone by and we are seeing very little progress. However, I must be grateful. God has blessed me with an amazing companion who is diligent and full of love. God has given us a gigantic area with potential and new people to meet every day. God has given us incredible members who are willing to help us in any way and who truly are moving closer to Christ. God has given us the strength to keep walking and knocking and teaching everyday. God has provided us with people to teach, as small as our teaching pool may be. God has loved us enough to provide the santifiying power of the Atonement to work within us to make us better and to change us. I am learning to be patient. I am learning to love hard work. I am learning that God is there in every step and that I have no need to give up or give out.

Guys, every time one of our converts, less actives, members or investigators doesnt come to church, or suffers a lot during the week, its because they have not prayed nor read their scriptures. God is there to communicate with us, and the scriptures are placed before us filled with his counsel and guidance. I know that God lives and loves us. I know that Christ is His Son and that He was sent to save all mankind, according to our obedience. I lack a lot and I fail every day. But my God strengthens me and helps me continue on.

When the going gets rough, when time seems too filled with all the things we have to do, when stress seems to kill, when all seems lost, pray, open your scriptures and I promise an immense peace will come. This is the true church. Here is the restored gospel that weakens the feeble knees and lifts the hanging heads. Christ is our Savior. I love Him. I praise Him and I testify of Him.

May God bless you all and protect you.
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

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