Monday, October 17, 2016

Its time for a Zone meeting :)

So this week was AWESOME!!!! We worked hard and we worked to get the members helping to truly be friends with our investigators. We also took the time for people to feel our love. We had several oppotunites daily to sit and truly talk with the pople in Sullana or help them in a small service. It truly worked miracles, because Sunday at church we had EIGHT INVESTIGATORS attend. WOW!! That is the highest number of investigators attend church, that I've had in my whole mission!!! haha Then the ward welcomed them with open arms and at the end of the meetings, every investigators was with other members and not us!! YAY!! 

And speaking of our little flock, heres' what we've got. So Victoria will be baptized this Saturday at 11.00. She is finally at peace thanks to some serious divine help that came from Kara! Can you imagine that!! I think the Lord knows us so well. After that is Aaron Anival (a recent convert) his best friend. He is progressing and is coming to understand the gospel more and more but we are poraying for him big time. Then there is David. This last Sunday we met David and his friend Jorge. At the end of the first lesson when we challenged them to baptism, even though Jorge didn't accept, David accepted right away that He would ask God, and if God told him, he would do it. On our second visit, he told us that he had read his Book of Mormon, seen the Restoration movie (without our invitation) had prayed and knew that the church was true and that he was going to be baptized. WOW! haha David is very similar to Bryan ahha. After that we have an investigator named Jean Pierre and Sofia. Jean Pierre we found a few weeks back, he's 20 years old and what I would say, just like me, Super awkward ahaha but he is awesome and after coming to institute, his mom talked with us and wants us to visit her daughter as well. We did and Jean Pierre and Sofia both came to church(: They are such adorable siblings. After that is Miriam. She is the mom of Jefferson, a recent convert. She knows the church is true and wanted to be baptized earlier but her husband didn't let her, but now he is gone and she can be baptized!! She is very happy to be able to attend wiht her son(: Our little flock is moving forward, repenting, changing, and preparing for baptism. What miracles the Lord is working in them. 

Hna. Vasquez is the best as well. She is a joy and she helps me become. She reminds me of how I can improve and then helps me to accomplish my goal with patience. I am amazed by how amazing of a companion she is. We are always doing crazy stuff. Oh ya, btw funny story, so in our second visit with David he says, oh ya and Ive seen you (speaking to me) before with another girl. I explained that it was Hna. Arce my last companion. And he says, ya one day I saw you guys walking by this park and you, Hna. Tanuvasa tripped and almsot fell. Wow! agh :(  "yep that was me". Same old, same old. Hahha thought you guys would get a kick out it as much as my companion did ahahhaha 

This week for our Multizone Meeting, we were focused fully on repentance. I wish that each of us could ask the questions, Why do we repent? Is it necessary? What blessings come from repentance? and Am I repenting daily? These are the things we studied and learned. I realized that this, repentance has been the lesson I have most learned throughout my mission. We sin, and make mistakes, but through true repentance, we come to better know our Savior Jesus Christ and we truly can become "sons (and daughters) of God" Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can put off the natural man that is within us! It is possible!!! I know it with all my heart and I thank God for the opportunity to repent every single day. I know that repentance brings miracles. As we work to change who we are, the goals we have can truly be accomplished. The more I repent, the more the world around me changes. What blessings lie in store for those who repent. 

Well I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC WEEK!! Lets go hard and work work work!! With joy in our hearts, because we have the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ in our hearts (: 
Love you all!!
Hermana Tanuvasa 

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