Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and Sisters Conference

Ill be home for Christmas!!!!

One topic that I have studied most in the mission, is about "Forget yourself and Go to Work" or "He that loses his life for my sake shall find it." When we forget ourselves and worry about the other, things change, because otherwise it doesn't work. Ha ha its an interesting thing that Ive been trying to teach my companion. I think it has a lot to do with the talk they gave in the Women's Conference last time about the mirror and the window. Ex. This week my companion and I fought and it was our first time. She was angry because she felt that I always spoke too much in the lesson. And I was angry because I felt that she never took the initiative to be a missionary. We spent several minutes very angry at each other, but it wasn't until we could both lay aside our anger and try to think of the others side that we both calmed down and spoke frankly about what we felt and needed help with to change. Honestly it was a great spiritual experience for me to see how once I forgot to think of her, my anger built and the Spirit left, but the moment we decided to think of the other, Everything changed. 

Victoria is doing so good(: This week she accompanied us to visit Luis and she gave a great testimony. She said that she had been very frightful and that date after date, she fought with herself, but the moment that she truly asked God and did her part, she felt peace and when she was baptized, she felt peaceful the entire time.

David is progressing as well and Jean Pierre and Sofia. The whole ward counsel is so excited with the investigator's that we are bringing and they are feeling the missionary spirit. (: It is such a blessing to be serving in this ward and with the leaders here. 

So this week we had a Sister Training Conference. (: First it was such a blessing to be again with all the hermanas and right before I left! We have some amazing girls in our mission. Well President asked me to share some thoughts on "Important Things I Learned from the Mission." Ha when I heard the theme I laughed and said whoa um that's a bit large ah aha. But I wish to share my learning experience. As I began to ponder, I thought to share many Tanuvasisms (Things that I learned from my Tanuvasa home) that came to mind. Things like "Finish Strong" or "Always Start with a Smile", but there were so many that I couldn't organize my thoughts. I felt like there was so much to share and so little time. So I pondered and wrote and pondered and wrote, and then, I prayed. During the prayer as I asked the Lord for help, I felt the prompting to ask, "Lord, what and how would you have me teach?" As I finished this prayer and went back to look at my notes, my thoughts cleared and light entered in. I felt peace and I knew that the Lord was teaching me what HE wanted to teach, not what I wanted to teach.

I think sometimes many of us do the same thing. We ask the Lord to help us in worthy endeavors. We seek help in the scriptures to support our thoughts and try to put it together, but somehow there is just always something weird, a little part here, or a funky part there. And its because we try in essence, to create the symphony that we wish to hear, having a small perspective. But I imagine, that God sees the symphony doesn't only consist of the instruments we desire, but requires all that He knows. God knows the desires of our hearts, and of those we teach. He knows our circumstances and the circumstances of those those around us. He knows how everything can fit perfectly together. What we need to do, is let Him take the wheel. (Wow and what irony that I'm saying this) When we trust in Him, He lights the way and our souls can sing. (Alma 5:7-9)

I invite you guys to take a look and ask the Lord, "What and how would YOU have this?" I promise that He will enlighten you. 

But other than that Momma, I'm doing well. Its weird, dying (finishing my mission). I can't believe it still and my mind can't quite understand it. I'm not sure I will either until I am literally on the plane. But sometimes its sad to think that this will all end. I love these people. I love this work. I love learning from God more about how to bless His children. But I try to be hopeful. I believe it will choke me when I get home, but I have hope that there I can serve as well. I promised to the Lord that I would never stop serving Him, and so in whatever way I can find, I will do. 
I'm so thrilled to see you guys <3 I cant believe how fast time has flown by. And I have never forgotten my beloved family.

Have a great week everyone and take care!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa 

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