Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I love Peru!

So this week we finally moved!!!! WHO-HOO!! Thank heavens that that whole sha-bang is officially over. Our room is super big and really cute. We decorated and we are determined to keep it as close to new as possible. This week Jesus was not baptized. His work has conveniently increased and we are finding it hard to find time to teach him. And of course he cant let us know if he is free until super late and we've planned other lessons. We are hoping though that we find sufficient time to teach him and he can be baptized either this week or the next. He reallly really wants to and we know that it will just bless his life like crazy. But we will keep praying and once again (as always) I am learning of the timing of the Lord. In the Liahona I found one of the things I read is that after Adam and Eve had left the garden they were commanded to offer sacrifices unto the Lord. But it says that (after many days, an angel visited them). It was after that they were doing the things that the Lord had commanded, and after some time that the Lord sent an angel to speak to them. We as humans, with our own agency have to do many good things of our own free will , and when God see's that it is good, in his time and in his way, he will give that which is expedient or necessary for our good. 
I am starting to really love it here in Peru. The other day I was walking and I heard the usual basic Peruvian music which is blasted everywhere with the same beat and same instruments in every song, and guess what? .... I actually liked it! Hahah its funny how everyone told me it would take about this long and I refused to believe it, but its true. The mission is hard, but it is so beautiful. I love these people and I love this work. I am eternally grateful to serve my Father in Heaven who has blessed me in sooo many ways and I know that he is caring for each and every one of his children, some of whom I pray and think about everyday. I hope all is well with everyone and that the Lord blesses you according to your needs. 
Cuidense mucho y te amo a cada uno de ustedes 
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

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