Tuesday, November 3, 2015

God is a god of Miracles!

Hello family!!!!

This week was amazing!!!  So Tuesday we found two new investigators and they are really cool, so as we hopefully see more progress in them I will let you know more. Wednesday morning was kinda crazy but in the afternoon all of our appointments fell through. Hna Spainhower told me we should visit Hna. Milagros, a lady in our ward who has helped us soooo much in trying to find a new apartment. So i havent told you guys a ton about that but basically for the last two months we have been diligently searching for an apartment and it has been SOOO HARD! Because we live in the city its hard to find apartments that don't have boys living on the same floor, or a shared bathroom, or an unattached roof, or isnt 4 billion soles $$$$ lolol and every single time we have come close to finding one, something has ALWAYS gone wrong. It's moved me several times to tears as I get frustrated wondering why we cant find one. I tried so hard praying a ton for the Lord to give me faith and to bless us with a room. This has been such a struggle as it has interrupted much of our proselyting time. Well we had to move out by the end of this month and so we were starting to get worried. So Hna. Spainhower and I go to Hna. Milagros house to talk and see if she knows anywhere else. At first she says no, but after some time helping them with her house, she remembers that she wrote down a number. So we called the number and we found out that it was its not too far and so we visit it. Firstof all, its all girls, second its on the second floor, its also big and its cheap!! Then the lady who owns, who was showing it to us, starts crying! I ask her whats wrong and she tells us that she is a member but that her and her husband are not active. She also says that they had been praying for good people to move in to bless their two children, one of which is special. She then says she never imagined that it would be the missionaries that would move in. I cried as I realized how much the Lord had blessed us. He required my patience to try my faith. And from then, he produced a miracle. I know the Lord lives and that he knows the situations of every single one of his children. We have also been praying for less actives to teach as we dont have any. Im sure that the Lord often laughs at my silly impatience and doubt, because he knows everything and has it all figured out. This week, I saw His hand and I know he is watching over us. Little old Piura is truly being watched over. 
I love and miss you all and Im really grateful to have heard from you guys =)
Dont forget God!!
Love, Hermana Tanuvasa

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