Friday, August 26, 2016

Repentance is the greatest form of Obedience

So this week has been an adventure. We did LOTS of walking when many of our appointments fell through. We are searching for new invesitgators right now. 
But Victoria is progressing well. Victoria came to church again this week and in a lesson upon asking her how she felt about baptism, she said " Well my boyfirend says he knows Im going to be baptized. So I 

asked him what he would do if I get baptized and he said that he too would be baptized!" ahhha we hope that he is a new invesitgator for us next week. 

This week I was pondering a lot about giving our life to God. All of us have little things that are difficult to leave behind. It could be sleeping in too long, eating too much, yelling at crazy drivers, or bigger things like smoking or drug addictions.But God asks that we give him everything. That we give him the very gift that he gave us, of agency. I know I lack this a lot. But as we let out Spirit, take control of our carnal body and let God take control of the  both of them, he in turn will give us a free spirit and body. Its interesting to see how obedience and freedom are directly related but its true. Small example, obedience to the Word of Wisdom, gives us freedom to walk and not faint,to run and not be weary. 

I know that obedience brings blessings and like a phrase that Dad sent me months ago, "Repentance is the greatest form of obedience." Oh the truth that rings in those words. Praise be to God and His Son Jesus Christ, who showed us the way of obedience and offered the way to repentance. This gospel is true, I know it.

I love you all, take care and be safe!!!!
Hermana Tanuvasa 

We must preach to the hobbits and people of Narnia :)

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