Monday, May 2, 2016

Revelation by the Holy Ghost

Hermana Nicho
 (Kayla's new companion)

Family and other people still interested in my life after one year ahahhaha

So this week has been a little rough. We had very little luck on finding investigators and converts, the ones Im most worried about. However, we have found less-actives to teach. And less-actives that are very ready to be active! Haha. The members however are helping us more as we made a calender with them as to who can accompany us and when... The only problem is actually finding the people to be able to teach them. But little by little and step by step the area is changing. Hna. Nicho is such a wonderful girl and we are enjoying our time together thoroughly!

One of the things that occurred to me came while I was fasting. I had been fasting for several reasons, some for our area (how to find and keep investigators, and how to help our recent converts be more converted), some for my companion and some personal, including knowing where to go for college (yes Mom I have been pondering all week seeking revelation). 
While we were in Relief Society on Sunday I started to get a little bored but the Spirit whispered that I needed to wake up, (cuz how am I going to be able to tell my investigators they have to come and pay attention if I dont even do it!) so i tried to follow the lesson and search deeper. My search led me to Jacob 5. The day before we had met a new investigator named Lizardo who in his free time grows flowers and other plants. But he doesn't just grow them, he experiments and one of the plants he showed us, he was grafting. It was so interesting to actually see after reading and studying about it. 

Thus when I began reading Jacob 5, the Spirit helped me recognize my answer. The Lord of the Vineyard wanted his tree to bring forth good fruits. So what he did is graft them into a good tree, also putting good branches into a bad tree.  If we want our investigators, converts, less-actives or members to bring forth good fruits, we have to graft them into the tree of the gospel. Its for that reason that we ask them to read and pray and come to church and to the activities and listen to the missionaries and be friends with the members... etc. Because grafting is not placing the branches close together or planting them side by side, its literally taking one tree and putting it in another! Its a full immersion into the good. Its taking the bad and making it good. So this functions for investigators, likewise converts and less actives.. and even for members! If we want to bring forth good fruits, we need to be grafted into good places, with good people, good information and good spirit. 

So for my decision for school, Im going to stay at Byu Idaho for at least one more semester. I think there I will be able to graft myself into a good lifestyle that balances work, studies, social life, and all the good gospel princples and works that I have learned here. It might stink a little being a little cut off from society but I felt an immense peace when my mind thought of going back there on Sunday. 

I testify that the Spirit is so real and can help us in EVERYTHING. God hears and answers our prayers in a very literal way. But we need to be listening. We need to go to the places where the Spirit will be and we need to tune in to the Spirit. Thats the only way it works. But it does work. So I challenge you to try it. Any question, doubt, discomfort that you have, ask God, and then be willing and ready to listen.

I love you all TONNNS!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
Hermana Tanuvasa 

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