Monday, November 16, 2015

So this monkey stole my tag....

Jesus was baptized this week!!!

So this week has been soooo fun!! Tuesday, Hna. Spainhower screamed on a bus because well lets just say Peruvian driving is really fun lol. We first died of laughter. Thursday morning I got sick. First time though, here so I think I hold the record for the longest holding gringa in the mish! Saturday, Hna. Spainhower got sick. So then we both died of sickness. And this week, Jesus had his baptismal interview and then his baptism and confirmation. So there we died of happiness. This week I died several times, but I witnessed the rebirth of a new life in someone else. And that caused a rebirth of my conversion within me.  This week I saw a rebirth of my faith. Boy do I always seem to learn so much about faith on the mission. One of my favorite scriptures that I pondered this week is in 
2 Nephi 21:5  
"And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, andfaithfulness the girdle of his reins."
I was pondering what it means to have faithfulness as the girdle of our reins and how we can even do that. Because a girdle of our loins protects our vital organs, so righteousness protects our vital soul necessary for eternal life.But as I pondered faithfulness as the girdle of our reins I realized it was the faith that guides our actions and every thing we do, in our thoughts words and actions. This scripture in 2 Nephi is actually describing Jesus Christ and he was always filled with faith. We see that in his words in 
Mark 10:27
27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, 
With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things arepossible

Often times I know I lack so much faith, but time and time again the Lord has taken the tiny amount of faith I've had and put it to work with his so that miracles occur, but it requires my amount of faith and constant repentance. Why constant repentance? Because my girdle of righteousness often has holes and tears because it is not perfect, but through the Atonement of Christ, when I repent and put my faith in Christ, he repairs my girdle of my loins and makes firm the reins in my hands. Christ is my Savior and my all and because of Him, I was able to witness a miracle and a new life begin this week. Alleuia!! Oh praise Him!!! ALLELUIA!!!
I love and miss you all and I give gratitude to my Savior as we approach this day of thanks for us Northern Americans. God be with you all and Cuidense!!!
Hermana Tanuvasa

We Love Sister Rasmussen!!!!!

Jesus, Hermano Marcos (ward mission leader) Hermana Spainhower and Kayla

Kayla named this monkey Abu because he tried to steal her mission tag!!!!

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