Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The end goal

This week we went on exchanges (intercambios) with the sister leaders (who are awesome !!!) Sister Mcrae cut her finger and her companion kind of freeked out, so I had to play mom and get her some medical attention  

With Andres, his brother Jesus was my first convert baptism in the field

This is my view on my morning runs

This is the staircase I run at the end of my run and then die :)

My Comp and I working with the youth on how to get referrals

This is Brayan who was baptized on August 5

This is Denis who we are teaching, he will be baptized next week

Hahaha wow I can't believe it is 100 days until I come home... that's crazy. But thank you so much for this email mom.  I can feel that its true and I will continue and work harder to give my all to finish strong. 

I have been praying for Uncle Pika and you guys. I hope that his family is ok. This week with be crazy for you guys but God will bless you. 

I am starting to feel the pain of leaving these people behind. Especially when I saw Andres Perez this week. I don't know if you remember him but he is the brother of Jesus Perez, my first convert in the mission. He is here in Sullana painting a mural and then he heads off to the jungle. But it broke my heart because he is so skinny and you can see that he is just sad. I asked him what had happened with the missionaries but he just sadly shook his head. That was one of the hardest things that has happened here, to see him and know that he hasn't followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and because of it he is sad. I reminded him to read his Book of Mormon and gave him another to read while here in Sullana. 

So this week I won't write a ton, because I want to send pictures. I have a  lot!
This week, I've learned this, the importance of having a final goal. Many people in this world don't know their final goal, or have any goals planned past getting a steady job and a good education. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we know our ultimate goal. We know that we are here to learn and progress to return to live with our Heavenly Father again and live as He lives, perfectly in our families.  This is what motivates and changes our daily decisions and it should influence who we are. I know that when we keep this in mind, God will guide us, help us overcome temptations and weaknesses, and show us what marvelous things lie in store for our future. 
I was grateful this week to witness Bryans baptism and  his first step to becoming like his Heavenly Father. This week we are hoping to see four baptisms in our ward and in the upcoming weeks the baptisms of Brandy, Julio, Victoria and Arturo.  I will explain more later but basically its been a great week of hard work.
I love you all!!! Take lots of care and keep the end goal in mind!!
Love Hermana Tanuvasa

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