Monday, September 12, 2016

La Palabra de Sabaduria :)

I am doing great!!! Working my butt off over here with the short time I have left. I am  feeling the pressure of time more than ever. Victoria wasnt baptized this week and she didn't come to church ): we still havent found her... I am a little worried but not much she is an amazing girl and she reminds me a lot of Kara so I imagine she is just a little fearful. 

So this week was super fun!!!! And so full of blessings (: Since Thursday I haven't been able to hold down any food and I walk around like a dead zombie. But I was determined  The last week Dad wrote me again encouraging me to give my all and I started the week with all the excitement to give 150%. When Thursday came with the sickness I decided to not let me down and with lots of prayers and the bathrooms of incredibly loving members I made it through and we didn't stay one day in!!! I know that God strengthens us when our strength lacks. I put my faith to the test and God opened the way. I think my favorite experience was Friday. We were teaching one of our investigators right outside her house and the Testigos (Jehovahs witnesses) began knocking doors around us, it made me laugh as they both knocked the doors around us as we taught. We finished the lesson we were teaching and we walked down the same street a little ways. We saw one testigo (Jehovahs witness) finish speaking with a woman and shortly after we passed by her. We said "buenos tardes" to her as we walked by, but she then calls to us and asks "do you guys read the bible?" We told her that we do and then asked if we could teach her and she said yes!!! And we set a date and everything!! Hahah los testigos had prepared her for us (: 
Another funny experience; Haha every other saturday we go to Cerromucho to help a Family Group (i think you call it that) and on our drive home we had fun with a borracho (drunk) ahhahaha fun times. He got into the taxi we were riding in so we gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and took a picture of him. :)
Well I love, love, love you all. CARRY ON CARRY ON CARRY ON!!! hHAHA I love to sing in the streets and it makes the street people happy too so onward ever onward!!! ahahha
hermana Tanuvasa


El Boracho

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