Monday, September 19, 2016

Love is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ

OK LOVE LOVE LOVE this story of Kanoah and Dad. I think i might share it in our district meeting tomorrow. And perhaps with Victoria. We did find her and she is well. She attended church this week and she says she received her answer on if she should be baptized but she is still very scared. She reminds me a lot of Kara. (: This week Hortensia as well came to church! I don't remember if I explained who she is ? She is the aunt of a less active youth. One day when we went to visit the youth we shared with her the power of the Book of Mormon and then we asked for referrals and within seconds she told us of her aunt. We wrote down the address and went. When we knocked her door she was at first hesitant but then let us in. She told us that she had gone to the church "La Luz del Mundo" for 30 YEARS! But that in the last year she hadn't gone at all. Well after hearing lesson 1 she accepted a baptism date and everything!!!! Well we then didn't find her for a full week and it worried me, and with good reason because when we did find her she told us that just that week her pastor from La Luz del Mundo had visited her. ): But it was amazing, we used the Book of Mormon to learn of the love of Christ and we bore testimony and what happened, SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!
Also, Thursday we had emergency transfers again. My new companion is Hna. Vasquez and we are still here in Sullana. Hna. Vasquez is from Guayaquil Ecuador and she is so hilarious!!! We are working and laughing and getting to know more wonderful people day by day(: 

So I wanted to share the majority of my study this week. It was all focused on love:
As I was studying this week the story of Joseph of Egypt, I loved seeing the type of Christ in Ruben (I think that's his name). I love how he offers himself as a sacrifice for his brother. Why? Because he knew how much his father loved him and knew that it would break his heart if Benjamin didn't go back home. Christ is the same with us. He understands how much our Father loves each and every one of us and he knows that he would be sad if we couldn't come home, so he offers himself as a sacrifice, so that we might live. Reading this story impacted me so much that it gave me, once again, desires to change. I realized that that was the key!!! To change, one must feel love. Love is what changes us, so if we want our investigators to change, they first need to feel our love, and then, come to understand the love of the Savior, through the restored gospel.
It was a wonderful realization that has taken me too long to truly understand, but I know it was in the time of the Lord. How merciful and wonderful He is to me. (:
We are working hard and the Lord is blessing us. I know that His love is real and it is something that we can truly feel. For every thing we go through in this life, such as death, breakups, heartbreaks, money loss, EVERYTHING!!! God promises His Son who understands it all, and still loves us. Wow.
Keep that in mind this week and keep pushing forward. CARRY ON CARRY ON CARRY ON!!!! You can do it Kanoah, and Keanu and Kai, Mom Dad and Keirra, Grandmas and Grandpas, Cousins, Dear Friends who are truly Family, I love you. God loves you. Christ loves you. Find the love of Christ, seek it. I promise it will change everything. Love you all, 
Hna Tanuvasa

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