Sunday, November 15, 2015

We live after the manner of Happiness

So I am doing fabulous. Let me say that I love my companion, I love my area, I love my district, and I love the mission. I finally feel like Piura is more like my home. I am coming to truly love the mission field. The work is going great. This Saturday (officially) Jesus will be getting baptized. He is finally ready and has accepted to give all to the Lord. I am thrilled that he will be the first baptism I will have the privilege of seeing in the mission. (Yes, Kara you still are the first in life lol) We have other inverstigators that are progressing and our lessons are filled with the spirit. We are working hard with Cristian, who is a recent convert who has basically gone inactive as he hasnt been to church in about 2 months, but this Sunday he finally came!! Liz and Christofer, the less actives that we rent from are so kind and teaching them is so fun. You can truly see the testimonies they both have that only need a little bit of help re-kindling. Our ward is kind of struggling in friendshipping, and our priesthood is lacking big time. We are working hard to try and help the members, but old habits die hard. Our district has great goals for the upcoming months and as a zone we have the goal of Un Noche Blanca where we are striving for two baptisms each companionship and one family baptism each ward. Goals truly do help us to put our mind in focus on our purpose. Yeasterday night as we went to go teach Jesus, I turned to Hno. Marcos who is our Ward Mission Leader, who is about 70 years old and the cutest happy man you've just about seen, that we should sing an opening hymn for Jesus. Well, Hno. Marcos is not very great at hearing and thought I said we should start singing right then! Lol so for the fifteen minute walk we took through the park and up the busy streets we sang hymns like The Lord is My Light, Count Your Many Blessings, A Childs Prayer, and many others. Yes, EVERYONE looked at us weirdly, and yes I dont have those songs memorized in spanish so they were in Spanglish, and yes I almost tripped on a rock and died because I wasnt looking where I was walking. But that was one of the most happiest nights I've had here. In this life, we will have MANY difficult moments and many times we may feel the ache to cry, "But why me,Lord?" but I can tell you right now that we can be happy. We can find the happy moments to laugh and sing and just smile, and people will feel the difference and want to follow it. Many times, Hna. Spainhower and Hna. Echegaray and I have knocked a door, just finishing laughing about something and people feel the happiness and smile as they see us. They then are always more inclined to listen to what we have to say. Working to find the ways to be happy is what will truly give us the happiness that God has in store. So find a way to be happy this week, even if everything seems a little rough or your patience is running thin. God will bless you with it because "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have JOY." 
Love you all and cuidense mucho, 
Hermana Tanuvasa

In the Mission home enjpying Sis Rasmussens famous cookies :)

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